At Mmaoabile’s house

Later that afternoon…


Mmaoabile was sweeping the yard meanwhile her phone started ringing..she then reached to her phone wallet pouch and removed it.


Mmaoabile:(picked up) hello!

Olebile:(smiled) mma! How are you?
Mmaoabile:(smiling) Ngwanake…am fine am glad you called me.

Olebile: ee mma!! Actually I called to ask about Dikeledi how is she doing?
Mmaoabile: she is fine.

Olebile: okayI want to talk to her is she home?

Mmaoabile:(paused for a moment) Eish ngwanaka…I don’t know how to say this.

Olebile:(gasped) what is it is she okay?
Mmaoabile: she is okay but she Is no longer staying with me she is staying with her aunt.

Olebile:(glared) why?

Mmaoabile:(thoughtfully) Resego transferred her to GSS and she is now staying with her…and I want to assure you that Dikeledi is fine there and she never complained about anything.

Olebile:(angrily) I told you that Dikeledi is fine with you I really hate Resego am sure Dikeledi is working like a slave at her house…kana ene o batla dikeledi a mo salela le bana.

Mmaoabile: Olebile If there was a problem there Dikeledi could have told me…gape you know how am struggling…am not working and I couldn’t take care of Dikeledi.

Olebile: But you could have told me before she  moved out am her brother and I don’t mind if she come and stay with me here in Maun there is a senior school here…what if she is not happy wherever she is I know Dikeledi very well even if she is not happy she will rather keep quiet and not tell anyone atleast nna I could tell if she is happy or not.

Mmaoabile: so what were you thinking you want her to come and stay with you…well you can talk to Resego.

Olebile: its too late we cant transfer her much often at last she will get distracted…(sighed) when did you last talk to her?

Mmaoabile:(paused for  a moment) I don’t remember maybe last month.

Olebile: you see…and then le mpolelela gore she is fine…you haven’t talk to her in a while…(calmly) Mma!! Honestly I don’t like what you are doing to Dikeledi since her childhood till today you never liked her and raised her like you did to us…and this thing is hurting her…she feel like she is abandoned.

Mmaoabile: (sighing) i treated all of you like my children even Dikeledi…if I never liked her I could have terminated the pregnancy long ago I never regret having her.She is my daughter.

Olebile: am not saying she isn’t your daughter I just feel like she never had all the privileges we had when we grew up for her things are different and I cant keep my mouth shut whilst I see whats really happening…I have noticed all this a long time ago.

Mmaoabile: okay…I hear you.

Olebile:(sighed) I will talk to her now..bye


Olebile hung up and immediately dialed a number on the screen

It was Dikeledi’s number.

The number was unavailable. He then decided to call Resego.


Resego:(sighed) hi.

Olebile: Hey is Dikeledi around?
Resego: Am not home now I went to town…have you tried calling her?
Olebile: yes but her number is unavailable…I want to know why you took her and decided to stay with her.did she agree or you force her.

Resego: why are you so concerned Dikeledi is fine with me..

Olebile:(sighed) Resego I know what kind of person you are its not like you really care about Dikeledi you just want to use her.

Resego: so you called me to tell me such things? I know she is your sister but you are overprotective…do you think I can take Dikeledi from her mother just to make her suffer atleast here she is focused she can read and do her assignments.

Olebile:(gasped) I hope you are telling me the truth just that I don’t like how you people do things…you never told me that you want to stay with herI have the right to know….all along I thought she is staying with her mother.

Resego:Look she is fine…you don’t have to worry about her…(paused) I have to gobye

Olebile: tell her to call me back I want to have a quick word with her.

Resego:(paused) okay

Olebile: bye


In the car…


Reetsang parked the car alongside the road and stared at Mpho..


Reetsang:waitse I don’t understand what kind of person Dikeledi is…she is just playing hard to get what have you done to your friend.

Mpho:(sighed) I think she has some personal problems just give her some time…. I just think you are rushing things that’s why she isn’t comfortable.

Reetsang: (took a deep breath) ga ke rate go rapela motho…I know she is thinking that I just want to use her or I don’t love her…but seriously I love Dikeledi and I wont play with her feelings…could you please talk to her on my behalf.

Mpho: what is it that you want me to tell her?
Reetsang:well…ah..anything just convince and make her fall for me.

Mpho:kana mme you will have to work for it she just cant believe you like her…just like that..i mean really.

Reetsang: what do you mean?
Mpho:Maybe lets say…some money…

Reetsang:(thoughtfully) look I will call her later…(sighed) I will drop you here you will walk home.

Mpho: yeah its fine and thanks for the ride.

Reetsang: sure


Mpho stepped out of the car smiling and closed the door Reetsang then  pressed her phone and dialed Dikeledi’s number.It was late in the evening .


Dikeledi: (Sighed) what do you want I told you that am a student and what you are doing is not good.

Reetsang: you will never understand how much I love you am coming to your place is your aunt around?

Dikeledi: yes she is don’t dare come here…please

Reetsang: am coming there is something I want to tell you.

Dikeledi: please you are going to make my aunt mad…please!!


Reetsang hung up and smiled…






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