Episode 2

HER ENDLESS TEARS Insert #2 At Kelone’s Home.. Later that night a BMW parked at the gate and Jane’s boyfriend turned off the headlights and the engine he leaned over and kissed Jane they both smiled at each other and started kissing passionately. Jane: Babe I need a new phone. Otsile:(Smiled) don’t worry am going to buy you an iphone...i told you that you can have anything you want even if you want a car I will buy it for you. Jane:(excitedly) are you really serious ne rra? Otsile: Babe am not playing with you. you deserve anything in life I told you that am going to love you and I mean it. I want you to move out of your mother’s house and come and stay with me that house its ours am divorcing my wife for you…so you are welcome anytime Jane:(smiled) you are so sweet. Otsile:(thoughtfully) oh before I forget..kante ne mma who is that cute’nyana girl I always see here is she your sister or something? Jane:(frowned) she is our maid don’t even talk about her. She is a thief its just a cute face but she is not a good girl. Gape why are you talking about her all of a sudden? Otsile: Never mind…(looked at her) isn’t she supposed to be schooling? She looks young to be a maid. How old is she? Jane: 19. Otsile: Okay...am sorry about talking about her but you shouldn’t give me that face…are you jealous? Jane: Jealous of what? there are people I can become jealous when you mention them not Kelone. Otsile: So her name is Kelone mme ene she is cute’nyana…I mean you are more beautiful than her but honestly she is cute. Is she schooling? Jane: I don’t want to talk about her you will ask her tomorrow during the day. Otsile: Where is she now maybe we can take her with us when we go out she always looks sad and depressed I hope you guys are treating her well. Jane:(glared at her) I want to go…give me 300 pula for moriri. Otsile: I gave you 500 pula yesterday

you finished the money? Jane: I shared the money with her. Otsile:(opened his wallet) am giving you P500 again please manage it well hle mma. Kana I have a wife and kids so I don’t want to waste money. Jane: if you really loved her you wouldn’t be here. I know you like me than her…(opened the door) have a good night. Otsile: I love you tell Kelone I said Hi. Tell her that she should start to smile more often. Jane: mxm go shapo Otsile. She entered at the gate Otsile started the car and drove off. Jane went to the house and headed to the room where she is sleeping at she knew that at that time of the night Kelone is sleeping and its going to take her a while to open but she knocked at anyways. She knocked once and opened the door to her surprise the door wasn’t locked. It was a relief that at least she didn’t knock hence waking up her mother. She switched on the light and went to the bed she removed the sheet and to her surprise kelone was not there she made it look like she is sleeping but she put a pillow on the bed looking like someone is sleeping. Jane:(looked at the window) She ran away I hope she didn’t go with my daughter. She then closed the window and went to knock at her mother’s room. Jane: Mama. Her:(sleepy) Jane what is it? Jane: Kelone is not there did she leave my baby?Her: (Paused) what do you mean Kelone is not there aren’t you the one who is sleeping with her? Jane: I checked the room the window was open…please tell me she didn’t leave with my baby. Her:(opened the door) Where did she go? Jane: I don’t know and she left with my baby why would she do something like this…(looked at the clock) at this time of the night where could she be. Her: (shaking her head) she is testing me this girl…(looked at Jane) try to call her. Jane:(called her and looked at her mother) Her phone number is not available…(tearfully) I just hope she didn’t kill my baby Kelone is so evil why would she do something like this. Am calling the police.


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