Episode 4

Insert #4 Kelone: Okay I will go with you…I will leave in the morning too. Him: hop in the truck. She opened the passenger door and got in the man went to the other side and stepped in then drove off…after two and half miles from the village they finally arrived at the cattle post the house built there wasn’t what Kelone was expecting. Even though they didn’t talk the entire journey this time she has to say something. She stepped out of the truck and closed the door. Kelone: Who is staying here? Him: My herd boys I built them a nice house so that they can enjoy themselves…(sighed) by the way am John. Kelone: Kelone that’s my name. John: Okay so aren’t you worried and scared that you are in a stranger’s home especially at this time of the night? Kelone: I have reached a point in my life where I fear nothing I tried to end my life many times and if someone does something bad to me I don’t care because I really gave up. Am just living for the sake of living because God gave me a precious life but its sad that I didn’t enjoy it in my upbringing. John: Don’t worry I will help you with anything you want. You can come and stay with me and my wife I have two kids…the other one is a daughter she is doing form 3 and the other one is son he gambled with his life and now he is drinking and smoking cigarettes (sighed heavily) I don’t want to talk about him that one he really pisses me of. Kelone: How old is him? John: He is 25 years. Kelone: He is so young what does he do now? John: Nothing I was thinking of chasing him out of my house. But I cant do that I mean when you are a father and things like this happens you have no choice but to accept them…(looked at her) Look I know how abuse is like and it can change a good person to bad that’s why I really want to help you to at least finish school. No one deserves to be abused and treated badly if your parents can approve that you stay with me then I don’t have problem. Kelone: I don’t have parents I was adopted by my stepmother and she is really bad. She cared more about her daughter than me she made me drop out of school and when I think about it..(teary eyes) it makes me want to kill myself. John: Am sorry to hear that…(pressed his phone) let me try to call my wife and tell her that she should expect you tomorrow I will explain everything to her when we get there but for now I think its important to let her know that am coming with you. Kelone: I understand I just hope she won’t dislike me. John: She can’t do that…you can get inside the house here are the keys. He gave her the keys and dialed his wife number heading to close the gate. Kelone unlocked the door and walked in she looked around and the room was better than what she was sleeping in at her stepmother’s house. She sat down on the sofa and picked a newspaper and looked at it she wasn’t reading anything but paging through looking at the pictures. At Jane’s Home Later that morning… Kelone’s teacher sat on the plastic chair as Jane’s mother came from the house holding another chair she put it down and sat on it. Teacher: Good morning am sorry for showing up again just that am really worried about Kelone (wondering) still she hasn’t came back from the cattle post? Her:(paused for a few seconds) Am sorry for lying about that

honestly Kelone ran away. I don’t know where she ran to when we were sleeping last night she sneaked out through the window and ran away. We don’t know where she is right now. Teacher:(worriedly) you didn’t go and look for her? Her:(chuckled) look for her? Nnya mma I have a lot of important things to do than look for a person who is useless you don’t know Kelone. That girl likes attention too much she gets happy when people are always complaining and talking about her. If she want to come back home she will come back. But me going to look out for her haibo! I cant do that madam…(looked at her) you are the one who is worried about her you can get in your car and travel the whole village looking for her. Teacher: She took her clothes and everything? Her: Yes. Teacher: did you give her the money I gave you? Her:(looked down) Maybe that’s why she ran away she is scared of money. When I gave her the money she was just shaking because she is not used to be given such huge amount of money that money really drove her crazy. I shouldn’t have given her that money. Teacher: (low voice) Am not trying to sound rude or very critical but why did you take her from her good and caring guardians knowing that you are not going to take care of her you should have left her in her previous home those people were very nice to her even though they were alcoholics at least they never made her suffer. Her: Since you are judgemental I think its best you leave. Akere jaanong Kelone ga a sa thola a nna ha don’t ever show up again. So leave before you make me angry. Teacher: You are lucky I didn’t call the police on you that’s child negligence…how do you sleep at night knowing that your step daughter is not home? Her: like I said I don’t really care. Teacher:(shook her head) I don’t know why am even asking you that one day she is going to be successful and you will die of heart attack. Am not cursing you am telling you what is going to happen. She then opened her car door and stepped in then drove off. At John’s House Later on John parked the truck under a shade and stepped out he then removed the key from the ignition and closed the door. Kelone stepped out and took her small backpack with her she looked around uncomfortably.. John’s wife came from the side of the house holding some flower pots she put them down and looked at John. Her:(low voice) So you were talking about a grown up? That’s a woman and one thing I know is that she is going to- (paused) why is she so dirty? She didn’t bath? John: Babe you need to lower your voice she is hearing you. what do you mean she didn’t bath? There was no clean water at the cattle post and I told her that she will bath when we get here akere we have a shower she will use it. Her:(shook her head) Not my shower there is a bucket and a tub in the traditional hut. That’s what she will be using. John: Not again come on. please be nice to her she has gone through a lot. So please be nice to her.


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