At Resego’s House

Dikeledi knocked at the door and she stepped back meanwhile Resego opened and fixed her gown and switched on the front light.


Resego:(holding her waist) is this the time we agreed on…(checked her clock) its 10 minutes to 10 and ke gone o tlang and then I tried to call you but you never answered the phone kante whats your problem?

Dikeledi:(scarily) they took my phone..

Resego:(paused) bo mang?

Dikeledi: While we were talking on the phone I told you that am being followed by two men and they wanted some money for me but I didn’t have it and they decided to take the phone.

Resego:So the reason why you look untidy you were attacked akere mme you see what happens if you out at night what if those people killed you I told you to be home before 6pm…(sighed) and let me tell you something after you are done with your exams…you are moving out—

Dikeledi:why? akere you know I don’t have anywhere to live…and I cant go back to my mothers house.

Resego: you will see what to do I just want to be with my kids only and you not my kid I hope you know that.

Dikeledi:Please can I stay until my results comes out…I will do everything you want me to do…I will improve on my house chores.

Resego:No…(pointed) now get inside and go to your room. I want to see you studying...No television tonight..

Dikeledi:(walked in) so where am I going to get a new phone I cant live without a phone.

Resego:(locked the door) Wareng? You cant live without it?...if you think am going to buy for you a new phone lebala…you will see where to get it…there are lot of things you should be worrying about and the first thing is academic performance …you are not doing well and am sure you wont even make it.


Dikeledi kept quiet and walked to her room she then locked it and sat on the bed taking off her shoes she then sat at her desk and opened her books. Meanwhile there was a knock at the door she ignored it and then later she decided to open the door. It was Diane.


Dikeledi:(sighed) Diane what do you want? You should be sleeping its late.

Diane:I know…but can I come in?
Dikeledi:(paused) okay come in…but I hope you are not here to take long because I have to study.

Diane: I wont…(sighed) I was listening to your conversation with mom and I don’t like how she treats you.

Dikeledi:(sat on her chair) don’t worry am okay…am used to this.

Diane:(took out a phone from her back pocket) you can have it..

Dikeledi: I don’t think that’s a good idea what are you going to use you cant give me your phone…gape your mom wont be happy about the decision you are about to take.

Diane: Am a student too but I don’t need it…i know you need it to talk to your friends and maybe your sisters and brothers.

Dikeledi:(smiled and hugged her) you are so kind…thank you.

Diane:(smiling) its okay…and  wish you can pass your exams and go to a tertiary school.

Dikeledi:(deeply) yeah..i will do my best just keep me in your prayers my dear.

Diane:(nodded) I will…let me go..

Dikeledi: good night.


Diane opened the door and walked out she bumped unto her mother who was on the same direction to Dikeledi’s room.


Resego: you should be sleeping by now I told you that no more Tv…

Diane: I know…


She then walked to her room.


At Reetsang’s House

Late that morning Reetsang walked out of his house and walked to his car he then checked her watch and stepped inside his car. Meanwhile his phone started ringing he looked at it and ended the call. He then started the engine and reversed the car as his phone started ringing again.


Reetsang:(sighed) eish this is a wrong number who are you?
Dikeledi:(paused) Its me Dikeledi…am sorry if am bothering you.

Reetsang:(calmly) Dikeledi you changed your sim card?Gape you should be at school aren’t you?
Dikeledi: I borrowed it

I lost mine.

Reetsang: Look I cant talk now…am driving and am late…I bet am going to be fired today.

Dikeledi: Its okay am walking through the school’s gate too I was just checking on you.

Reetsang:you didn’t tell me how you lost your phone…I mean you still want a new one?

Dikeledi:(thoughtfully) No am fine with this one...(low voice) am hanging up the principal is coming on my direction.

Reetsang: okay bye.


Reetsang took a deep breath and  put the phone on the passenger seat as he drank his coffee.

The phone started ringing again he was now annoyed…but decided to answer it.


Reetsang:(sighed) Kutlwano I cant talk right now…and please don’t tell me about what happened last night.

Kutlwano:its not like I want back love I know you moved on..but don’t forget that you have a child with me and you are busy dating school girls forgetting about your own blood…(gasped) its been month since you supported him and am warning you…if you don’t show any support am going to take you to court so that you can start paying child maintenance because it seems like you forget your responsibilities.

Reetsang:I thought you said that we are together in raising him but why is it like you want me to be the only one to raise him…and I told you that I cant give you any money Kutlwano I know what you are doing you are taking all the money and use it all in buying alcohol for your friends.

Kutlwano:(glanced) I know you don’t like me and you will never do but can you do this for your kid…and I never said you should give me the money to buy him things that he need you can buy them too.

Reetsang:I heard you are you done?

Kutlwano: Bye..


The call ended he clicked his tongue and stared at Kabo’s picture that he had put near the steering wheel.


At Princess Marina Hospital


Later that day Resego walked out of the hospital bulding and headed to the car parking lot he was holding Setso by the hand.


Resego:(stared at him) are you hungry?
Setso:(shook his head) No I miss my friends…(sighed) I heard you telling the doctor about my birthday.

Resego:(stopped) look am sorry about it…it was yesterday..look lets just forget about it but I have little gift for you at home.

Setso:(smiled) A bicycle?

Resego: No I told you that am gonna buy you a bike when you turn 7 years…not now.

Setso:(sadly) why

Resego: you are too young to ride on a bike…(unlocked the car door) Now get in..


Setso climbed in and rolled down the window smiling.


Setso:(smiled) Mom look!!

Resego:(turned) what is it?...(leaned on the car) what do you want here Michael?
Michael:(rolling his Mercedes benz keys) i just wanted to say hi!!...and  I thought you will be happy to see me but that’s not the impression I got.

Resego: what else were you expecting.

Michael: Nevermind…(stared Setso) boy!boy

Setso:(smiling) yah Mona!

Michael: O raya nna o re mona…(sighed) you stopped calling me dad?
Resego: don’t force him to call you dad you have long left us and you seem to be living a good life…you don’t even care about your kids…but am glad we are doing well without you.

Michael:(smiling) I hear you but I hope you know why I couldn’t be with you anymore…(deeply) your behavior Resego you need to change or else man will come and go.

Resego:(bitterly) please go away.

Michael:(looked at the car) Same old car…(fixed his tie) let me go akere…(waved at Setso) sharp!! Your mother didn’t tell me that you are sick but guess what my boy! I just found out..(giggled) this life!!


Meanwhile a tall chocolate lady walked by on her high heels stepping on the pavement as the sound of her steps catches Resego’s attention she then walked towards Michael holding her handbag and her lips were cherry red.


Her:(stared at Michael) Baby lets go!

Michael:(rolling his ring and smiled) okay…(stared at her) meet Resego! She is my childhood friend.

Her:(smiled) hi how are you?

Resego:mxm!!...(stared at Michael) wa re am your what?
Michael:(laughed) you heard me…(turned) My love lets go remember that we have a business meeting to attend in the afternoon.


Resego stared at them as they walked to their Mercedes benz C-Class the latest she clicked her tongue and got inside her car…




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