Confessions Of A Churchboy



Meanwhile at the hospital Thabang stood by the door as Tsame’s parents and Batsile stared at him. He slowly walked in embarrased because he thought that there was no one in thereHe stood next to Tsame’s bed and greeted.

Thabang:(low voice)Dumelang batsadi!

Tsame’s father turned the chair to face him.

Him:ehe rra! Who are you?
Thabang:(confused) Am Thabang.

Him:(sighed) So what brings you here  youngman.

Thabang:Am Tsame’s boyfriend and I was with her when she got stabbed by two men who attacked us.

Batsile:(surprised) what? So you are the one who endangered Tsame’s life.

Thabang:I tried to help her but I couldn’t am really sorry.

Him:(angrily)Now I see the car that I saw outside at the gate was yours you are the one who told Tsame’s to sneak out the house so she could come and meet with you.

Thabang:I didn’t do anything to her sir she was the one who wanted to come with me to my house.

Him:(nodded his head) You planned all this now see that my daughter is in pain you little bastard!!

Thabang:Sir like I said we were attacked I love Tsame and I will never do any harm to her.

Him:(took out his phone) Am calling the police you know everything about this. You will explain to them.

Tsame’s mother tried to stop him from calling the police.

Her:The nurse said the reported all this lets leave the police to do their job. At the end the culprit will be caught.

Him:(Stared at Thabang) you are lucky if it was not by my wife I was gonna make sure you get what you deserve…(loudly) Now get out.

Thabang walked out the ward as Batsile followed him outside he stopped after noticing that Batsile is walking behind him.

Thabang:(angrily) Why are you following me?
Batsile:(calmly) Look am not trying to cause any trouble I just want to ask you something.

Thabang:What is it that you want to know if its about Tsame then know that I wont answer you.

Batsile:(sighed)Its about her.

Thabang:(continued walking) Now back off!

Batsile: Am trying to be nice to you and you are telling me to back off.

Thabang:(stopped and walked closer to him) What are you going to do then?
Batsile:(slapped him) you want me to slap you again.


Thabang angrily held Batsile by the clothes he was wearing and knocked him down with a punch they rolled down as Thabang Pressed Batsile on the floor until the security man ran  towards them and stopped the fight.

Man:(holding Thabang) If you keep on fighting I will call the police.

Thabang:(sighing heavily) He is the one who started it.

Man:(stared at Batsile) Youngman leave and I don’t want to see you around.


Batsile picked his phone from the ground and fixed his shirt as he left the hospital to his car he pulled the door and slammed it as he climbed inside Naledi stared at him for a moment.

Naledi:What happened? Were you involved in a fight.

Batsile:(sighing) Never mind put on your belt and lets go I regret coming here.

Naledi:So you are not going to tell me what happened look at your clothes they are dirty.
Batsile: Its Tsame’s new boyfriend who has done this.

Naledi: Tsame’s boyfriend…how?

Batsile:(reversed the car) I don’t owe you any explanation…( staring at her) I said put on a seatbelt I don’t have money to pay when the police start charging you for not using a seatbelt.


Batsile:Naledi you should be worried about the baby not me. You know I never told my parents that I impregnated you am even scared to tell my brother the reason why I want us to go and stay in Gaborone is that I want you to give birth and there after I will tell my parents.

Naledi: (Gasped) but why are you afraid to tell them its not like they are going to kill you. After all they are going to know.

Batsile:I want to come up with a great plan on how am going to tell them…(thoughtfully)I will see legale.

Naledi:(paused) I was thinking of something and I don’t know whether you will like the idea.

Batsile:(slowed down the car) something like?
Naledi:(Low voice) terminate the pregnancy I don’t think am ready to be a mother.

Batsile:(stared at her) what? Are you crazy I cant allow you to do something like that.You want to abort the baby?
Naledi:Its not like people will know and I will be saving you from your parents.

