At Princess Marina Hospital


Resego walked in the children’s ward and headed to Letso’s bed she put her phone back on the handbag and stared at him with tears on her eyes she then placed her hand on top of Letso’s hand. The monitor kept beeping and Resego sat down shaking her hand. Meanwhile the nurse walked in with and checked Letso’s temperature.


Resego:(gasped) is there any sign of recovery I mean it seems like he is in the same state he was in since last night.

Nurse:(took a deep breath)how old did you say he is?
Resego: 5 years old..

Nurse: don’t worry childhood diseases like chickenpox is preventable…(sighed) am not trying to scare you but it is very dangerous disease if not treated well I think you should have brought him to the hospital right after you notice the symptoms and his health condition.

Resego: I could have long done that just that I didn’t have time where I work we are always busy.

Nurse:(sighed) so you prioritized the job than your childyou care more about your work than his life…mam we have recorded multiple cases of children who passed on due to chickenpox it seems like people don’t take it serious but it is deadly especially when the patient is not treated well on time.

Resego:(nodded) I hear you so when are you going to discharge him he is having a birthday in the next 2 days.

Nurse:(thoughtfully) I don’t think we will discharge him too soon we want to monitor him while he is in the hospital he is so little and I don’t think we could discharge him now.

Resego:(impatiently) so how long do I have to wait this was going to be his biggest party.

Nurse:(cleared her throat) lets just forget about the party…(took out a form) sign below and write your name on top.

Resego:(stared at the form) okay


She then signed and wrote her names with Caps she then handed the form back to the nurse.


Nurse:(smiled) Thank you please don’t worry so much about him we will make sure that he recovers…is he your only child?
Resego:(shook her head) I have another one doing form one they are two.

Nurse:(smiled) O godisetse mma!!

Resego:(smiled) yeah I guess…but they still have a long way kana ga tsena sekolo jaana ba a lapisa you have to buy them this and that and they never stop demanding.

Nurse:(giggled) kids are always like that even mine…but he is doing form 3 now am just glad that he has grown up now and stopped acting childish.

Resego:(sighed) atleast yours is grown up I mean he can bath on his own and you don’t have to take much time working on him.

Nurse: you are right…


Meanwhile the doctor walked in with a syringe and some bottles of medications he then put them on top of the table near Letso’s bed.


Nurse:(sighed) Doc!! I managed to inject him..

Doc:(paused and stared at her) let me see the medication you used.

Nurse:(showed her the bottle) this is it you recommended this aren’t you?
Doc:what? That’s the wrong medicine…(deeply) I told you that I will do it and now see what you have done…that one is used for adults since it is strong not for children of his age…(turned to Resego) mam could you excuse we will get back to you.

Resego:(sighing) No what is happening?

Doc:(camly) its nothing it was a little mistake.

Resego:(walked closer) look it was a little mistake.

Resego:(walked closer) look if anything happens to him am going to sue both of you…(sighed) be honest with me please.

Nurse:(gasped) Look could you please go outside we have to discuss something.

Resego:(angrily) NO!


She then sat down and folded her hands they doctor took a deep breath and read the bottle again.


At Gaborone senior school.


Later that noon students were having their lunch some of the students were crowded at the notice board looking at the BGCSE Time Table Mpho and Dikeledi were sitting down on the bench near the Dining Hall looking at the movements of other students.


Mpho:(sighed) the timetable is out lets go and check it out.

Dikeledi:lets just wait until everyone leaves just that I hate someone there.

Mpho:(looking at the notice board from a distance) I see him…(turned to Dikeledi) Thabo? Whats your problem with him?
Dikeledi:I just don’t like his behavior its like he is a topper in class but the way he act its like he is so intelligent..

Mpho:(calmly) come on!! Thabo has always been like that I thought you are used to him…he will never change…(paused) Reetsang told me that you changed your mind.

Dikeledi:(stared at her) I changed my mind?

Mpho: yeah a re you said you can only date him after your final exams…am not sure if he was telling the truth.

Dikeledi: so he tells you everything we are discussing privately…(glanced) what else did he say?

Mpho:(shook her head) Nothing…akere mme gone you like him? I mean he has everything and am sure every girl want to be with him.

Dikeledi: He can have everything but if he doesn’t show some love then I don’t find the importance of being in a relationship with him Reetsang is type of guy who just brags about having money and how he can get any girl…(thoughtfully) but I like him just that I don’t know if he is the right person or not.

Mpho: there is only one way to find out girl date himvisit him and spend much time with him…and get to know him better…I don’t think he will want to play with your heart after a long time he has been trying his luck on you…I think he waited long enough gape am sure he gave you sometime to finish with your finals first that really shows that he cares about you.

Dikeledi:(nodded) yeah…(sighed) lets change the topic please there is much of school work left behind we shouldn’t be wasting time here.

Mpho:(stood up) lets go to the class room…(checked her watch) 10 minutes left before the afternoon study commences…(paused) look who is coming…

Dikeledi:(clicked her tongue) I wont talk to him…


Thabo approached them and stood behind them pressing his phone…



Mpho:you are on your phone again didn’t you hear what Mr Keitsile said he warned you.

Thabo:(gasped) Nna ke a itshelela I don’t give a fuck even if I fail my form 5 I will go to work at choppies.

Mpho:Owaii things have changed they only hire graduates…you fail your form five then the only job you can get is being a shepherd or herdboy.

Thabo:you must be joking…(turned to Dikeledi) whats up? Why are you so quiet.

Dikeledi ignored him..

Thabo:mxm! You think you are beautiful kante..its not like am trying to hit on you.

Dikeledi:(stared at Mpho) lets go back to the classroom.

Thabo: (angrily) owaii ke boyfriend’nyana ya gago ya koloi e red e go reetseng ere o seka wa re buisa…fok!!


He then left putting his headset and walked to the toilets..


Mpho:(low voice) don’t mind him..lets go.


The siren rang they picked their backpack and went to the classroom as the teacher in duty ordered students to get in their classrooms.


Later that evening..

At Resego’s House


Resego sat on the bed and she seemed so tired and sad meanwhile her phone started ringing she looked at it and it was Dikeledi.


Resego:(checked her watch) its quarter past 9 but you are not home kante whats your problem?
Dikeledi:(sighing heavily) I went to Mpho’s place to study with her and now there is no one who can accompany me home.

Resego: well tell that Mpho of yours…ahh!

Dikeledi:(sighed) o ganne…

Resego:(paused) where are you?

Dikeledi: am walking along the road and there is no any taxi…(lowered her voice) am really scared..

Resego: hurry up wa re you are scared…am giving you 10 minutes and you should be home you forgot that you are writing your exams next week.

Dikeledi:(scarily)I know…(breathing heavily) 2 men are following me and its very dark and I think I took the wrong turn…


Meanwhile the phone call ended..


Resego:Dikeledi!! hello!! Are you there?





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