At Katlego’s House

Katlego took the recharge card from her purse and scratched it until the recharge digits were visible enough for her to enter them after that she looked at the balance and dialed Mothusi’s Number she then leaned on the sofa as the phone rang.


Mothusi:missing me already?
Katlego:(sighed) kinda…but that’s not the reason why I called you.

Mothusi: Its okay I understand but baby I told you that if you need any money you shouldn’t be afraid to tell me I will never refuse to help you.

Katlego: That’s a likely story.


Katlego: look I wanted us to talk about Lora.

Mothusi: Katlego you worry too much babes Lora is just being jealous I think she really want me back that’s why she act like a dick just don’t mind her.

Katlego: but she is starting to hate me and its not the impression I got from her earlier she is my friend Mothusi.

Mothusi: Kante who do you love the most between me and Lora? …and don’t answer that please I told you that Lora is just being jealous of us that’s all and stop giving her much attention.

Katlego: I really feel pity for her who knows? Maybe she tells everybody how evil I am I think we should just stop seeing each other before someone gets hurt.

Mothusi: Katlego you must be crazy…if you are really gonna listen to Lora telling you how to live your life then I don’t know which words to use to describe your level of insanity.

Katlego:(deeply) Okay am sorry…(took a deep breath) I will call you back I gotta go.bye


Katlego hung up and dialed Lora’s number..


Lora:(low voice) hello

Katlego: hey how are you?

Lora: Good

Katlego: I thought maybe tonight we could go out togetherlike we used to do what do you think?

Lora: is that how you are trying to win me back I have seen through that and I knew when I received your call gore you are gonna say something like that..Katlego you chose Mothusi how about you ask her out instead of me.

Katlego: kante are we not friends?

Lora: Are we?

Katlego: am asking you what happened you changed really fast.

Lora: you are the one who changed and you really disappointed me this time…now I see you have been plotting my downfall since I told you about Mothusi you liked him and now you are happy that you got him good for you huh

Katlego: wow! So there is an issue here which you did not tell me about you still want him? I mean go for him if you feel like he is the one for you nna all I wanted is peace between us and am sorry if I really took your man..am sorry mma!

Lora: I don’t want him and I don’t have any problem with him the problem I have its you you don’t know how much you disappointed me waitse. And you cant be proud just because you are dating someone I have dated before you…and you stop calling me until you decide to live right and do the right thing and am sure you told Junior that his father is Mothusi because he doesn’t know his father after all.

Katlego:(gasped) am lost for words waitse is that how you were supposed to talk to me? How do you mean when you say Junior don’t know his father?

Lora: I mean what I mean.. figure it yourself…kana mma Junior knows his father? Yes or no?

Katlego: bye!


She hung up and put the phone down as she wiped the tears in her cheeks.


At Resego’s House


Resego walked in and put the tray of tea on the table and smiled as she sat down staring at Mosa.


Resego:(smiled) am so happy I never thought we will meet after a very long time…how is family?

Mosa:(took a deep breath) Resego I haven’t forgotten about you….(sighed) as for family is very complicated.

Resego:(glanced) what is the problem now?

Mosa: its been 4 months now since me and John divorced I thought I told you kana..am really sorry.

Resego: what a pity…you never told me…and how are the kids doing? It must be really hard for them to live without their dad.

Mosa:(sighed) he took them with him he refused me to stay with them and I couldn’t argue more but to let him do what he felt its better for the kids

and I couldn’t argue more but to let him do what he felt its better for the kids gape I was not working then and I didn’t want them to suffer whilst their father could afford to take care of them.

Resego: yeah but it was a good idea kana some women would refuse to let the kids stay with their father and at the same time they cant even take care of them and after that they complain that the father doesn’t take care of the kids nor send any money.

Mosa: (nodded) you are right…(sighed) so you are still staying alone?

Resego: yes what you expecting ne mme?

Mosa: I thought you would be married by now.

Resego: Ahh nna nyalo e mpaletse mma.

Mosa: Maybe you were pushing men away kana rona basadi we tend to say that we have failed marriage even though we are the ones who pushed away those very men who were destined to marry us.

Resego; That’s not true go nale batho ba ba lesego mo botshelong and then go latela rona bo Resh.

Mosa:(giggled) come on!!...really?

Resego:(laughed) ga o itse?
Mosa:(cleared her throat) actually I came here to see how you are doing…(gasped) kante wa bereka?

Resego:(shook her head) ahh go sala go hedile.

Mosa:how about you come and help me in my store i have a big store and I need some people to work there and for you I can put you as my manager and you look after that because I have some businesses to do I will pay you enough money after all.

Resego: are you serious ne mma?

Mosa: yes I mean even this afternoon if you are free we can go together and you see it its in town.

Resego:(smiled) Thank you so much hle mma God is great waitse…today its my lucky day I think.

Mosa: (Smiling) I think so too…we have known each other for a long time and it wouldn’t be a good thing not to hire you since you are not working anywhere…so how about this afternoon I can come and pick you up.

Resego: Great I will be waiting for you..

Mosa:(sighed) Good…(checked her watch) ntshe ka kgoro mma I have to go and make some purchases and deposit some money at the bank nne ke heta ke go thola hela.

Resego: Okay lets go…and about the tea?

Mosa: Thank you so much for the tea…e mpaletse le wena wa bona.

Resego:(giggled) No problem.


They both stood up and walked out chatting and laughing…


At Engine Filling Station


Later that afternoon Kitso parked the car and turned off the engine as the petrol attendant approached him Kitso was still on the phone.


Kitso:(sighed)Look I will call you later…should I use your credit card to purchase some gas?

Dikeledi: yeah I don’t mind that and don’t forget to come back home early.

Kitso: yes am at the gas station and after that I go straight home.

Dikeledi: okay.bye

Kitso: Bye


Kitso stepped out of the car and was talking with the petrol attendant as a silver camry parked behind him he saw T4 stepping out of it and he immediately approached him.


Kitso:(sighed) do we know each other?

T4:(sighed heavily) I was not expecting to see you here I know you…I work with your wife how is she . I was looking forward to come and see how she is doing am sure she is fine gape we miss her at work.

Kitso:(staring at him) are you okay?

T4:yeah…is there any problem?
Kitso: Not at all…maybe you should visit us tonight we are having dinner and am sure my wife would be very happy to see you you and her are very good friends.

T4:(paused for a moment) I don’t think it’s a good idea how about tomorrow?

Kitso: No tonight…you seem like a very nice gentleman and you seem friendly…maybe we can be friends after all what do you think.

T4:(sighed) I smell something fishy I thought you said you don’t like me because you thought I was going out with your wife.

Kitso:(smiled) come on!! I was just kidding…should we expect you?
T4:(thoughfully) yeah!yeah..at what time?

Kitso: lets say 8 pm…my wife will be very happy to see you.

T4:(faked smile) yeah gape we are friends for sure she will.

Kitso: I know better…(sighed) see you!!


Kitso smiled as he went back to the car and the attendant gave him the receipt and the card he then drove off as T4 drove in he then stared at Kitso’s car for a moment with an unsure and suspicious expression in his face.


Attendant: Good afternoon sir.


T4 kept quiet for a moment and his mind was miles away.


Attendant:(deeply) can I help you?

T4:yeah! Yeah..



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