Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Later that night I was upstairs in my room the window of my room was facing the same direction in which the dog was killed I looked out the window and the moonlight depicted something like a dragon it wasn’t really a dragon but when I looked closely it was a bird I closed the window and the curtain.


I then sat on my bed and finished building my puzzle after that I stared at the table in which me and my brother always sat on to play a chess game I went to it and picked the few pieces that fell on the floor I tried to re-arrange them and the chess board was shaken by the table and the pieces fell again on the ground. I didnt pick them this time I looked at the window and I saw a fourteen year old Tom signaling to me I walked to the window with a smile on my face. I opened the window and climbed out as I stepped down to the ground it was late at night and Tom was holding his skateboard.

“Lets go and ride my skateboard down the road” said Tom…I nodded as I followed him and we jumped over the fence to the main road. The clouds darkened and I was really scared I tried to call Tom so that he can stop for me but he wasn’t listening I ran after him and the speed of the skateboard down the road increased bit by bit. “Tom!! Tom! Wait for me” I shouted.


Tom stopped and stared at me there was a curve by the road and it led to the outskirts of town Tom rode the skateboard on it I tried to stop him but my voice couldn’t reach him. Meanwhile I looked back and I could hardly see our house the only thing I saw was the headlights of the car the car stopped at Jerry’s house

the car stopped at Jerry’s house I saw him stepping out of the car and opened the gate he seemed to be coming from a night shift being a police officer is really demanding I remember Jerry chatting with my mom in the living room and I heard him mentioning the word QUIT I overheard him complaining about being underpaid and he wanted to retire I thought about his children who were still schooling what are they going to be eating wearing when he retires their mother died of cancer some months ago and Jerry could be having high possibilities of having it.


In the middle of the road I was stopped and looked around whirl wind blew and trees were shaking as the leaves fell down meanwhile I joined the road to go back home a speeding vehicle I saw earlier when I was coming from the shop was coming again down the roads the driver slowed down and pulled over besides me.

“Aren’t you the same boy I saw earlier coming from the shop down the street” said the man…I sighed heavily..”it was me” I said.

“What are you doing here at night its dangerous aren’t you afraid of Demons” said the man…after he said that I felt Goosebumps on my skin…the man was wearing a cowboy hat and he was driving an old truck which is normally used in the farm and cattle post…”which demons” I said.

The man laughed and stepped out of the car.   

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