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MYSTERIOUS LOVER *1 It was early in morning May and he was standing beside a muddy road after the rain stopped cars passed by but none of the drivers ever stopped for him nor roll down the window to look at him or maybe ask him if he is okay. Metlha looked at his watch and sighed as he crossed the road and decided to walk along it to the nearest stop his shoes was covered with mud the trouser he was wearing was a bit dirt and above all it wasn’t a good morning for him. Meanwhile after a long wait a black jeep stopped by and it was woman inside she rolled down the window and scanned him from the head to toe she then turned off the music and opened the passenger door. Her:(cleared her throat) Hop in!! Metlha:(paused for a moment) No am fine …infact am waiting for a cab I called him and he said he is on the way so probably he will be here in a minute..(sighed) but thanks. Her:(looked intently into his eyes) are you sure now? Metlha:(sighed) yeah…infact I don’t want to bother you I would just use the cab…I use it everyday to go to work just that today it took longer than I expected. Her:(gasped) Look I can see through your eyes that you are not telling me the truth looking at you I can tell that you have been waiting here for too long…(looked at his shoes) and you seem to have come from far…(sighed) I know this street I use this road everyday and I can tell you that no one is going to give you a ride because of your outward appearance…i just want to help you nothing more. Metlha:(stared at her)Okay…(looked at his phone) He then put it in the pocket and dusted his shoes as he climbed in the car and put on the seatbelt. He then noticed that the lady was staring at him smiling he couldn’t help it but to give her a quick smile and he seemed uncomfortable. Metlha:(smiled) you are very kind..uhmm!! thanks for the ride anyways. Her:(smiled back) Its okay…so whats your name?Metlha: Am metlha… Her:(nodded) Neo! Metlha:(sighed) No Metlha! M-E-T-L-H-A.. Neo:(laughed) I heard you! I mean my name is Neo. Metlha:Oh! Am sorry…(looking at his watch) Can we go now? Am sure my boss is waiting for me. She then looked at the rear mirror and indicated as she joined the road. Neo:(softly) So tell me about yourself are you married do you have kids what is your job…I mean something like that. Metlha:(uncomfortably) Uhmm!! Am a manager..and…(he paused as his eyes rolled) Neo:wow!! A manager…I mean that’s great. Metlha: actually I was supposed to be a C.E.O..now due to some circumstances I couldn’t. Neo:(Paused and stared at him) C.E.O?? at what company or organization? Metlha kept quiet thinking deeply he then took a deep breath and he never said anything afterwards. He seemed embarrassed Neo decided to change the topic since it seemed as if she is annoying him. Neo:(sighed) so where exactly are you going so that I could drop you because I have a meeting later at work. At Lefika’s House Lefika slammed the door of the bedroom and headed to the bathroom as his girlfriend followed him… Lefika:(sighing) why are you following me now? Her:(softly) please am sorry it wasn’t my intention to cheat on…(she paused) Lefika:(angrily) so you have been cheating me ebile ke gore everytime o nthaya o re you are going out with friends o a bo itse se o yang go se dira? Her:(crying) Hlerra lefika am sorry please try to calm down..nna kana wa ntshosa. Lefika:(clicked his tongue) Shut up!! So the reason why you don’t want to find a job ke gone gore o thole o ntse mo lwapeng o batla banna mo di facebook and this mad thing you call whatsapp..(shouting) nna phakela ga key a tirong wena o ya banning AKERE!! Her:(tearfully) am sorry…please forgive me I love you Lefika. Lefika:(Angrily) you don’t love me if you did you wouldn’t be doing what you have done now…mxm!! In fact tisa phone eo. Her:(scarily) why? Lefika:(almost slapped) ke tla go!! hei!! Don’t ask me why am the one who bought it and I have the right to take it… He pulled her and took the phone as he went through the whatsapp chatlist…he shook his head still scrolling down. Lefika:(stared at her with reddish eyes) who is Martin? Her:(paused) ga se ope? Lefika:(deeply) Ka re who is Martin…kante Wame o batla go ntshamekisa…wa re ga se ope ntse ke bona gore you have been chatting with him. She kept quiet and kept on crying silently Lefika got more angry and smashed the phone on the floor and went back to the bedroom. Lefika:(turned) I don’t want to see you again!! Wame:(crying) why? please don’t do that to me we have been together for a long time. Lefika: I don’t care how long we have been together I did the right thing by not marrying you…you are nothing but a waste...leave my house now. Lefika concluded and went to the bedroom as he slammed the door Wame wiped her tears as she bent over picking the pieces of her broken Iphone she then shook her head and realized that the phone was broken beyond repair she then left the parts as they scattered on the floor and she went to the living room… Meanwhile Lefika walked in the living room and found her on the couch pressing the landline

