At Resego’s House


Later that afternoon Reestang lowered down the volume and parked at the gate he then rolled down the window and looked at outside. Meanwhile his phone started ringing he picked it up.


Reetsang:(exhaled) look am busy now I will call you back.

Voice:(paused) I beg your pardon?
Reetsang:(softly)KK!! Oh am really sorry the thing is that I responded too quickly and I didn’t notice its you.

KK: (sighed)look I wont be in tomorrow at work so am going to put you in charge tell the construction guys that when I come back I want to find everything done you hear me?

Reetsang: I hear you…(gasped) so where are you going I thought you said you wont be attending any meeting this month because the company is running at a loss.

KK: Am going to South Africa you will never understand why am going there…but its very urgent I have to catch my flight tomorrow morning.

Reetsang: okay noted sir…and I will make sure that the work is completed well on time.

KK: And no more coming late recently you have been coming late at work…(glanced) I just kept quiet thinking that you will change your bad habit of coming late but now its getting worse…that’s not the impression I got you must really put more effort work first.

Reetsang: Boss the thing is that I have a little situation at home and---

KK: Reetsang!! I don’t understand what you are talking about do you really know what is a situation? You cant tell me that your wife is giving you or problems because I know you are not married or robbers stole your alarm? Cause that’s the only problem you can have I have many problems in life but I never give any excuse of not coming to work and am sure you have never seen in a bad mood or shouting at my staff I know rules and regulations…I leave my feelings back at home right now I have a wife and she has cancer its two month and a half now and am sure you never knew about it…that period when I lost my first born the following week I came to work and I kept on pushing…because I want the best for customers…we should take this company far.

Reetsang:(deeply) your wife has cancer?thats pity.

KK: (sighing) that’s the reason why am travelling to SA tomorrow am seeking medical help and I hope they will her…but that’s not the issue I will talk to you when I come back.

Reetsang: okay sir.

KK: bye


Reetsang stared at the screen and paused for a moment he then slowly put the phone down and scratched his head. It was slowly becoming dark as the sun set deeply in skies. Reetsang immediately dialed Dikeledi’s number.


Dikeledi:(low voice) am sure you heard what I said.

Reetsang: please just listen to me just be patient with me…(sighed) would you come outside?
Dikeledi:(paused) so you were serious you really came to my aunt’s house…(looked through the window) please just go away am trying to study…I know you love Mpho you should be checking on her not me.

Reetsang:(glanced) I don’t love Mpho as much as I love you and I have brought you a nice gift am sure you will like it.

Dikeledi:(thoughtfully) what is it?
Reetsang: it’s a surprise am waiting outside at the gate…am in my car…(looking at the house) I saw you opening the curtain.

Dikeledi:I told you that my aunt will never allow me to go outside the house and its almost to past 6.

Reetsang:(sighed) Its now or never am sure you don’t want to regret the chances you are missing now.

Dikeledi:(took a deep breath) ugh! Okay am coming but am not going to take too long and I hope you wont repeat what you did the other time.

Reetsang:remind me what is it my dear.

Dikeledi: (low voice) harassing me at your house you know what am talking about Reetsang.

Reetsang: I was not harassing you

you know what am talking about Reetsang.

Reetsang: I was not harassing you I thought you liked it…gape I was just playing with you.

Dikeledi:(rolled her eyes) whatever!!

Reetsang: Are you coming?

Dikeledi:(sighed) give me a minute I just don’t know how to leave the house because my aunty is the sitting room watching Tv.

Reetsang: Try the back door am sure she wont find out.

Dikeledi: it is locked we never use it…(paused) I have an idea…bye


The call ended Dikeledi sat down on her bed and put on her slippers and walked out of her room walking towards the main door Resego reduced the Tv volume and stared at her.


Resego:I thought you said you are studying where are you going now?
Dikeledi:(paused) I was studying am going outside to pick my clothes from the washing line I forgot them.

