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#4 At Metlha’s House Metlha picked his phone and dialed a number on the screen he then walked out of the house with the phone on the ear. Lebo:(picked up) Metlha! Metlha:(sighed) hi how are you doing?Lebo: Am good…it’s a miracle that you called me today what is it that you want? Metlha: Ao mma!! Everytime when am checking on you ke a bo ke batla sengwe?Nna ke a bo ke go thola hela. Lebo: Ae Metlha I know you are lying. I don’t remember the last time you called just to check how am doing its either you want me to come to your house or something. Metlha:(Paused) Kgm!!honestly Lebo I still love you nna tota single life ya mpalela I mean 6 Months ntse ke le single. Lebo: so what am I suppose to do with that? Its not my problem that you are singleits your problem… Metlha:So go serious hela go re o nkhandile? Lebo: Nna rra I have moved onyou hurt my feelings and its enough I was faithful to you but you never appreciated that Metlha we planned the future together but it seemed as if I was alone on that. Metlha:(took a deep breath) I know and I really regret that. Its now that I realize how much I have lost. I really regret treating you the way I did but honestly I have reformed and I promise you that I will never ever hurt you. Lebo:(laughed) really? Nna rra ga ke sa thola ke tshepha motho wa rre you said the same thing after I found out that you are cheating me so do you still think I will believe you? Metlha:(deeply) but am serious I want to build the future with you you are the only person who loved me when I had nothing and you know my struggle but you never judged me. Lebo:I know all that and I loved you for who you are. But now its sad because the time had passed and I don’t think I will ever be with you again Metlha. Metlha:(sadly) Lebo! Is it too late? Lebo:(paused for a moment) Yes!...and am sorry if that would hurt your feelings. Metlha:(sighed) Its okay and I don’t blame you its not your fault. Metlha hang up and he could feel the lingering ache in his heart. At Martin’s House Martin: Nna babe ke ipotsa gore o ne o bone eng mo tshweneng ele waitse. Wame:Hle rra Martin don’t call him that its not like Lefika has done anything wrong to me. Just that I don’t think am the right person for him. Martin: Look don’t feel guilty for leaving him. You know how much I love you Wame. After I finish marrying you that’s when you are going to realize what I mean about love. Wame:(smiled) wena? Marry me? Are you for real? Martin:(smiled back) wena just wait and see am going to take you to places you have never sat your foot at. Wame:(cleared her throat) how because you just told me that you don’t have any money and you are depending on your parents?Martin: so does that mean I cant take care of you? kana ke gore wena Wame o nnyaditse am going to be a successful businessman am going to own business around Gaborone Palapye Francistown and outside the country…(sighed) and I tell you what you are going to be the foot of my business you are going to own 50% of them. Wame:(shook her head) I hope this is not one of your fairy tales Martin. Martin:(laughed) O dumela o bone akere? I will show you. He then hugged her tightly and kissed her on the forehead they both smiled. Meanwhile there was a knock at the door Martin panicked and then stood up from the couch. Wame:(sighing) are you expecting someone? Martin: (shook his head) Not at all…(stared at her) stay here am coming. He then walked to the door and stood there for a moment. Martin:(Cleared his throat) O mang? Voice: Open this door its me. Martin: wena mang? He then decided to open the door and it was Lefika. Lefika:(Angrily) where is Wame? Martin:(sighed) uhm!! Lefika: I know she is here. Lefika walked in and Wame stood up staring at him. Wame:(put on her shoes) what do you want?Lefika:(sighing) Look I don’t want to argue with you mpheta jaana like now!! Wame:(shook her head) No am not going anyway. I have decided to stay with Martin. Lefika:what about your clothes

