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Gaborone Senior School  Students gathered at the gate after the speeding vehicle which hit Dikeledi took off Students surrounded her and stared at her lying down helplessly on the road…other vehicles passed besides her and the drivers just rolled the window and shook their head then they drove off.


It was in the afternoon and everyone was going home from their work places a gentleman parked his car besides the road and rushed to the scene everyone who gathered there were murmuring and taking pictures and videos no one cared about Dikeledi who could die at any moment. The man passed through the crowd and checked Dikeledi’s pulse. He looked around sighing.


Man:(sighing) what’s her name?

No one responded.

Man:(loudly) I said whats her name so none of you here knows her?

Mpho:(walked closer) Dikeledi!

Man:(stared at her) Has anyone called the ambulance because this lady can pass on anytime.

Mpho:(shook her head) We were about to call the ambulance is she going to be okay?
Man:(angrily) I don’t know you people are really heartless…it seems like she has been lying down here before I even passed the traffic lights.


The man removed a phone from his back pocket and dialed a number on the screen.


Voice: hello how can we help you?


At Dikeledi’s Home


Later that evening Mmaoabile(Dikeledi’s mother) heard that Dikeledi was hit by a car outside the school Dikeledi’s friend Mpho called them that evening.


Mmaoabile:(concluded) Thanks for letting me know I hope  she will recover.

Mpho:(swallowed) yes it was not bad…but please make sure that you visit her at the hospital they asked me about her parents and I gave them your phone number am sure the hospital will contact you.

Mmaoabile: you shouldn’t have given them my number.

Mpho:(paused) why? she is your daughter.

Mmaoabile: (deeply) Am sorry to say this I don’t care about her…even if she dies i cant call someone who fails my own daughter I don’t have children who fails…not me.

Mpho:Really Mmaoabile Dikeledi is trying so hard to pass at school just that there is no one to support her and encourage her to work hard am really disappointed…I never thought you would say such things about your daughter who nearly died due to an accident.

Mmaoabile: bona wena  girlie!! Tsamaya o ye go raya letlakala leo la ngwanyana o re even if she dies I wont mourn her death I have grown up children who are working now some just graduated from universities…and its only Dikeledi who is still in high school and she is failing I don’t see a future in her.

Mpho:(sadly) Its okay mma!! But one day she will be someone in life she will be married and working just like others.

Mmaoabile:(clicked her tongue) I don’t care.


Mmaoabile hung up and walked out of the house and headed to the small hut to make some fire she gathered some firewoods behind the hut and saw Shima opening the gate at his home and drove the donkey cart inside. She walked to the fence and leaned on it as she called him over.


Mmaoabile:(loudly) Shima!! Shima!!

Shima:(stopped the donkeys and turned) Mma!!

Mmaoabile:ema ha ngwanaka!!


Shima jumped off the donkey cart and walked to her.


Shima: (shaking hands) Dumelang!!

Mmaoabile:(smiling) how are you my son.

Shima: Am fine

Mmaoabile: is your mother around?

Shima:(shook his head) No!! I left her at the cattlepost she said she will come tomorrow morning.

Mmaoabile: (nodded) Am sure there Is a lot of work there…(sighed) I wanted to have a word with her but its not a problem I will wait for her.

Shima:(insisted) what is it maybe I can pass the message to her through a phone call.

Mmaoabile: don’t worry…(looked at the cart) is that some firewoods?
Shima: yes but is for sale.

Mmaoabile: okay

but is for sale.

Mmaoabile: okay I need some…(took out her wallet)


At Princess Marina Hospital

Later that morning Mpho stood beside Dikeledi who was lying on the hospital bed Mpho looked at the beeping monitor and held Dikeledi’s hand tightly…Meanwhile Dikeledi turned and looked at her.


Mpho:(smiled) Am glad you are getting better.

Dikeledi:(took a deep breath) yeah…(gasped) aren’t you supposed to be at school now?
Mpho:(sat down) don’t worry I will go there later…I just imagined my day there without you so I decided to come and check on you before I go there.

Dikeledi:Thank you but I was okay without anyone coming here.

Mpho:(paused) what do you mean?
Dikeledi: I don’t have to explain anything we all know that no one loves me…no one cares about me…starting with my own mother its like she regrets giving birth to me I just don’t know why am living now(crying) I wish I never lived.

Mpho:(softly) Am sorry about that Dikeledi but I care about you…(sighed) I called your mother last night and…(she paused)
Dikeledi: Don’t say it i already know what she said…that woman hates me I never think about visiting her back at home because she hates me so much.

Mpho:  How about your aunt you are staying with right now?
Dikeledi:(glanced) She is better just that she want me to work like a slave…(tearfully) everyone expects me to focus at school and act like everything is okay but they don’t know what am going through in life I never have time to study or to visit friends…I really don’t know what to do with my life.

Mpho:(glanced) I know what you are going through I thought the guidance and counselor teacher helped you.

Dikeledi: I wasted my time going to her office the other day…(sighed) look can you leave…I just want some time to think about my life…I just don’t believe that I almost died I wish that bastard who hit me could die of an accident.

Mpho:(checked at her watch) okay let me…you will call me when you are discharged.


Mpho picked her backpack and as she approached the door Dikeledi’s aunt opened it.


Her:(smiled) you are leaving already?
Mpho:(nodded) yes I have to go to school from here and its late.

Her: its okay how is her? Is she getting better?
Mpho:(looked at Dikeledi) yeah..but now she is sleeping…how about you come back later.

Her: No I want to have a word with her.

Mpho:okay bye


Mpho closed the door behind and walked out.


At Gaborone Senior School.


Later that evening students were leaving by the school gate and Mpho was walking alone pressing her phone she waited at the gate for the taxi. Just as she looked at the other side of the road a red car was parking there and the man rolled down the window and signaled her to come over Mpho shook her head and leaned by the wall at the gate the man opened the door and stepped out as he headed to her. Her heart was pounding because it was not the first time she saw the car but the man never came out the last time she saw it.


Man:(took off his glasses) where is your friend?
Mpho:(sighing) I don’t have friends.

Man: don’t lie to me little girl am talking about the one you are always with after school where is she?
Mpho:(thoughfully) she didn’t come to school.

Man:(sighed) give me her number.

Mpho:(shook her head) No I cant do that…I don’t know you and I don’t know why you want it.

Man:(deeply) Am Reetsang...(took out his phone) give it to me.



The man pulled the phone from her hands and pressed it.


Reetsang:(sighed) whats the code?
Mpho:(calmly) Okay I will give it to you.

Reetsang:(smiled) Good!!








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