he then stared at her and waited at the door silently. Lefika:(Cleared his throat) what are you doing? Wame:(panicked) Uhm!! Nothing! Lefika: (Loudly) I said I don’t want to see you again…what I meant is that you should leave my house and never come back…and please don’t touch anything you don’t own in this house wa utlwa. Wame:(softly) Kante ne rra lefika o serious hela wa nkoba? You just broke my iphone and now you are chasing me out of your house kana we all make mistakes I said am sorry. Lefika:(walked closer to her) Ke gore I don’t understand you waitse you just finished your degree a year ago I took you when you had nothing and I came to stay with you helping you with everything you needed now that’s how you thank me Wame…I mean I have cars a big housemoney and am not cheating you I don’t go out every weekend…but you are never satisfied…all you are doing is to go out with your so called friends and start drinking alcohol and having all the sex out there while am here lonely. Wame: You are right…(sighed) but I promise you that am not going to do it again please give me a second chance..please I promise to be a better person. Lefika: did you just say a second chance? Do you even know what a second chance is? How many chances have I given you? Wame:(paused)many. Lefika: you know why?Wame: (Glanced) its because you love me. Lefika: (took a deep breath) Then why do you keep on hurting me do you know how many girls I have rejected just to stay with you? …I hope you know how girls behave when they realize that you are independent and having all those luxury you could think off…(shook his head) you have no idea. He stared at her one more time and left the living room back to his room. At Builders World Gaborone Later that day Metlha reversed the fork lifter and drove it to the truck to load some bags of cement inside one of his co-worker approached him holding a plastic of fat cakes inside. Him:(sighed) Ao mona!! We are on a lunch break and you are still working a ko o ikhutse…we still have a lot of work afterwards. Metlha:(turned off the engine) eish…you are right gape re bereka jaaka makgoba go fa…I wish motho nkabo ele a manager or atleast a bereka in an office…this is not the days of pharaoh ga re ko Egypt. Him: (laughing)Owaii!! You must be joking you think its that easy to be a manager first you must have qualifications…wena o nale certificate sa form 5 hela. Metlha: (Shook his head) keep laughing at me one day am going to have decent job and you are going to be my servant..you will see. Him:Keep dreaming…(handed him a plastic of fat cakes) take nna I want to attend other customer that side and bruh ya teng seems to be rich gongwe ke tla ja sengwe. Metlha:(sighed) Go…(paused) eish my bruh there is this other lady she gave me a lift this morning..(shaking his head) my bruh that lady is hot hot! (laughed) and she started asking me about some irritating questions bo what is your job and all that stupid things. Him: and what did you say when she asked you about your job? Metlha:(gasped) I told her that am a manager I didn’t want to embarrass my self. Him:(sighed) so did you get the number? Metlha: which number? Him: uhu!! Her number e le gore o ka tsaya which number. Metlha: I did not…akere she… Him:(interrupted) owaii!! Wena kana o maaka am going now. He then walked towards the entrance of the premises as Metlha walked back to the forklift to continue his work. At Campers Bar Later that night… Riri:(fixing her hair) Guys did you call Wame? I wonder why she is so quiet today. Friend 1:(sighed) her phone is off I have been trying it the whole of today gape she never take long to answer am sure she is busy. Friend 2:(sighed) ijoo go tla pala then who is going to buy beer and some drinks for us? Riri:(took a deep breath) we have to come up with an idea kana boyfriend ya ga Wame e ne e mo bechetsa tota and if she was here we wouldn’t be bored like this. Friend 1:(sighed) but I have her boyfriend’s number should I call him and ask if Wame is home? Riri:(nodded) that’s a good idea call him. She then walked outside the bar as she scrolled through the contacts the other girls walked to the counter as they danced to the loud music of house.(to be continued)


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