At GSS Multi-Purpose Hall


The invigilator looked at the clock that was placed on the wall and picked a paper from the table as other Invigilators walked past students tables making their way to the front.


Invigilator:(paused for a moment) Its time up…Put your pens down and close your examinations scripts you are not allowed to leave your desk until you are told to do so Remember that you are still under the examination condition and remain quiet.


All the students put their pens down and the invigilators walked around collecting their scripts Dikeledi  shook her head staring at Mpho who was sitting  infront of her. Mpho signaled to her and laid her head on the table.


Meanwhile the exam papers were all collected and the students were very excited since it was their last paper and some just wanted to leave right away before they even finished the exam. The principal walked in the hall and fixed his tie as he addressed the students.


Him:We all know this is your last paper and your stay here in our school so some of you this is the end of your school years and for sure others will continue their higher education next year after the results are out so place we don’t want cases where students take their own lives after they realized they didn’t make it its not the end of life and please behave you are still a student until your results have been released…(sighed) I don’t want to talk much I see some of you really want to leave …(glanced) please lets leave the examination hall quietly because some of the students are still writing in the other side.


All students walked out the hall and Dikeledi waited outside meanwhile Mpho came to her and they both walked to a bench near the hall.


Mpho:(took a deep breath) I don’t believe we are done with the examinations it has been hectic since week 1.

Dikeledi:(nodded) but the exams were not bad just that the mathematics paper was really hard…I didn’t even attempt the last section…gape maths is not my strongest subject.

Mpho: yeah if only we can obtain the points required to proceed to tertiary institutions then it will be better…(gasped) so after the results are released which institution would you like to apply to.

Dikeledi:(paused for a moment) I wanted HIS…I want to do General nursing…but I heard they want a credit in mathematics and science..(glanced) am just worried about mathematics wena kana you are not worrying about anything because you are a topper..(smiled)

Mpho:(giggled) am not that good hle mma…just that my parents bought books that made it easy for me to study so I used them.

Dikeledi:ehe mma!!...(checked her clock) lets go home…(paused) kana mma Resego ga a mpatle.

Mpho:(sighed) what do you mean?

Dikeledi: she said after am done with my exams I have to move out i don’t know why…(glanced) Am so stressed waitse I don’t have any choice but to go back to my mothers house.

Mpho:(shook her head) maybe you are disturbing her kana gongwe she wants privacy or she has seen someone..just saying.

Dikeledi:(thoughtfully) I think you are right.


As they walked towards the gate they saw Reetsang  parking beside the road and smiled at them.



Dikeledi: (stopped) I don’t believe he waited this long.

Mpho:(stared at her) akere you told her that you will come back to her after you are done with exams that’s the reason why he waited for you outside school go to him.

Dikeledi:I cant go to her alone why would other students think of me…(glanced) lets go together.

Mpho: come on! Reetsang loves you and I know you love him too…please just go to him I don’t want to disturb you guys I will go home alone.

Dikeledi: you are leaving already.

Mpho:(nodded) yes I will call you later.

Dikeledi:(softly)hle mma Mpho wena…wait for me I just want to hear what he have to say. I wont take long.

Mpho:(took a deep breath) Okay but be quick.

Dikeledi:(smiled) Sure friend…


Dikeledi crossed the road and headed to the car she knocked at the window and Reetsang rolled it down.


Dikeledi:(smiled) hey

Reetsang: you are done with your exams…(looked out the window)where is your friend

she knocked at the window and Reetsang rolled it down.


Dikeledi:(smiled) hey

Reetsang: you are done with your exams…(looked out the window)where is your friend I thought I saw you with her.

Dikeledi:(thoughtfully) She forgot something ko classing she will be right back.

Reetsang:(opened the door and smiled) Now that you are done with your exams how about we go out  together for celebration I mean its been a hectic week for you and you need to relax maybe we can go together to my friend’s house party and crack the cold ones with the boys..(smiled) what do you think?
Dikeledi:(paused) cracking what?
Reetsang:(sighed) I thought you drink alcohol I mean if you don’t I can buy and teach you…

Dikeledi:(shook her head) No I don’t drink alcohol…and I don’t want to try.

Reetsang:(gently) come on!! Do it for me…be cool hle mma!! Drinking is not bad…re tla bo re nwa sentle.

Dikeledi:okay..but I hope its not gonna take long…at what time…

Reetsang: I will pick you around 8 Pm and don’t forget to tell Mpho akere she is your friend.

Dikeledi: I will try maybe she wont agree…(gasped) but I will talk to her.

Reetsang:(smiled) you are a good girl that’s why I love you.


At Mothusi’s House


Mothusi  sat down on the couch and pressed his phone dialing a number on the screen he picked up as Lora slowly walked in from the bedroom.


Mothusi:(picked up) hello!!


Mothusi:(sighed) am I talking to Mama Kiki the traditional doctor.

Her:yes what do you want me to do for you…Job money cars..what is it that you want?
Mothusi:(low voice) I don’t want whatever you have mentioned I want to know if you can help my girlfriend so that she can conceive she is barren but doesn’t want to go to traditional doctors for help we have went to different places seeking for solution and someone told us about you.

Her:(glanced) you  have contacted the greatest doctor in Africa there is nothing I cant do be it marriage helping young girls to abort and also helping those who are looking for the fruit of the womb so where are you located?
Mothusi: Gaborone..

Her: Good just come with her to molepolole and I will give you my address am well known everywhere so you wont go wrong.

Mothusi:(sighed) how about tomorrow---


Lora:(cleared her throat) I heard everything you said…(sighed) am not going with you.

Mothusi:(turned to her) how long have you been here?
Lora:long enough…so this is what you are doing in secret you want to take me your people or whatever witches they are.

Mothusi: am trying to help you…

Lora: No..


Later that night…


At Resego’s House

Reetsang stopped the car and stepped out as  he headed to the house Dikeledi walked out of the house wearing her short mini skirt…

Reetsang:(sighed) wow!! You look so sexy

Dikeledi: (smiled) Thanks….





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