Chapter 1

I tossed from the bed and found myself dusting myself on the floor meanwhile I stood up still trembling and looked at the clock it was 03:00 am in the morning. The weird and strange noise I heard coming from the wide open window scared me. It wasn’t easy for me trying to act normal and fully recovered my shoulders stiffened and  I could feel empty inside and was really afraid to approach the window and close it. Memories of the past started running through my head I lost my younger brother some few years ago I remembered how I used to play with him when he was still little I would go with him to the park and he asked me to plague monsters for him. Being little and not understanding a thing made it easy for me to lie to him and telling him that am going to get them for him.

Meanwhile  I walked to the window and the darkness from the outside hit straight into my room i slowly closed the window with my heart still pounding after slamming it I fell on the ground and almost wake my mother in her room.


‘Emma!!Emma” she said. I opened my eyes and found myself still sleeping on the same couch since last night. “What time is it” I asked. My mother switched on the lights and the light rays pointed into my eyes and I couldn’t see clearly.

“Its 01:23 am go and sleep in your room” said mom. I stood up and realized that the same terrible dream I had for the past days has returned this time it was not bad as the last time I had it

this time it was not bad as the last time I had it I picked the novel I was reading on the floor and put it in my small library shelf my mother switched off the television and went to her room.

 The door was wide open and I thought maybe it was a dream I sprinkled some water into my face and stared again a large monster-like was standing tall at the main door. I stepped backwards and tripped into the table and fall again on the floor… “Damn! I wounded myself” I said.

My mother walked in from her room and this time she seemed angry. “Emma! What are you doing in the dark I thought you went to sleep in your room” she said. “There is something at the door it looked at me and its eyes were like flames of burning woods” I said.

‘Come on! There is nothing at the door it is even closed’ said mom. I looked again and indeed there was nothing there I thought maybe am going crazy but no! am damn fine maybe am being exhausted by the demons I was fighting in my dream. I don’t know if they overpowered me or not. But if they did then I should stop watching horror movies because they are terrific and really scaring the hell out of me.




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Andy 2019-02-15 22:56:39

This is good writing indeed. It invites the reader to read further. Thank you for these good reads Emmanuel

Nono 2019-01-30 19:30:48

Nice, good writing, for the first chapter, it has that thing that says keeping reading...Nice one Emmanuel