Batsile: Look forget about that and let me warn you. If anything happens to that baby

forget about that and let me warn you. If anything happens to that baby or the baby dies during delivery you will see what I will do to you.Why are you starting to be evil don’t you know that abortion is a sin.

Naledi:Am sorry.


At Leruo’s office

It was around 18;00 pm in the evening Leruo picked the office telephone and dialed  Larona’s number he leaned back on his chair and kept swinging it.

Larona: Hey honey!

Leruo:(smiled) how is my beautiful wife doing?
Larona: (smiled) am fine and you?

Leruo: If you are fine then I am too…(took a deep breath) Guess what?
Larona: What?
Leruo: The dinner is on I managed to delegate some office work to my assistant which means tonight I will be spending time with you away from home.

Larona:(smiled)Wow that’s great at what time so I can get ready.

Leruo:(checked his watch)I will pick you at 7PM and make sure you dress Letty with some fine cloths. I have bought her a gift for her birthday.

Larona:You are so sweet thank you so much.

Leruo: Anything for you my love…I will call you when I knock off but its before 7 pm.

Larona: I will be waiting for you.

Leruo: Okay bye.


Leruo hanged up as he got up from the chair and opened a shelve to remove some documents from it he looked at them and walked out the office to the other apartment.


At Batsile’s house.

Later that evening Batsile and Naledi has just arrived at Gaborone after a long drive and they seemed tired. Batsile fixed his long sleeved shirt pulling up the sleeves and pushed the couch near the window in the sitting room he then changed the view of the television so it could face the couch.

Naledi:(looked around) Its dusty seems like no one has ever lived here in a while.

Batsile:(sighed) Yeah we will have to clean it up. I havent checked if the bathroom is alrightso let me check in quickly while you remove the dust from the TV set with that featherdust.


Batsile walked switched on the light in the little passage heading to the bathroom while in there he had Naledi screaming he rushed to the sitting thinking that maybe she fell down on the floor.

Naledi:(holding her tummy) Ahh!

Batsile:(Sighing) baby are you okaywhat is wrong?
Naledi:(crying) The baby…it hurt.

Batsile: But its not even 9 months should I take you to the hospital.

Naledi:(screaming) ahh!yes.

Batsile:okay okay!!damn I don’t even know where the nearest hospital is at wait let me call the ambulance.

Naledi:(leaned on the couch) be quick.


Batsile dialed the number and walked around impatiently as they delayed to pick it up.He dropped down the call and attended Naledi.

Naledi:(stared at him) are they not picking up.

Batsile: ee!! Stay here I will check if there is anyone in the neighbourhood to help us or even give us the direction to any clinic around.

Naledi: Do you even know them?

Batsile:(stood up ) Does it matter?


He immediately rushed outside slamming the door behind.


At Leruo’s house

Larona was playing with the baby on the couch waiting for Leruo to come and collect them she kept on smiling staring at letty who was also smiling back as she bounced her on the couch.

Larona:(smiled) Can you believe it? You are turning 2 years…(sighed) you cant even here what am saying so stay here am going to collect your bottle of milk.

Before Larona could leave to letty’s room her phone started ringing. She rushed to answer it thinking it was Leruo.She looked at the screen and it was a private number.

Larona:(picked up) Hello can I help you?
Caller:Is this Larona Jackson Leruo’s wife?
Larona:(softly) Yes how can I help you?
Caller: We are sorry to let you know that your husband died this evening in a car accident after his car collided with a big truck just as he left his workplace.

Larona:(heart pounding) No!No! this cant be true…(crying) No!

Caller: We are calling from Princess Marina hospitaland your husband has been rushed to a mortuary an hour after we had examined him.We are really sorry for your loss.


Larona stared at letty who was smiling at her without knowing what is really happening. Larona fell down on the floor in disbelief of what she has just heard she couldn’t stop crying and looked at her phone with the hope that maybe she will receive a call from Leruo but it was too late…







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