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#10 In the bush.. It was getting late and Dips kept on checking the clock while moving around the car he then sat down on the rock beside the car and opened a packet of cigarettes as Metlha approached him. Dips:(Took out a lighter) you want a cigarette? Metlha:No I just want to know how long we are going to stay here. Dips:(lit his cigar) Until it gets dark its past 6 now…(sighed) you want some money?Metlha:Yes but… Dips:(interrupted) But what? Look stop being a coward the house we are going to rob at there lives a woman and she is rich we are going to get the money she made from her shop. From now on you will be having money. Metlha: So you have been stalking her? I mean what if there is security and then we get caught nna tota mona Dips am not ready to go to jail. Dips:(Stared at him) She lives with her husband monna wa teng ke bari gape we are not going to take long there we get the money and we leave. Simple. Metlha:(Staring at the men) And who are this men? You haven’t told me about them where did you meet them? Dips:(Annoyed) you are asking me a lot of questions we will talk about that when we get home right now you should be asking yourself how you are going to protect yourself if we get caught. Metlha:(sighed heavily) I didn’t know we are going to come this far if I knew about it I would have refused coming with you…kana wena you are just looking after yourself you don’t care about other people. Dips gave him a quick look and threw his cigarette on the ground and stepped on it as he walked to the car he signaled to the men so that they can enter the car and leave. Metlha shook his head and went to the car as well. At Lefika’s House Later that evening there was a knock at the door Lefika put down the glass of wine on the table and reduced the Tv volume as he went to open the door he fixed his gown and then opened the door it was Riri. Lefika:(Paused) hi Riri:(smiled) Hi can I come in? Lefika:(Uncomfortably) sure!! You can come in. Riri:(walked in) Thank you I hope I didn’t wake you up I can see you were getting ready to sleep. Lefika:Not at all…(closed the door) So who did you come with here I mean its dangerous walking alone at this night. Riri: It’s a friend of mine she just dropped me and refused to come with me here atleast to say hi. Lefika:(nodded) Okay…(cleared his throat) like I said Wame went to sleep over at her aunt’s house in block 8. Riri: But I came to see you i just want you to help me with something kante what cause were you doing in BAC?Lefika:(Paused) Accounting. Riri: Am doing the same course at UB just that it shows me flames and I thought maybe you could give me the tips you used that made you graduate with distinction. Lefika: who told you that I graduated with distinction. Riri:Well Wame did I mean is there any problem its something you should be proud of. Lefika:Its okaybut Riri I don’t think that’s the best time to discuss about school and all that you should have arranged with me on time lets say maybe tomorrow during the day when I knock off at work. Riri: Yeah its still a good idea…but I hope you are not trying to get rid of me. Lefika:(shook his head) No…(stared at her)okay to be honest with you I don’t think Wame will be happy to see us together I don’t want her to be angry at me because of all this. Riri: Its not like she is knowing what is happening gape we are not doing anything that will upset her Lefika. Lefika: I know but coming here at this time is not what she would like to see she might become suspicious thinking that maybe we are having a secret affair I don’t want to hurt her. Riri: Even if we had a secret affair its not a big deal. Lefika:(Glared at her) Its not a big deal? Riri:(softly) Yes...(she leaned on the couch and switched off her phone) can you bring me a glass of juice or something alcoholic please. Lefika:(Stood up) and promise me that you will leave afterwards because I want to rest I have to wake up in the morning and go to work after that I have to go and fetch Wame. Riri: (smiling at him) you don’t like me?Lefika:(Paused for a moment) I don’t hate you. Riri: so you like me? Lefika: Did you say juice or beer?Riri:(Sighed) Never mind about that she bring me some water. Lefika went straight to the kitchen and in his return he found Riri on the couch with her short skirt pulled upwards showing her thighs and her boobs half covered. He froze staring at her. Riri:(Smiled) Are you okay? Lefika:(Sighing) Yes here is your water. At Seane’s House Later that night Dips parked the car at the gate and the both murmured inside the car as the neighbors dog barked at the car. Dips:(Staring at the house) we have arrived bo ntate. Metlha:(Stared at him) whose house is this Dips? Dips: you will never know

