Confessions Of A Churchboy




Tsame’s mother breathed out heavilyShe leaned on the couch and her husband took the pillow on the couch and put on her back for comfort.

Him:Are you sure you are fine?
Her:(sighing) I think am having heart attack I hardly breath.

Him: maybe I shoulld take you to the hospital I don’t think you are fine.

Her: (took a deep breath) Don’t worry I will be fine…(stared at him) and thank you for the waterit really helped me to cool down.

Him:(kissed her) Anything for you my love…do you think we should visit the hospital to check Tsame or we should wait a bit.

Her:Lets get going you can go and collect the car keys and I will go and get prepared in the bedroom I will be quick.

Him:(stood up) okay…(paused) where did I put them I don’t remember the last time I had them.

Her:I think you left them outside on your chair you were sitting there before.



Tsame’s father immediately rushed outside to collect the keys he then unlocked the car and waited in there. He kept on waiting and impatiently hooted the car as the wife came out of the house.

Him:Don’t forget to lock the door.

Her:(turned back) I almost forgot.

Him:(turned on the engine) Lets go you took too long.

She climbed in and they immediately left the yard driving north on a small bumpy road

Her:becareful when driving int his road children like playing on it.

Him:(Slowed down the car) I don’t know why I always forget that one day we almost hit a kid on it…(sighed) Did the caller say anything else?
Her:(stared at him) something like?
Him: Tsame’s conditions whether she is recovering or not.

Her: They never said much they said they will try their best.

Him: Everytime I hear that phrase am starting to shake because that’s the same thing the doctors have said about my younger brother.

Her: Don’t be pessimistic lets just have a little hope…(tearfully) I cant afford to lose my daughter.

Him:Don’t cry I also hope she will be okay.


The car swerved down the road heading towards the hospital which was a mile away.


At Naledi’s House

Naledi came from the kitchen with a glass of watera dn placed it on the table. She then sat next to Batsile who was still on the phone texting.

Naledi:(stared at him) baby are you okay?

Batsile:(sighed) Am okay…(he kept looking at his phone) God!

Naledi: Are you sure you are okay? It seems like there is something bothering you.

Batsile:Okay I just received a message on my whatsapp from one of my buddy he said Tsame was stabbed last night and now she is admitted at the hospital.

Naledi: Is that even true?

Batsile: I don’t know but I think its true…koore I wonder who have done this tragedic thing.

Naledi:So what were you planning? It seems like this have hurt you.

Batsile: Maybe I should go and check if she is alright and maybe she can tell me what happened.

Naledi: No! what about our trip are we not going to Gaborone we cant be stopped by her.She has parents who will visit her I think its time for you to stop interfering on other people’s issues we have our own problems also remember that the baby need check up and its been a while since I went to the hospital.

Batsile: Look Naledi its not like I hate Tsame she is my ex yes but I cant be treating her like an enemy I don’t hate her like you do. Am just showing a brotherly love nothing much…gape we can passby the hospital on our way to Gaborone am not going to take much time there.

Naledi: Okay you will go alone.

Batsile: If you don’t want to come with me you can remain in the car while I enter at the hospitalits not a big deal.

Naledi:(sadly) I don’t know what that girl have done to you  it seems like she is always in your mind. You still love her right?
Batsile:(angrily) That’s the same thing Tsame said before we break up she said the exact words like yours. Who said I love her?
Naledi: Don’t get angry I was just saying. Honestly do you still love her?
Batsile: I wont answer that one bona go and pack your bags you will find me in the car.

Naledi:(tear dropped) Okay.

Batsile:(stared at her) Okay am sorry. But you should understand that its not like I still have feelings for Tsame just that I feel bad for everything happening to her she doesn’t deserve that.

Naledi:(wiped her tears) Its fine I will accompany you to the hospital but i wont go to the ward she is admitted at.

Batsile: Its still fine that way…(hugged her) I love you

but i wont go to the ward she is admitted at.

Batsile: Its still fine that way…(hugged her) I love you and I promise to be with you always.

Naledi:(smiled) I love you too.


Batsile tightly hugged her he then kissed her on the face as his phone started ring.

Batsile:(took out his phone) Baby go and collect your bags I want to take this call its my mother.

Naledi: Okay I wont take long.

Batsile: Okay.


Batsile picked his phone as he went outside the house he leaned by the car.


Her: did you manage to pick up your friend.

Batsile:(paused) am at his house waiting for him.

Her: Okay I wanted to ask for a favor.

Batsile:(cleared his throat)and that’s?

Her:Can you give mrs Kate a ride she is going to Mahalapye.

Batsile: Ele gore where is her husband?

Her: It’s a long story she said she will pay you. Remember that she is our relative and she used to help us when we were in need.

Batsile: No Mom I cant.

Her:(pleading) I beg you.

Batsile hanged up the phone and clicked his tongue Naledi was standing behind him.

Naledi:what again?

Batsile:Its my mom she asked me to give Mrs kate a lift.

Naledi: and what did you say?
Batsile: Of course I said no I don’t understand why she always feel pity for everyone she come across with…(picked naledi’s bags) bona get in the car its getting late.


Batsile opened the trunk and put the bags in and closed it as he switched off his phone and slid it back on the pocket.


At Leruo’s House

Leruo fixed his shirt and picked his briefcase from the couch Larona came from the bedroom after hearing some footsteps from the living room.

Larona:Where are you going at this time are we not going out for dinner tonight?

Leruo: Baby am sorry I received a call from work they said they need me urgentlycan we cancel it for tonight.

Larona:(sadly) am starting to get worried this days you never have time for us. We are lonely even our baby is turning 2 years and you never said happy birthday and celebrate with us.

Leruo:(sat down) Honey I promise soon I will be having time for you and our baby. Just that I cant leave the company just to stay here at home who will take care of you and the baby?

Larona: I know but we are lonely we miss you.

Leruo:(hugged her tightly) I know if I were not new to the company I will be handing it to someone just to stay with you I hope you remember very well how we suffered a year ago I had no job and you just finished at college you never found any job since.So all am trying is to make more money so that I can help you start your own business I don’t think you will find any job soon.

Larona:(with tears streaming down her eyes) I know how you sacrificed just to make sure that we had a better living and am ever thankful about that you have stood with me in bad and good days. I cant ever stop loving you my daily prayer is that God will strengthen our relationship and help us maintain our marriage.

Leruo:That’s my prayer too honey…(hugged her tightly) Don’t let the aching pain in your heart distruct you and make you feel unloved I still remember the words your mother have said before she died. When I vowed that I will be with you till death do us part she added that she hopes what I said comes from the bottom of my heart. And I will never let anything stop me from loving you.

Larona:(smiled) Am always grateful for everything you have done for our family…(checked her watch) maybe you should get going hope you wont be late.

Leruo:Let me go if I come back early tonight the dinner is on. I will call you to get ready.

Larona: (smiled)Okay bye!


Leruo walked out holding his briefcase and put it in the backseat of the car and drove off after waving a goodbye to Larona.


At The Hospital

Batsile walked through the passage to ward number 3 where Tsame was admitted he stopped by the door and was scared to get in since Tsame’s parents were in there. They noticed that he was standing outside and let him enter. Batsile walked in uncomfortably and sat on a chair next to Tsame’s father Tsame was uncounsious she couldn’t talk or slighlty move from the bed.

Batsile:(cleared his throat) is she getting better?
Tsame’s mother replied sadly.

Her:as you can see for yourselfshe never said anyword.

Batsile:Am really sorry for what happened to Tsame hope she gets better.


Meanwhile Thabang opened the door they all stared at him at once…






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