Chapter 5

Chapter 5


I sat up from the bed and put on my shoes which was beside the chain which was used to tie the bed against the poles in the house I took out a little metal from the floor and went to the door I looked through the small opening of the lock and the same man was outside making fire he went into the woods and maybe he was going to collect some firewoods.


There was a padlock which and it was outside the door I paneled the small metal and broke it I then sneaked out leaving the door wide open after taking some few steps I heard a voice from behind..”where are you going” …”I said where are you going” that’s all I heard then followed some laughter as if it was a child laughing. I never looked back behold. The man was coming from the woods dragging a large bag which I had no idea of what’s inside. I hid by the truck and got under it the man sharpened a long knife and went to the house was at he stopped looking at the wide open door I saw him kicking it and broke down because it was made of wood he angrily went back to the spot where he made fire and took out a burning wood and went to the house.


He threw the burning log to the house and it started burning while it was burning I ran fast crossing the small river which was dry by that time it was dark and there was no light

I didn’t know where I was going all I wanted was to get out of that place before I become history.


On the way I saw a light from a window in a distance the house was built alone and it seemed like they were people there I thought for a moment before making my way there. I stopped and sat on the ground sighing heavily I had a tap on my back. I turned…The man smiled “I wanted to tell you that the demons and shadows you have been dreaming about has now gone you will see them no more” he said.


Before I could utter a word I fell from the couch still holding the same novel I read since noon..”Again I told you to go to your room its now late at night you will finish reading your novel tomorrow” said mom.


Once again I went and put the novel on my small self made library and went to my room all this was a dream I will never forget.







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Lilly 2019-01-31 02:32:15

Scary bt interesting, please keep on writing, you have talent