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#3 Metlha stared at her for a moment the receptionist sat beside him holding a small piece of paper in her right hand. Metlha:What do you want?Her:(sighed) I thought you knew her. Metlha: I know her…(paused and stared at her) what were you thinking? Her: She asked the doctor who was assisting her to give you her number…(handed it to him) where did you meet her? Metlha stood up and looked at the number he then glared at the receptionist. Metlha: Its none of your business bye. He then walked away as she stared at him walking towards the main gate. At Riri’s House Later that afternoon.. Riri brought a bottle of wine as Wame continued facebooking with her Riri’s phone Riri then opened the lid of the bottle and poured some wine on the glass she then poured another one in the second glass. Riri:(sat down) There is your wine baby!! Wame:(sighed) I don’t want it am fine. Riri:(took a deep breath) e le gore wame o ntlogetse key a go tla ka wine and then ke gone o reng o shapa. Wame: sorry friend…(put the phone on the table) Don’t you have a spare phone?Riri:(sipped from her glass of wine) I have one. Wame:I hope you won’t mind borrowing me akere I will return it once I buy myself one. Riri: E le gore Lefika a reng ka go go rekela phone? Wame:(paused)I don’t want to bother him anymore he knows his intentions…I mean who will break an expensive phone and then after that they act like they don’t care. Gape I no longer want to be dependent on him nna ga ke rate go lapisa ope mma. Riri:But you are not working what are you going to do we all know that Lefika was really helping you. Wame: Riri you don’t understand. Nna I don’t love him anymore…(deeply) I love Martin. Riri:(laughed) you are kidding right? Wame:You don’t believe me? Riri:wait!! What is it that Martin has? In terms of money cars or even a house. That guy is broke hlemma nna I don’t want to advice you to leave Lefika. Wame:But then ke dire jang ga ke sa rate Lefika? Kana o buela mo go reng o nale madi and some cars nna I just want pure love. Kana jaanong it seems like am dating him because he is some kinda rich. Riri: Wame don’t do that Lefika is a nice guy hle mma…(sighed) what is it that you like in Martin? Beside his brokenness? Wame: gatwe beside his brokenness? Ijoo! You don’t know a lot of things Martin respect me and he knows how to treat a lady unlike this other men who think because they have money they can just use you. arg!! Riri: You are not serious. Wame: wena just watch and learn. At Seane’s House In the morning Moathodi:(cleared his throat) baby! I was thinking that today I should take a day off and visit my parents. Seane: and then nna ke sala le mang? Moathodi:(paused) uhu!! Whats the meaning of that? Seane: I mean everytime you are visiting your parents we never had time together kana. Moathodi: its been a while since I visited them or you want to go with me? I mean if you want to then there is no problem. Seane:(bitterly) I have a lot of things to do than wasting my time visiting other people. Moathodi: really? Visiting my parents is a waste of time? …(shaking his head) you have never respected my parents waitse. Seane: Nna?...(checked her phone) look I have to go its already 6:30 and I should be at the store by this time and before I forget that Indian man came to the store yesterday in the afternoon. Moathodi:And did he pay you?Seane: No he said today. Moathodi: Akere mme I told you that you shouldn’t sell anything on credit until we have made a lot of sales kana mme if it was me nkabo o nkomanya gona jaanong. Seane:(stared at him) Am leaving have a good day and o ntumedisetsa your parents. Seane took her handbag and left the room Moathodi stared at her and then shook his head as he pressed his phone. Meanwhile he jumped of the bed and dressed on his gown as he walked out to the bathroom he then paused as he heard the kids murmuring in their room he turned and walked towards it he opened the door and found Pako and Kabo playing video games. Moathodi:(walked in) and why are you still here

aint you supposed to be at school? Pako: Where is mom?Moathodi:she left didn’t she prepare you two for school?Them:Nope! Kabo: She never came to our room like she always did. Moathodi: Its okay I will you two get ready for school its already late kana…(stared at Pako the elder one) Pako go to the shower with your brother I will iron your uniforms. Pako:(staring at him)Okay. They both hurried to the shower he then followed them out the room and closed the door then went to his room and plugged his phone off the charger and dialed Seane’s number. Seane:(picked up) did I forget something at home? Moathodi:(angrily) of course you did! Seane:(breathed out) Its not my wallet is it?Moathodi: Its your children now tell me. What kind of games are you trying to play here nna am in bed and wena you just left o sa mpolelela gore the kids are still sleeping kana ga o batle baya sekolong? Seane: So its my job to make sure that they are up and ready for school? Moathodi: I never said that I just want to know why you decided to leave without informing me that you haven’t gotten them ready for school? That’s my issue for now. Seane:(sighed) look am driving now I cant talk right now. Moathodi:(Deeply) Seane you are pushing me to do things which I don’t want to do don’t make me regret marrying you please. He then hang up and walked out of the room. At Metlha’s House Later that morning… Metlha opened his wardrobe and looked at his last suit that he has been given by his friend some years ago he shook his head and went to sit on the bed he then took his phone and dialed Kago’s number then cancelled it and put the phone down. Meanwhile his phone rang he looked at it and it was his friend. Metlha:(sighed) Dips!! Dips:My guy how are you? Metlha: Ke monate leityaka. Dips: so e tla ko spaneng? Nna ke vaela teng like now. Metlha: (took a deep breath) i cant ken ale appointment le doctor kgantele. Dips:(paused) wena? Metlha: ee Dips: you didn’t tell me gore wa lwala. Metlha: I will tell you everything when we meet bona bros I have to go. Dips:No shapo my guy. Metlha hang up and then dialed Kago’s number he then put the phone in the ear as it rang. Kago:(picked up) hello Metlha: (smiling) hey!! How are you? Kago:(Paused) who is this? Metlha: Its me Metlha you remember me? Kago: Oh yeah I do. Metlha: I thought maybe I should check on you and to know how you are doing. Kago: Am good and I want to thank you for your hospitality you really helped me the other day. I just don’t know what to say. Metlha:(smiled) don’t worry I was trying to help you…(cleared his throat) so where are you? Kago: Am in my boyfriend’s house. Metlha:(low voice) Oh I didn’t know. Kago:(sighed) Am staying with him he just told me I can come and stay with him. Its his baby after all. Metlha:I thought you said he is abusive and you cant stay with him. Kago: am doing this for the sake of our baby gape I do love him. Metlha: Okay bye! Metlha hang up and shook his head in disappointment he clicked his tongue and throwed the phone on the bed. .


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