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#5 At Seane’s House Seane followed him to the bedroom as she folded her hand she stood at the door still staring at him. Seane:(cleared her throat) Baby you are not the cause. Moathodi:(shook his head) so you have been cheating me?...(stood up) Seane for 3 years now that we have been married and we have kids together but now you are telling me that you are HIV positive…(sighed) where did you get the virus? Seane:(deeply) I can explain. Moathodi:You don’t have to explain its obvious you have been sleeping around. There is no other way you could have gotten the disease apart from unprotected sex. Moathodi sat down on the bed and pressed his phone Seane walked to him and sat next to him trying to calm him down but he pushed her away and she fell down on the floor. Moathodi:(sighing) you are disgusting me Seane you should be ashamed of yourself infact where is your medical card. Seane pointed at the drawer Moathodi walked past her angrily and he opened the drawer and took out the card he looked at the small bottle of pills and rested his hands on the drawer and stared at Seane. Moathodi:(shook his head) so you were telling the truth. Seane:(nodded) yes. Moathodi:just because you know that I wont leave or divorce you that’s why you are taking advantage of it? Huh!... Seane:(low voice) can you allow me to confess? Please… Moathodi: what is it again? I have already heard enough am sure you haven’t infected me and the children too. Seane: No the truth is that I slept with your business consultant…I was…(she paused) i Moathodi:(Interrupted) Mr Modise?? Seane:(tearfully) yes. Moathodi: (Loudly) SEANE!! YOU ARE A BITCH!! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT? Seane: I had no other choice since I wanted him to help me with some business analysis I told you to come and help me at the store but you refused and you told me that you were busy you know that our clothing store in Main mall has been making a loss and we didn’t have any money to recover it so Mr Modise offered a help to me and I couldn’t refuse. Moathodi:(took a deep breath) you are a fool! What are you trying to say kante?have I ever refused to finance your store since it was established? Just stop beating around the bush and tell me that you have long liked him I knew it because even when I invited him here I could see that your eyes are all over the place. Seane:That’s not true…all i… Moathodi:(interrupted) Just shut up!! Am calling him. Moathodi picked his phone from the bed and dialed Mr Modise’s number the phone rang and meanwhile Seane walked out of the room Moathodi stared at her. Moathodi:Where do you think you are going?Seane:(low voice) I think my phone is ringing in the kitchen am going to take it. Moathodi:(sighed) is that not your phone on top of the dressing table? Seane:(turned) oh!! At RIRI’S HOUSE Riri scrolled through her instagram looking at some pictures after a random scroll she saw a recent picture of Wame and Lefika the picture was uploaded by Wame not long ago she clicked her tongue and dialed a number on the screen. KT:Hey! Fraan!! Riri: don’t tell me you skipped work again?KT:(Laughed) you must be a seer how did you know?Riri:(laughed) I can tell you took 0.00 second to pick my callele gore why did you do that you are suppose to be at work now. KT: Nna mma ke lapile ahh!!. Riri: so that it? O lapile. KT: Hee!! Ee mma! …now tell me gore why are you calling me after you blueticked my messages on whatsapp. Riri: Don’t worry I will reply to them I was wondering if you saw Wame and Lefika’s picture on instagram. KT: Oh dear! I forgot to tell you that I unfollowed Wame some time ago. Riri: uhu! Why? KT; hela hela! Riri: Ijo! Nna mma Wame proved me wrong after she told me that she is no longer interested in that guy just that am amazed to see their picture and they seem happy. KT: What if Lefika still loved her even though she might not be interested but if Lefika does love her he will do everything to convince her that she deserve better I mean the guy is cute has money and he has a house ke mang girl e ka resist’ang that type of guy. Riri:(took a deep breath) you are right waitse kana mme…eish legale. KT:(Paused) Ke eng

o ne beile Lefika leitlho ne mma?Riri:(sighed) ahh come on!! Of course not. KT: But you sound like you are disappointed I mean ga se phoso gore you have feelings towards the guy. Am your friend you can tell me. Riri: KT its not a big deal. I don’t have any feelings mo go Lefika gape Wame is my friend just imagine gotwe ke motseetse monna. KT: But such things do happen especially when people are very best friends and ga go nke go hela go le monate. Riri:(Paused) what is the meaning of that? KT:(cleared her throat) o seka wara choma!!...look we will talk later I still have to call my co-worker to tell her why I didn’t come to work. Riri: Its okay bye Riri hang up and took a deep breath as she headed to the kitchen and poured some water in a glass and drank it she then dialed Wame’s number and went back to the sitting room. Wame:(smiled) hey I was about to call you. Riri:(smiled) oh really? How kind of you. Wame: Yeah the thing is that I have a new phone and I thought maybe I should return yours as promised it really helped me. Riri:(Paused) a new phone? Look its okay you can keep that one incase you need it again in the future. Wame: are you sure now? Riri:(smiled) yes who bought you the phone ele gore? Wame: Its Lefika. Riri: (cleared her throat) That guy really loves you I wish I was you waitse. Wame: You can say that just that am never loyal and faithful to him Ririnna I don’t even understand myself and am really afraid that one day am going to wake up and realize how much he loves me when its late. That really bothers me. Riri:(rolled her eyes) very true maybe you two were not meant to be together if you don’t love him its not your fault my friend there is always going to be someone you are going to love. Wame: I don’t want to agree with that one much but go ne you are right…(took a deep breath) look Riri how about we talk later am busy now.Am sure you don’t mind. Riri:(smiled) Not at all dear girl. Riri hung up and clicked her tongue she then opened her whatsapp as the car horn beeped outside. At Dips House Later that afternoon Metlha sat down on the sofa and later on Dips walked in brushing his hair. Metlha:(stared at him) where are you going?Dips: hee banna! Akere I told you gore am going to see my girlfriend. Metlha:So nna ke sala le mang jaanong? Dips:(glanced) o tla tswa plan. Metlha:(looking at the car keys) waitse I was wondering if one day you could borrow me your car just for a day. Dips: After you have made a license that’s when I can start lending it to you but for now. No! Metlha: But I know how to drive…anyway I talked to Lebo this morning. Dips:(Paused) your ex? Metlha:yes. Dips: what did she say. Metlha: I think she has already moved on!! She found someone . Dips: (sat down) I told you to find yourself someone you can love and marry nna tota I don’t see the reason why you should jump from one girl to another kgantele o tla bo o ipiletsa di stress hela. Metlha:But who will want to be with someone who doesn’t have anything am broke I don’t have a car like you nor even a good house. Dips:My bro be patient. You will find someone who will love you kana your problem is that you are pushing away the very people that love you. Metlha:Yeah! That’s my problem. Metlha shook his head and walked outside the house to feel a cold breeze of air.


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