Chapter 4

Chapter 4


I woke up on the floor and I was in an abandoned house out of town i looked outside and saw the man’s truck parking under a tree near the gate the man had a moustache and grey hair he was wearing an overall and boots but when I saw him at the road he wansnt wearing those clothes or maybe he changed them.


I walked to the door and the room was filled with darkness the door was locked there were also frames nailed on the window no way out. I looked under the bed and there was a bad smell coming from there I reached my hands under the bed and when I pulled out there were some live worms all over my handI kneeled on the floor and looked carefully I saw a hand…a cut hand and a skull under the bed. This shows that the man maybe has been killing people and feeding his spiritual rulers.



Meanwhile I heard the key being turned at the lock I immediately went to the bed and tucked myself in the man stared at me and I was looking at him through an opening of the blanket which was torn. He was holding a long kitchen knife and there was blood on his hand I heard him calling a name three times..” Loci!! Loci!! Loci!!” he called and then there was noise in the room which was somehow coming from the outside  a moving object (should I say) came in through the frames and was sighing and roaring it was a shadow again but now it looks like it was in the physical. The man threw a piece of meat at it it ate it and then it licked the blood from the man’s hand the man patted it and smiled. It then disappeared I never saw where it wentthere was just silence left in the room the man slammed the door and went outside.The only thing I heard was people talking outside.


I took of the blanket and thoughtfully I remembered that thing that went inside the house wasn’t seeing meI started having a feeling that it will come back…really? 

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