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#2 At Lefika’s House Later that night Lefika’s phone beeped as a message alert went through he tossed from the bed and reached to it Wame turned and stared at him he looked at her and opened the inbox. Wame:(low voice) ke mang?Lefika:(sighed) what kind of question is that? Wame:askies…I was just asking. Lefika: You better be quiet because I don’t want to be bothered anymore….(stared at her) Tell me something Wame I asked you gore who is Martin…and you just told me that ga se ope. Wame:(Paused) kante why do you want to know him? …(took a deep breath) he is just a friend a former college friend. Lefika:(nodded) I see..(nodding) I see!!...(deeply) you are a liar Wame wautlwa… ke gore ga o tshabe go nkaketsa? Wame:(curiously) why are you interested in knowing him? After all you don’t know all my friends gape am never on your affairs Lefika you have never heard me asking you about your friendship or your whereabouts so just leave me alone…you just destroyed my phone now you have started asking me questions..ahh! She sighed deeply and folded her hands. Lefika:(angrily) Wame!...(shook his head) wame! O buisa nna jalo? Hee!...kante do you think am playing here kare who is Martin…(clicked his tongue) you are going to tell me whether you like or not. Lefika opened his phone and scrolled to the gallery he then scrolled down through the pictures until he has selected the one he was looking for then handed the phone to Wame. Lefika:(calmly) what is this? Wame:(scarily) where did you get this picture? Lefika:I got it from facebook infact your facebook…(sighed) so this is what you are doing when you are out with your friends akere? Drinking beer and looking after men…(sighed) is this not your Martin? Wame paused for a moment… Lefika:(gasped) kare a ga se Martin yoo? Yes or no…. Wame:(glanced) its him…but you said you didn’t know about him. Lefika: I wanted to see if you will be honest with me…now I know your true colors I thought people were lying when they told me about your affair with him...(looked intently into her eyes) Now tell me do you still want me or him…its your choice now. Wame:(softly) I want you… Lefika:(covered her mouth) wait!! Just wait!! Just take your time don’t rush to make decisions wame…you know me very well that am the kind of person who don’t like forcing anyone to do things they don’t want…(cleared his throat) I don’t want to hurt you ke lekile go itshoka now am fed up. You think just because you are cute am going to chase after you? ke busy thata mma!..ke go kgalemetse its enough.. He then stood up and put on his gown then went to the balcony to stare at the stars and feel a fresh breezy of air.Wame stared at him and tear dropped she thought in her mind that she doesn’t want to lose him but the everyday struggle and temptations overshadowed her. At Metlha’s House Later that night Metlha walked along the street of Kasi to his house he sang along to the song he was listening on his headsets…it was his favorite dalom kids music. After he passed through the small bridge that led to the outskits of the street he stopped by the other fence near the small passage and peed as the dogs barking at him. Metlha:(loudly)HEY FOTSHEK!! NXLA… Meanwhile he put his machine gun back to its basement and zipped his overall and continued walking along the passage meanwhile he stopped after he was disturbed by a crying baby he stopped and removed the other side of his headset he then completely turned off the music and listened well he looked through the dark and there was a young lady beside the small bush that separated the streets in kasi beside the woman there lied a baby crying and there was blood on the ground and it seemed like the young lady just gave birth not long ago. Metlha approached closer and turned on his phone flashlight he lit to the spot where the young lady was he scarily stepped back. Metlha:(sighing) O mang?...(sighing heavily) ka re omang?...(loud thinking) “ ke mang jaanong yoo eish dilo tsa kasi kana”… Her:(low voice) plea!!please! help me. Metlha:(walked closer) who are you? …(gasped) you just gave birth here? Her:(nodded) yes and am tired…could you please take me to the hospital please…I will pay you. Metlha:(shook his head) how can I take you to the hospital when I don’t know you what if you escaped from prison or psychiatrist hospital. Her: I haven’t escaped anywhere. Metlha:(took a deep breath) then why did you decide to give birth on the street I mean this is dangerous…(paused) bona whats your name? Her: (breathing heavily) Kago! Metlha: Kago?...(sighed) tell me what happened to you. Kago:(tear dropped) it’s the man I was staying with…(tearfully) he chased me out of his house he kicked me and told me that he doubt that maybe the baby am carrying is not his I couldn’t take the beatings anymore as you can see me today was my delivery day…and I couldn’t arrive to even the nearest clinic and I helped myself here. Metlha:(Shook his head) waitse ke mathata! Jaanong wa re re dire jang? Kago: (deeply) I don’t know taking me to the hospital will be better am in a terrible pain and the baby cant stop crying. Metlha: (curiously) I hope this is not a trap

