At Resego’s House

In the morning Dikeledi knocked at Resego’s room Resego opened the door and she walked in.


Dikeledi:(glanced) morning…

Resego: how are you…you are going to school already?

Dikeledi:(nodded) but I don’t have money for taxi.

Resego:but I gave you the money which I told you that it will cover your transport fare for atleast a week you spent all of it.

Dikeledi: it wasn’t enough i even borrowed some from Mpho and I have to pay her back.

Resego:okay Dikeledi you should learn to save money…you are old now if you keep wasting more money then one day you will have to walk to school and it’s a long distance.

Dikeledi: I asked you to help me to atleast open a savings account from then I can do odd jobs on my free time or weekends and save some money.

Resego: (thoughfully) I will see what to do..


She then opened her wallet and handed Dikeledi 150 pula.


Dikeledi: tanki…

Resego: its fine…(sighed) have you talked to your mother to check on her?

Dikeledi: No

Resego: why?
Dikeledi: i just don’t have time to call her.

Resego: what do you mean you don’t have time…(gasped) she is your mother and at times you have to call her just to check how she is doing.

Dikeledi:(nodded) I will…(checked her watch) I have to go..bye


Dikeledi then left the room Resego stared at her and exhaled forcefully as she sat on the bed.


Meanwhile Dikeledi walked out of the house and saw Mpho walking in at the gate she hurried and they both walked together along the road to the taxi stop.


Mpho:(sighed) Am sorry about last night I know what I said wasn’t right.

Dikeledi: its okay…why did you come here your parents didn’t drop you off today.

Mpho: (shook her head) I told them that am going with you to school that’s why I came to pick you up.

Dikeledi:(smiled) okay…(gasped) you completed madam’s assignment I just did three questions and I cant understand the last tow.

Mpho: I finished it I will help you when we arrive at school…lets hurry up.


They hurried to the taxi stop just as they walked along the road a car hooted a them. They both turned and looked at it the driver drove slowly behind them.


Dikeledi:(sighed) look..

Mpho:(glanced) its reetsang..

Dikeledi: lets just ignore him..

Mpho:(stopped) he is calling you.


Reetsang rolled down the window.


Reetsang:(smiled) I can give you two a ride jump in.

Dikeledi:No we are fine we will take a taxi…(sighed) Thanks anyway

Reetsang: come on!!  Its already late imagine you have to wait for a taxi and its going to take long to arrive.

Mpho:(stared at Dikeledi) he is right…gape he wont harm us.

Dikeledi:(low voice) you can go with him…

Mpho: (softly)please!!

Dikeledi:(thoughtfully) okay.


They both climbed in the car Reetsang lowered the volume and changed the music.


Reetsang:(smiled) don’t forget to put on seatbelts…

Dikeledi:we have done that.


Reetsang indicated and then joined the four way driving at high speed on the right lane.


At Mothusi’s House


Lora sat on bed pressing her phone she then stood up and went to close the door. She then dialed a number on the screen and leaned by door.


Katlego:(picked up) hey

Lora:(sighed) have you left to work?
Katlego: No am leaving after 10 minutes am still helping Junior to dress akere waitse gore o matepe jang.

Lora:(giggled) A le motona jaana

le standard 6 le santse le apesiwa. Ijo.

Katlego:(smiled)e santse ele bundle of joy mma…(laughed)…

Lora: gone mma!...(paused) I have a situation eish.

Katlego: what is it are you sick?
Lora:No you remember what I told you last time about not being able to conceive.

Katlego: yeah I still remember.

Lora: things are getting worse…Mothusi a re o batla ngwana…and I don’t know what to do I really don’t want him to leave me because of this.

Katlego:ke mathata I mean even the doctors failed…I don’t think there is another plan.

Lora: Nna am starting to lose hope and I wont be surprised if my relationship end at any time.

Katlego: and about the engagement…gape you told gore you are only going to have a baby after he marries you.

Lora: he changed and this morning he just left and didn’t tell me where he is going we never talk that much…I think this whole thing is stressing him.

Katlego: if he really loves youI don’t think he will leave you.

Lora: owaii! Even if he love me he can still go for another girl who will be able to bear children for him…

Katlego: O seka mo akanyetsa jalo you have been together for such a long time…and he was aware that you are infertile some time ago…maybe its just some pressure from some people he is associating with.

Lora: exactly that’s what he mentioned …he started telling me that his friends have children and he is the only one.

Katlego: You see…(glanced) just be calm I don’t think Mothusi is a type of man who can leave a woman just to stay with another one.

Lora:(took a deep breath) its not about that Katlego the truth is that I will never have children in my life…and do you think there is a man who can settle for that.

Katlego:(sighed) you can still have children haven’t you heard about surrogate mothers?
Lora:(deeply)I have heard about it but if you think that’s an option for me I wont allow that.

Katlego: but at the end you will be having a baby I know most people don’t like it but you don’t have any choice.

Lora:(paused) not that dear…I will rather stay without children.

Katlego: just think about it you can research about the implications.

Lora: I will try…(paused for a moment) look I will call you later.


Lora hung up and thought for a moment.


At Gaborone senior school


Reetsang stopped the car and turned staring at Dikeledi and Mpho.


Reetsang: I can pick you up later what do you think?
Dikeledi: (turned to Mpho)No we are not going straight home after school..akere Mpho?
Mpho:(paused) yeah

Reetsang: Dikeledi don’t force Mpho to agree with you let her decide and answer for herself.

Mpho: (sighed) you can come and pick us its not a big deal.

Reetsang: good…see you later.


Dikeledi and Mpho stepped out and walked along with other students entering by the main gate.


Dikeledi:(pissed) I don’t like what you are doing

Mpho: are you not my friend?
Dikeledi: I am Reetsang is not the guy you think he is…there is something he want.

Mpho:(stopped) to me he is a nice guy…

Dikeledi: we are just putting ourselves in trouble…lets just avoid him.

Mpho: NO!!...




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