Resego:(nodded) okay…(checked her watch) am going to sleep and if you are going to watch Tv please reduce the volume…everytime I hear it in my room.

Dikeledi: okay I will make sure.

Resego:(stood up) Good night.

Dikeledi: night…


Resego picked her phone and went  to her room Dikeledi opened the door and stepped outside she then slowly closed the door and hurried to the gate.


Reetsang:(rolling the window a bit down) 4 minutes 28 seconds…that’s the time you took.

Dikeledi: Am sure you don’t know what am putting myself in imagine I have to lie to her…(sighed)am here.

Reetsang:(unlocked the car doors) jump in you cant stand outside like that.

Dikeledi:(opened the back door) Mpho told me everything.

Reetsang: what did she say?

Dikeledi: never mind…


At Mothusi’s House


Mothusi closed the bathtub tap and wrapped himself with a towel he then took his Nivea body perfume and sprayed it all over his body meanwhile he opened the door and bumped unto Lora at the door step and dropped a towel.


Mothusi:(picked it) Am sorry…

Lora:(staring at him) I never noticed you are in am really sorry…(she turned)

Mothusi:(gasped) Lora. Wait!..


Mothusi:can we talk…it wont take long.

Lora:(looked intently in his eyes) okay…(paused) its about what happened last night am sure you don’t want to talk about it.

Mothusi:(glanced) its not about that…lets to go the bedroom.


They both headed to the room Mothusi opened the door and allowed Lora to walk in and she sat down on the bedside and folded her hand staring at Mothusi.


Mothusi:(sat besides her)Am really sorry about anything that I said which am sure must have hurt you I don’t want to blame you for not being able to conceive you have been by my side even before I noticed you couldn’t have children…(held her hand) and I promised you that nothing will never separate us and I meant it…

Lora:(swallowed deeply) I know you are feeling pity for mebut that wouldn’t change anything…(thoughtfully) am starting to feel insecure because everytime when you are not home I just start having feelings that maybe you are trying to avoid me or…(paused)

Mothusi:(hugged her) its okay I hope that one day God will help us…i don’t want to put you under pressure  you are you and you are very different from other people…what you are going through also affects me I cant say I love you but then again I only focus on my self…(sighed) and now that God answered my prayer and I have a job the little get I will make sure we will use it for the betterment of our lives we will make it together.

Lora:(smiled) I just hope so too…

Mothusi:(staring at her) I just cant imagine my life with you where will see those pretty eyes and that very cheeky smile again…

Lora:(smiling) I love you so much…and I believe we are going to make it together.

Mothusi:of course…come here!


He then tightly hugged her and kissed her on the forehead.


Meanwhile in the car…


Reetsang opened a well wrapped box with some nice designs on it he then handed it to Dikeledi.


Reetsang:(sighed) take a look you can open it and see what inside.

Dikeledi:(paused) are you sure..

Reetsang:(nodded) yes…but why are you looking a little peaky…don’t be scared its not a bomb.

Dikeledi:I know its not…(opened it and paused for a moment) A phone?
Reetsang:(smiled) you like it? It’s a new Iphone I hope you will like it.

Dikeledi:(smiled)its nice…(sighed) how much did it cost?

Reetsang:not much its 35K pula..

Dikeledi: and then you are saying its not that much that’s a lot of money.

Reetsang: I bought it because I love you and I thought you needed it…we are living in the world of technology and things are advancing.

Dikeledi: I really appreciate what you are doing but that wont change the fact that am really not interested in you.

 She then put the box and the phone on the passenger seat and opened the door getting out.


Reetsang:Dikeledi! please just take it…where are you going?
Dikeledi:(turned) Am sure Mpho will like it…


Reetsang exhaled forcefully and hit the steering wheel with his fist he then put the phone back in its box and leaned on the seat.

Reetsang:(clicked his tongue) Damn!!



3 Months later…




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