I mean I have never came across something like this its dark and you are here alone…(shook his head) how old are you?Kago:(paused) am 22 years old. Metlha:you are too young for this whole process you have been through…(took out his phone) look let me call ambulance just wait there. Metlha dialed a number on the screen staring at the lady…her eyes was bit reddish and she looked exhausted. At Seane’s House In the morning… Seane closed the sliding door as the househelper was walking towards it her husband opened it and clicked his tongue. Moathodi:(took a deep breath) kante whats wrong you? why did you close the door don’t tell me you still hate her. Seane:(with a bitter face) Mxm!! I don’t know why you hired her I don’t want this girls working in our house the next thing you will be sleeping with them…(holding her waist) akere I told you that we don’t need a househelper here. Moathodi: wena le mang? Nna I need her (calmly) we have a lot of work here we have two kids who need good monitoring and care so tell me…who is going to look after them when we are away or at work? Nna I cant pay the crèche fare anymore its expensive. Seane: I don’t care whether its expensive I told you that we are not going to hire anyone this time you remember what happened with that other lady Tshephiso you know very well how much she robbed us and I don’t want that to happen anymore in this house. Moathodi:(took a deep breath) look this one is different gape stop saying all those things infront of this lady please respect her…is not like anyone who comes here is a thief some just need help so that they can survive atleast so love please just take it down. Seane:O katswa o batla go ntshamikisa its either she stays here and I leave o tla mo nyala…akere ke a bona gore o batla go robala le ene…(clicked her tongue) am going to the bedroom and you should follow me…(turned to the lady) mama…wena ya ga lona now. Moathodi:(angrily) No!! you cant do that…this is my house what do you think you are doing do you think you are the only one I should listen to? Ae you are not the same Seane I married what got into you kante? Seane:(gasped) ijah!! She clicked her tongue and headed to the bedroom. Moathodi stared at the lady and took a deep breath. Moathodi:Am sorry for that I think she just woke up in the wrong side of the bed don’t mind her. Her:(hurtfully) she doesn’t like me but the only thing I want is a job to help my sick mother. Moathodi: look come in and let me show you around I know you need this job and I know how hard it is to find one. At Princess Marina Hospital Later that day… Metlha walked in the hospital ward and looked around with the hope that he will find Kago he then walked out to the reception desk. Metlha:(smiled) Good day mam Her:(smiled back) hi how can I help you? Metlha: uhm!! I was here last night am the guy that brought the lady who just gave birth in the street…do you remember me? Her:(paused) I think I do are you the father of the baby? Metlha:(paused for a moment) I am…where is her is she around? Her: No the ambulance just took her home they have left some minutes ago maybe 15 minutes ago I think. Metlha:damn!!...(sighed) eish. Her: is everything okay? Metlha: yeah..its okay..i just wanted to know if she is okay am going to work now. Her: is she your girlfriend? Metlha:(fixed his cap) look I have to go… He then walked out at the exit and sat down near the small nursery built near the entrance meanwhile the receptionist walked to him and tapped on the shoulder he turned quickly and stared at her. Metlha:(sighing) what do you want?


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Faith Taonga 2021-01-15 13:48:52

Please remember you might have an international audience and translate the vernacular that will increase your reach. You have a nice story here but I can't understand half of it