At Resego’s House


Meanwhile Dikeledi’s phone was ringing she thought for a moment before picking up. It was Mpho.


Dikeledi:(low voice) hey I tried calling you earlier.

Mpho: that’s why I called you back…(gasped) are you okay?you sound low.

Dikeledi: Am okay just that at times my aunt annoys me she went out and I have to remain home with her kids i have an assignment which have to be submitted tomorrow but now I failed to finish it because I had to take care of the kids.

Mpho: That woman is evil i never liked her…I don’t know why you are still staying with her.

Dikeledi: I had no choice Mpho I cant go back to my mother’s house…(thoughtfully) I just wish I had parents like yours atleast they care about you.

Mpho:yeah! But its your final year atleast you are finishing school dear…just be patient and try hard to focus…(glanced) have you talked to Reetsang recently?
Dikeledi: I went to his house earlier.

Mpho:(paused) for real?
Dikeledi: yes…just that I wasn’t comfortable there and I decided to leave.

Mpho:I hope he never gave you any problem…did he?

Dikeledi:(paused for a moment) No he is just cool…(swallowed) he wanted to have sex with me.

Mpho: don’t tell me you refused?

Dikeledi:what? Of course I refused…am still young gape its not like he loves me...i think he was just taking advantage of me.

Mpho: but he seems like a nice guy you are missing chances mma…you know that life is hard on your side but you are refusing to be helped.

Dikeledi: Mpho! I never thought you will say such things you know how am struggling with my academics and am trying hard to up my studying game and wena you are telling me that am missing chances…Reetsang is not a kind of guy to stay with a girl for a long time and am sure he has a girlfriend.

Mpho: (sighed) but I think you and him will make a good couple how do you think I mean he loves you.

Dikeledi:(sighed) look I have to go letso is crying in the other room am sure he woke up…will talk tomorrow at school.

Mpho: okay bye

Dikeledi: bye.


At Mothusi’s House

Following day…

 Mothusi walked inside the house and put some documents on the table he then headed to the kitchen and took a bottle of cold water he poured on the glass and walked to the sitting room he sat down and switched on the television.

Meanwhile Lora walked in from the bedroom.


Lora:(sighed) you are back already?
Mothusi:(nodded) yeah has anyone passed here looking for me?
Lora: (sat down) Reetsang was here.

Mothusi:(gapsed) ohh!!...i met him in town.

Lora:(staring at the documents on the table) how did it go I mean the interview.

Mothusi:(smiled) just as I expected they said they will call me back.

Lora: that’s all.

Mothusi: yeah my first impression really made things easy for me even though I was bit nervous.

Lora:(held his hand) that’s wonderful…(stood up) should I bring your food?

Mothusi: no I want to have a quick word with you…just for a minute.

Lora:(sighed) yeah…am listening.

Mothusi:(looked intently into her eyes) Lora I love you…and am quite sure you know that.

Lora: (smiled) I know.

Mothusi:(took a deep breath) but then this issue of you not being able to conceive really gives me stress I cant sleep at night thinking about how we are going to come up with a solution to your problem…(deeply) I really need a child too other couple’s that I know I already having children its just me and you know we have been together for almost 3 years.

Lora:(sadly) Mothusi you know we went to different places seeking for solution even myself I didn’t know am infertile…and its not like this whole things doesn’t affect me at times I would think that any moment you could leave me to another lady because I cant bear children for you.

Mothusi:so what do you think we should do?
Lora:(shook her head) I don’t know what were you thinking…(gapsed0 am sure you are not intending to leave me.

Mothusi:(sighed) Am not…(stood up) just that my friends thinks that am not a man enough because I cant have children everytime when they are talking about their kids I just keep quiet because I don’t have any everytime when they are talking about their kids I just keep quiet because I don’t have any and its every men’s wish to have little ones.

Lora: Lets just be patient maybe at some point I will be able to conceive…I will keep visiting the doctors am sure they will help me.

Mothusi:(angrily) how many times have you visited them Lora? How many times huh!! They keep telling you the same thing but there is no solution those people are just lying to you so that you may feel better but with false hopes…lets just admit that we will never have children we failed.

Lora:(low voice) Am sorry maybe we were not destined to be together.


Lora cried and went back to the bedroom she slammed the door and lied down on the bed crying she then turned and picked her medical card and started paging it with a broken heart. Mothusi opened and walked in he closed the door and went to sat beside her.


Mothusi:(stared at her) Am sorry it was not my intention to shout at you…I know you didn’t do this to yourself.

Lora:Its my fault maybe you should find someone who will make you happy by giving you kids…(sighed) we did not fail am the one who failed.

Mothusi: Okay look lets just keep seeking for solution’s…I cant leave you because you cant bear children for me I will stay with you no matter what.

Lora:I wish you mean it I know deep down this whole thing is hurting you…and I wont be surprised if one day you break up with me.

Mothusi:I would not…


Mothusi’s phone started ringing he looked at the screen.


Mothusi:(stared at Lora) I have to answer this one its very important.


He picked it and went outside the room.


At Resego’s house

Later that night Dikeledi was watching the television in the sitting room Diane and Letso were sleeping in there room and it was 10 minutes to 11. Resego knocked at the door Dikeledi immediately panicked and stood up as she walked slowly to the door she opened and found out that its Resego she was so trunk and couldn’t stand properly or maintain balance.


Dikeledi:(surprised) not again…

Resego:(sipping from a bottle of blacklabel) where are…(stammering)wher—where are my kids?

Dikeledi: they are sleeping in their room…(sadly) this is not good you have started drinking alcohol again and you know very well what happened last time you drank it you almost died.

Resego:(sighing) its my life am not the one who said you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol so don’t tell me what to do…am using my own money kana mma you contributed?

Dikeledi:(shook her head) No but it really affects us…especially the kids. Everytime when you come back drunk they start fearing you.

Resego: if you have an issue with me little girl…(pointed) you can leave!...i will not stop drinking alcohol and going out so am not going to listen to your nonsense.


Resego clicked her tongue and walked to the children’s room she bust opened it and Diane woke up.


Resego:(holding the handle) am sorry I didn’t know you were sleeping.

Diane:(sleepy) what is that thing you are holding in your hand.

Resego:(smiled) don’t worry…


She closed the door and went back to the sitting room just as she tried to sit down she missed and fell down then broke the bottle of beer.


Resego:(sweared) shit!

Dikeledi:(picked her up) its okay I will pick the broken pieces just sit down there on the couch.


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