Chapter 2

Chapter 2


A year later I was walking down the road from a nearby shop where my mother sent me as I was walking I felt like am been followed by something it was shadows. It was in the evening and my home is just a few meters away. I stopped walking and looked back all I could see was a speeding vehicle in the main road and some cars parking besides the road.


I sighed heavily and increased my pace so that I could get home quickly it reminded me again when I was with my younger brother Letso who was just 10 years old when we went to play together by the riverside the similar shadows I saw some years ago was the same as the one I felt was coming behind me. Meanwhile I took the other route to see if really I am being followed by something. Before I could get home I saw my mother outside the yard where I normally play football with my friends she was holding a dead baby. The blood of the baby kept dropping on the ground and again my mother was holding a steak knife on the other hand. I ran towards her as she cried and tears with a mixture-like blood streamed down her face  I stopped to take a look before I knew it it was something else.


It was my late grandmother

"sans-serif"">It was my late grandmother she kneeled down on the ground still holding the baby I gathered all the strength and walked to the scene I didn’t care about me dying or something terrible happening to me..”Grandma!! Grandma!! “I shouted. The only thing I could see when I approached her was a shadow I stopped and I felt my heart pounding so hard. The shadow disappeared and the baby as well but the blood that dropped on the ground was still there even a pound of human flesh was there. I bent over and looked carefully until my mother stepped outside the house and called me.


“I have been waiting for you I almost burnt my stew where are the things I sent you to buy” she said..” here am coming” I said…I felt like something wasn’t alright about the place and neighborhood terrible things are happening daily. “What is this blood and pound of flesh doing here” I asked. “ Just a few minutes ago a drunk driver hit a dog and drove off” said mom.

I was surprised still staring at the blood and the fresh flesh on the ground…”A dog? what is this piece of flesh doing here it doesn’t look like a flesh of a dog” I said.

“Never mind come inside the house it dangerous out there” said mom. I walked to the house but I was so curious to know about the accident that happened in front of our yard.


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