Confessions Of A  Churchboy


Larona walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge and took a bottle of water she took a sip and returned to the sitting room after hearing Letty crying she picked her and sat on the couch and gave her the toys to play with she then took her phone and dialed a number on the screen.


MmaOtsile:(picked up) hello

Larona:(tearfully) Mma!

MmaOtsile: ao! What’s it again ngwanaka what’s the problem?

Larona:(crying) Am really lost for words now its Leruo.

MmaOtsile: what have he done I thought you two are okay now after attending the marriage counseling session.

Larona: Its not about that Leruo is dead.

MmaOtsile: Wareng! When?
Larona: I have just received the bad news now he died on a car accident just after he left  his workplace.

MmaOtsile: This is unbelievable I really feel pity for you.

Larona: Am now all alone I don’t know what to do tota.

MmaOtsile: This is a huge problem I will have to come that side tomorrow. But I don’t have enough money for the transport money maybe you should send me some money I will pay when I receive my money from my debtors.

Larona: Don’t worry mma! I will send you money through ewallet you don’t have to return it. I think it will be enough to take you here and back to Bobonong.

MmaOtsile: Okay…did you hear anything from Batsile he left this morning to Gaborone but he never called me to let me know whether he arrived safely or not.

Larona:I  didn’t know he is in Gaborone I will try to call him afterwards…how is Otsile did he find any Job?
MmaOtsile: Otsile is struggling to find a job for now he was helping his father at the cattlepost. They left again this morning and they said they will return tomorrow morning.

Larona: So le setse le le nosi?

MmaOtsile: Ee ngwanakadon’t worry about me nna am fine…am just worried about letty how is she doing?

Larona:(stared at her) she is here playing with her toys am sure she doesn’t know what is going on.

MmaOtsile:(pitifully) Ngwanake batho!oh!...

Larona: (took a deep breath) I just don’t know how am going to tell Leruo’s parents of what has just happened they are going to be mad at me plus the fact that they hate me.

MmaOtsile: I think they will understand just tell them straight away after all you are not the one who killed him.

Larona: I will try to but I don’t think I will stand their harsh words.

MmaOtsile; be strong ngwanaka.

Larona:(the phone beeped) Mma I will try to send the money tonight. You will tell me after you received it my airtime has finished I will call you in the morning.

MmaOtsile: Gosiame and please take care of yourself don’t let the pain in your heart makes you feel like you have bad luck death can happen to anyone when they least expect it.

Larona: I know and thanks for the comforting words.Bye

MmaOtsile: Bye


Larona sighed as she hanged up the phone and picked Letty’s toys that she has just thrown on the floor she then placed them on the table where she cannot reach them meanwhile her phone started ringing.It was Leruo’s elder  sister Gloria.



Gloria: I hope you are happy now huh?
Larona: happy for what?
Gloria: That my brother is goneand you are going to take his properties and all the money.

Larona: how can you say such things how can I be happy when I have just lost someone I love so much.

Gloria: Don’t be ridiculous

how can I be happy when I have just lost someone I love so much.

Gloria: Don’t be ridiculous we all know you wished he could die so that you can inherit all his belongings you witch.

Larona:(crying) I don’t believe this you are wrong. You are just jealous that you are not even married. And you and your parents didn’t want Leruo to marry me how can you be so evil.

Gloria: See here little girl you not going to get any cent from Leruo’s money. You should go out there and find for a job you are so obsessed with men why cant you make your own money.

Larona:(tearfully) please stop accusing me for the things I didn’t do I wish you knew how much we struggled before Leruo got hired at that company.

Gloria: I don’t care but am going to make sure that your life is miserable if you are thinking that you will make yourself rich after my brother has passed on.


Larona hanged up and busted into tears she thought for a moment why life is treating her this way she remembered all the good things and the memories came into her mind. She then walked to the bedroom and picked her photograph with Leruo from their wedding album she stared at it and tears started streaming down her face.


At Bobonong Hospital

Tsame was recovering slowly she could talk but not for a long time. Thabang stood next to her he then placed his hand on Tsame’s belly and rubbed it gently.

Thabang:(sadly) Tsame am really sorry for what happened to you I still love you and please forgive me.

Tsame:(low voice) who are you?
Thabang: Its me Thabang.

Tsame:(turned slowly) what do you want here please leave before I call the doctors.

Thabang: Please don’t do that to me I still love you. I have done you wrong and I know that but please forgive me.

Tsame:(thoughtfully) How can I forgive you after you shouted at me the other night when I was at your house.

Thabang: Tsame don’t say that please I love you...(holding her hand)please

Tsame: (pulled her hand) I want you to be honest with meif you want  me to forgive you I want you to answer one question.

Thabang:(nodding his head) I promise you am going to be honest this time around.

Tsame:(stared at him for a moment) who are those people that attacked meand what have you done to them.

Thabang:(paused)I haven’t done anything to them.

Tsame: (angry)is that all you are going to say?

Thabang:(cleared his throat) okay I owed them some money you remember when I told you about my sick grandfather and it has been heard for me to take care of him after my parents passed away. So I was in a little business of selling various items including clothes that I imported from south Africa until I went bankrupt and couldn’t take care of my grandpa anymore and they lended me some money because I was desparate but in the long run I disappeared without paying them back.

Tsame:(sighed)why would you do such a thing… you know how much I loved you because you were so nice to me now I have paid for your sins.

Thabang:Tsame am sorry I promise that nothing will ever happen to you.


Meanwhile the doctor walked in holding some medications he looked at the watch and walked to Tsame’s bed.

Doctor:Sir the visiting hours has elapsed.

Thabang: okay I will go…(stared at Tsame) I wish you speed recovery my dear.


Thabang then put on his cap and walked out slowly closing the door behind.


The following day

At Batsile’s house

Batsile looked at the clock and shook Naledi to wake up from the bed he then leaned on the headboard as he reached for Naledi’s medical card and started reading them.

Naledi:(sleepy) why are you early this morning?
Batsile:(sighed) how can you lie to me?

Naledi:(sat up) what does that mean?
Batsile: you never told me that my baby is no more so you were serious about aborting my baby.

Naledi:(paused) I never done such thing how can I do that.

Batsile: So the doctor is lyinglook they examined the baby when we got to the hospital last night and the  doctor said that he found a substance that is dangerous in your blood. Which means you have been taking pills secretly and this does not start now.

Naledi: Batsile I swear that I haven’t done a thing to the baby.

Batsile:(angrily) shut up! You wasted my time coming here thinking that we will start a new life and we are going to have a baby.

Naledi: I thought you said you are also not ready to be a father.

Batsile:(stood up from the bed)  what?






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