you don’t need them anymore? Wame: I will come and collect them later…(stared at Martin) you will help me collect them akere baby? Martin:(nodded) Yeah! Lefika:(laughed) This is a joke right? …(turned to Wame) you are not leaving me you hear me?Wame: what are you going to do if I do? Lefika: (walked closer to her) I see you haven’t been beaten in a while I will beat the hell out of you and your parents and friends will never recognize you…(loudly) jaanong heta jaana ke go fitlhela ko koloing…(Turned to Martin) wena rra o mpata eng?Martin:(scarily) I haven’t done anything she is the one who brought herself here. Lefika:(angrily) Am not an idiot wena saan!! You think I don’t know that you have been going out with Wame I know all about your affairs and I have warned Wame but it seems like she doesn’t want to change her behavior. Wame:But I don’t love you Lefika I love him…you just told me to make a choice. And I chose Martin…so please leave us alone or I will call the police. Lefika:(Paused) you are making a mistake Wame a huge one legone. You see I have come here with peace and I don’t want trouble with you anyone here so o seka wa batla go ntena wa utlwa. Ijah!! Lefika pulled her by the clothes and walked her outside the house Martin stared at them and stood at the door as Lefika walked out dragging Wame to the car. Lefika opened the car and pushed Wame inside and then closed the door he then climbed in and rolled down the window and stared at Martin. Lefika:(sighing) Leave us alone if I see you with her again then am going to send you to your grave. So kgaogana le my girl. He then started the engine and drove off as Martin stared at him and then went inside the house shocked. INSIDE THE CAR Lefika:(Stared at Wame) look at me! Wame kept staring outside through the window and never paid much attention to him Lefika slowed down the car and pulled her until she turned and stared at him with an angry face. Lefika:(deeply) so whats that on your face? You are getting angry when am talking to you? Wame:(clicked her tongue) what do you expect me to do? Smile or laugh as if everything is okay? Am not that kind of person I have feelings too. Lefika:(calmly) You don’t understand Wame you are still young and you don’t know anything about love you cant even tell the difference because you are blinded by “ I LOVE YOU” even when someone doesn’t mean it its because these men want to use you…(staring at her) you are cute beautiful and young and everyone wants to see themselves with you but that doesn’t mean they love you. Wame:So do you love me wena? Lefika: Of course I do but there is one thing I don’t like…(took a deep breath) being cheated on! I have tried to ignore the pain but then I couldn’t because it was too much I don’t understand why you keep hurting me mme nna ke ipatela lerato hela I know I cant force you to love me but that’s not how you should do things having a secret affair with Martin and then playing a victim how do you expect me to feel afterwards?Wame:(tear dropped) look am sorry. I know how much you helped me in life but then I don’t think our relationship will ever work again…(stared at him) you were right.I cant force myself to love you. Lefika stopped the car beside the road and stared at her with sad face. At Seane’s House Later that night Seane locked the bedroom door and fixed her gown she then walked to the drawer and took out some pills from the shelve she sat down on the chair and looked at the mirror she took a cloth and dipped it inside a small bottle which contained some face cream and rubbed it in her face. Meanwhile she closed it and took some few pills from the container and then she put them back inside the containershe closed the lid and went back to the sitting room. Moathodi was in the children’s room helping them with their homework as Seane stood at the door staring at them. Moathodi:(turned and stared at her) You can come in. Seane:(sighed) am not feeling well. Moathodi:what is it my love? He then left the kids and held seane as they walked outside the room. Seane:(low voice) I feel depressed and…(took a deep breath) and I want to tell you something I haven’t told you before. Moathodi:Don’t worry just take your time you don’t have to worry. I know you haven’t been yourself recently but don’t be scared to tell me anything. Seane;are you sure? Moathodi:(paused) I am. Seane:(sighed heavily) I went to the hospital some week ago that it is when I told you that I have a headache. Moathodi: I do remember. Seane: so will you believe me when I tell you that I never had a headache that time? Moathodi:(shook his head) No…(paused) where are we going with this?Seane:(looked intently into his eyes) I have an HIV virus and you are not the cause. Moathodi:(swallowed deeply) you have?Seane:You heard me am HIV positive. Moathodi stared at her and headed to the bedroom with thoughts running wild in his mind…


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