In the car..

Reetsang stared at Dikeledi for a moment then glanced as he swerved down the road.


Reetsang:(sighed) you seem bit nervous are you okay?
Dikeledi: Am not sure if what am doing is good I just have a feeling that I shouldn’t have went out tonight I mean I always hear bad news that people die of being drugged or something.

Reetsang: nobody will drug you or even kill you you are protected…(gasped) call Mpho and tell her we are on our way and she has to be ready.

Dikeledi: why don’t you call her.

Reetsang: Am driving kana mma o batla ke dira kotsi?
Dikeledi:Okay but  I don’t have any airtime left.

Reetsang:(handed his phone to her) use mine or you can send her a text if you don’t mind.

Dikeledi:(pressing the phone) I will rather call her…(paused and stared at the home screen) who is this in the homescreen?
Reetsang:(swallowed deeply) let me see…(thoughtfully) its my child he is 8 years old.

Dikeledi: you didn’t tell me you are married?
Reetsang: married?
Dikeledi: yeah..where is his mother I mean the child.

Reetsang:(took a deep breath) Dikeledi it’s a long story my dear.

Dikeledi:(dialed Mpho’s number) okay…

Reetsang:(stared at her) is it ringing?
Dikeledi:(nodded) but she is not picking up.



Meanwhile Mpho picked up…


Dikeledi:(sighed) Are you ready we about to arrive at your place am with Reetsang.

Mpho:eish!i don’t think I will be able to go with you guys my parents said I shouldn’t go anywhere..but I hope you two will enjoy yourselves.

Dikeledi: Ao!! Mma…kana I was sure gore o tile go tsamaya le rona come on!! Nna ke tile go borega when you are not around.

Mpho: Am sorry I wanted to go with you but then you know how strict my parents are…(sighed) Resego allowed you to go out?
Dikeledi:(paused) She slept early so she doesn’t know that am not home.

Mpho: Okay we will talk..

Dikeledi: bye

She hung up


Dikeledi:(stared at  Reetsang)You heard her?
Reetsang:yeah…(checked the clock) atleast am with you even if your friend is not here I don’t have any problem.


At Mothusi’s House


Lora headed to the door as someone was knocking she opened it and paused for a moment. It was Mothusi’s friend.



Joseph: hey Is Mothusi around?
Lora:(nodded) he is in the bathroom what are you doing at this time kana its almost 10pm.

Joseph:(gasped) I was just checking on him we agreed that we are going to meet here and he has to help me with some businesses.

Lora:Okay you can come in and sit down

you can come in and sit down am sure he will come out soon.

Joseph:(smiled) You are so kind Mothusi is very lucky to have you…(sat down) He told me a lot about you.

Lora:What did he say about me.

Joseph:how kind and generous you are that’s why I said he is lucky to have you…

Lora:(smiled) Thank you…do you want anything to drink while you are waiting for him.

Joseph: yeah a glass of water will do…

Lora: okay


She then headed to the kitchen..meanwhile Mothusi walked in .


Mothusi:My man!!

Joseph: my brother… how are you?
Mothusi: am good sir…how long have you been here?
Joseph: ke gone ke tlang…


Lora handed him a glass of water and then she went to the bedroom.


Mothusi:(low voice) you brought the parcel?
Joseph:(took out a small package) yeah the strongest of them all it costed me 300 pula…just look at it.

Mothusi:(surprised) did you just say 300 bucks?

Joseph: My brother this is quality this herb is mixed with some food or you can put the powder on a hot tea and give it to her….make sure you repeat the procedure for atleast 3 days it works faster and then I assure you that she will be surprised that she is pregnant.

Mothusi: okay you really helped me broh that old woman I told you about wanted me to pay a thousand can you imagine that.

Joseph: this people are scammers gape their medicines don’t work…all they want is cash.

Mothusi:(reached to his jacket and took out some money)I have 250 pula here I will give you the remaining amount tomorrow.

Joseph: Its okay…(checked his watch) look ke emisetse batho ko ntle they gave me a ride…so let me go.

Mothusi:(stood up) okay…(shook hands) I hope this will work.

Joseph: Trust me my brother…it will work.


Mothusi accompanied him as he walked out…


Later that night..

At the party…


Reetsang opened another bottle of beer and handed it to Dikeledi but she refused.


Dikeledi: No this is too much now…am not feeling well..can we go.

Reetsang: come on!! You only drank one bottle but you are already complaining…try another one am sure you will feel much better.


Another guy was dancing behind them he turned and looked at Dikeledi.


Him:(sighed) come on girl…you can do it.

Reetsang:(nodded) wa utlwa akere…hle mma please…

Him: she is so young..(walked closer to her) is it your first time?
Dikeledi: ee…

Him: (deeply) kana mme ga se sepe just don’t drink it as if you are drinking water…take it slow.


Dikeledi angrily walked away from them and went to sit alone near the gate. Reetsang walked to her and sat down.


Dikeledi: aren’t you the one who said we are going to leave early?
Reetsang:Am sorry..

Dikeledi: that’s it you are sorry…look at the clock it past 1…I don’t know how am going to tell Resego where I was.

Reetsang:(searched for the keys) damn!!
Dikeledi: what?
Reetsang: I lost the keys…maybe they dropped when I was dancing in the crowd.

Dikeledi: No you cant say..you know very well that we have to leave..please be serious… I cant sleep here..

Reetsang:(took a deep breath)Am serious..let me go and try look for them on the ground am sure they dropped at the spot where I was dancing.

Dikeledi: kana ke gore you are very drunk and I don’t think you can drive.

Reetsang: eish…




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