It was dark and Dikeledi stopped and looked back she then joined a small road that lead to the other road which connects to her street the two men were still approaching she couldn’t stop sighing heavily and her heart pounded. She then took of her backpack and held it with her hands then hurried.


Man1:(loudly) hey where are you going? Stop we want to ask you something.

Dikeledi:(turned and looked at them) what do you want?
Man2: Relax we are not trying to hurt where are you coming from at this time cant you see its dangerous for you to walk alone at night.

Dikeledi:(sighing) Am from my friend’s house I went to study with her…(she stepped backwards as the man walked closer to her) what do you want?


The man signaled to the other and then suddenly they both pulled out knives…


Man1:(deeply) I don’t want to use this knife on you so the best way to avoid trouble is to give me the money.

Dikeledi:(searched her backpack and took out some 5 pula coin) here…

Man2:(angrily) hey wena!! You think we are joking re ka dirang ke 5 pula…(grabbed her) o batla gore twaela…this is our hood you cant pass here without paying us..

Dikeledi: I thought this was a public road..and—

Man1:(giggled) ebile o makgakga..(mocking) “nya thought this was public road” you must be crazy…(looked at the backpack) whats inside your bag?

Dikeledi: My books.


A moment later Dikeledi’s phone started ringing she reached for it oh her skirt pocket and stared at the screen it was Resego.


Man1:(sighed) don’t answer it…instead give it to me..

Dikeledi: (Shook her head) No…


The man slapped her and took it out of her hands he then grabbed the backpack and searched inside and then gave it to her. Dikeledi was very scared she couldn’t do anything but crying silently.


Man1:(stared at his partner) Lets go before someone sees us gape this hood e ratwa ke the patrol officers.

Man2:(unzipped his pants) No wait.

Man1:(sighed) come on! Don’t tell me you are going to rape her…this can be a police case and you can go to jail for a very long time.

Man2:I don’t care…(turned to Naledi) take off your skirt or else I will do it…(pointed a knife at her) do it.

Dikeledi:(crying) please don’t hurt me..

Man2:(angrily) shut up wena…


He then grabbed her and pulled her closer to himself…


At Mothusi’s House


Mothusi closed the magazine he was reading and leaned back on the couch as he held Lora’s hand…


Mothusi:(took a deep breath) I have an idea..why don’t we go back to that traditional doctor the one we once visited at Molepolole.


Lora kept quiet as her attention was on her favorite Tv show.


Mothusi:(reduced the Tv volume) baby am talking to you..

Lora:(stared at him) sorry what were you saying?
Mothusi:(sighed) ke gore everytime I have to repeat my words just because your eyes are glued to the Tv screen…(gasped) I asked you if you don’t mind if we go back to that old woman in Molepolole the traditional doctor gatwe o itse go tshodisa.

Lora: Baby not that one kana this traditional doctors claims that they can give a woman the fruit of the womb but always it doesn’t work my co-worker told me that at one point her friend died because they used dangerous objects trying to help the lady…(shook her head)I don’t want to die yet gape this is illegally

imagine if I die while she tries to perform the surgery which is not even safe.

Mothusi:(deeply) Lora the medical practitioners failed to help us what else can we do…this is the only option we are left with baby please do it for me..gape its not like you are going to die maybe you will be lucky unlike the others.

Lora: wa utlwa gore ware maybe? Which means there is a high possibility ya gore nka nna ka thokafala…and am sure you still want me and my family too.

Mothusi:(low voice) everytime you disagree with me but when I ask you to come up with an idea you don’t…(sighed) I just wish I had a woman who will listen to me and agree with me..ah

Lora:(paused) really? I knew you were going to say that Mothusi kante everytime you expect me to agree with everything you are saying firstly you haven’t married me…and secondly you told me that we are going to have our first born after our marriage…aren’t you the one who said?
Mothusi:(angrily) how are we going to have our first born when you cant even conceive atleast I learnt that you are infertile before I married you.

Lora:wow! So all this time you only wanted me to give you a baby but dololo ka marriage…(clapped her hands) waitse am wasting my time I never thought you will change the tune after more than 3 years of our relationship.

Mothusi:(stood up) Am going to the bedroom I cant sit here and listen to you talking to me in a disrespectful manner is that how you are supposed to talk to me?
Lora:(stood up) I didn’t know the truth is another word for disrespectful…I was telling you that I cant always do what you say you even want me to do things that are very dangerous and when am gone for sure you are going to date another woman and marry her then what about me?
Mothusi:(clicked her tongue) Lora!! Lora!! I will beat you…(pointed at a finger at her) I will slap you you want to call your brothers again o ba raya o re ke a go tshwenya akere..ijah


He then picked his magazine and gave her a nasty look then headed to the bedroom…Meanwhile Lora walked in and waited at the door.


Lora:(calmly) okay am sorry.

Mothusi:(sighing) you are not.

Lora:kante what did I do?

Mothusi:(laid on the bed) I want to sleep…can you excuse me please.

Lora:(sadly) okay..


She then closed the door and went back to the sitting room crying…




Dikeledi resisted as the man tried so hard to drop her to the ground meanwhile they heard the footsteps from the small bush that separate the streets in Bontleng Three men who were slightly drunk were speaking loudly and seemed to be arguing about European football.


The man who tried to rape Dikeledi heard them and immediately stood up and zipped his pants his other partner was long gone…he then followed the same path that his friend took. Dikeledi stood up crying as she dusted her self. The three men heard her crying and walked to her.


Man:(stared at her) what are you doing here…(looked at her outfit) you are a student ebile..what happened?
Dikeledi:(heart pounded) I was attacked by two men and they took my phone…

Man:look don’t worry we wont hurt you…(sighed) they didn’t hurt akere mme?
Dikeledi:(nodded) ee but the one tried to rape me…(tearfully) am even afraid to go home…

Man2:(stared at the other)lets accompany her…(stared at Dikeledi) we will take you home but please never walk alone on this streets it is very dangerous…

Dikeledi:(nodded) ke utlwa…

Man:(picked he backpack and gave her) are you staying very far from here?

Dikeledi:(shook her head) its not a long distance…

Man2: okay lets go…


They both joined the road and the men continued with their topic Dikeledi was listening to them but her heart was far from where they are…she knew she had another trouble ahead. She owes Resego an explanation why she came back home late.





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