here is your water. At Seane’s House Later that night Dips parked the car at the gate and the both murmured inside the car as the neighbors dog barked at the car. Dips:(Staring at the house) we have arrived bo ntate. Metlha:(Stared at him) whose house is this Dips? Dips: you will never know wena just follow my lead and don’t panic. Man 1:(sighed) Dips my man do you think there is money here? Dips: Am positive I know the lady who is staying here I used to help people who deliver clothes at her store. Man2: but there are rumors that the store has closed I don’t think we will reap something here. Dips:if they don’t give us the money we take the car…(Stared at the car) it’s a Mazda 6 re ka ja sengwe if we sell it. Metlha: Okay but count me out. Dips:(Turned to him) whats the meaning of that? Metlha: I will remain in the car am not feeling well gape mona Dips this is dangerous. Kana we are risking our lives here what if we get killed before we take what we are here for?Dips:No one is going to die unless you are stupid so stop talking nonsense and lets go…(turned to the other men) Am going inside the yard I will signal at to you so that you get out and come inside we take the money and then we leave immediately rule 1 if they don’t give you the money that’s when you can threaten them with a gun but don’t shoot please…I repeat don’t shoot. Man 1:(low voice) so if there is no money? Whats plan B. Dips:The car that one we are leaving with it…(turned to Metlha) Metlha will drive it akere. Metlha nodded but he was unsure about it. Meanwhile Dips stepped out of the car and went to the gate and opened it slowly since it was not locked he looked around to check if there is anything to distract him or stop him to proceed with his mission. He then walked slowly to the house and knocked at the door meanwhile the door opened and it was Moathodi. Moathodi:(Sleepy) Yes! Dips: Sir I want directions to…(he pulled out a gun and pointed at him covering his mouth) don’t make noise or else I will shoot you. Dips then signaled to them with his hand and they all got out but Metlha remained in the car he then slowly pushed Moathodi inside the house and tied him to the chair. Dips:(Whispering) Where is the money? Moathodi:Which money? Dips:Shh!! Cant you lower your voice…(angrily) do you think this is a comedy show ka re give us the money now I don’t want to hurt you nor the kids so lets cooperate. Moathodi: Look you are making a mistake I don’t have any money with me. Dips:(turned to the other man) he is wasting our time search all the rooms but becareful. Man 1:sure boss. Dips hit Moathodi with a gun and then walked slowly to the bedroom he opened the bedroom door slowly but Seane was fast asleep he noticed her and then pointed a gun on her head.She then tossed from the bed and screamed as she was scared Dips stepped backward and searched around the house opened the drawers but there was nothing. Seane:(Surprised) Its you?Dips: yes where is the money? I know you have it around here so don’t lie to me like your husband did. Seane:I trusted you. Dips: Look I don’t care what you did who told you to trust me.all I need now is money….(pulled the trigger slowly) Be quick. Seane: (Sighing heavily) okay! Okay under the bed… Dips: Step down from the bed with your hands up. Seane stepped down and Dips checked under the bed and pulled a bag full of money he then walked out of the room with the gun still pointed at Seane he called at his partners and they left the house. At Lefika’s House Later that morning Lefika turned from the bed and his leg was on top of Riri he then woke up and checked the clock it was 9:45 am…he then put on his gown and stared at Riri who was fast asleep. Lefika:(Sighed) Riri!! Wake up…(scarily) what happened? Riri:(sleepy) what? Lefika: you have to leave now…(thinking out loud) Damn!! What have I done now? Riri:Ao is everything okay? Please come to bed its still early. Lefika: No am late for work and…(paused) and.. Riri:(leaned on the headboard) Look calm down. Lefika: No…(low voice) did we? Lefika looked at the used condom on the floor and shook his head in disbelief Riri stared at him as he picked the packet of condoms on the floor. He then turned and stared at her. Lefika:Its your fault…(angrily) its your fault why didn’t you leave last night…(stared at the bottle of wine on the bed) I was drunk…(turned to Riri) you must have drugged me. Riri: I don’t know what you are talking about please try to calm down because there is nothing that I have done you are the one who told me to come to bed with you. Lefika: I haven’t . Meanwhile there was a knock at the door Riri hurried and put on her clothes and sat on the edge of the bed as Lefika stood still in the middle of the room.


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