Confessions Of A Churchboy



At Thabang’s House

Tsame couldn’t stop crying as the man pointed her on the head with the gun The other man tied Thabang’s hands and walked to the bedroom.

Thabang:(sighing heavily) who are you and what do you want?

Man:(turned) If you say one more word I will kill you.

Tsame:(crying) please let go! I didn’t do anything.

Thabang:(staring at Tsame) they wont hurt you trust me.

Tsame:(scarily) Thabang why I we in this mess what did you do to them?

Thabang: I havent done anything I don’t even know them.

Tsame: Then why are they here?
Thabang:(angrily) I said I don’t…


The other man furiously punched Thabang on the faceand he fell backward with blood coming out of his mouth.

Man1: (Sighed) where is our money?
Thabang:(paused) what money? I don’t owe you anything.

Man1:(giggled) I see your tactics wont work this time.

The man then removed a knife from his pocket and rubbed it at its blade smiling.

Man1:(rubbing the knife) I don’t want to use this just give me the money and you are free to go.

Thabang: how can I know you while you have a mask on atleast remove the mask and lets talk…(sighed) see you are scaring my girlfriend.

Man1:(walked to Tsame who was lying on the floor) Maybe I should use this knife on her so you will see that we are serious here.

The other man immediately returned from the bedroom holding a bag with sack of cash he then throwed it on the ground infront of Thabang and bent down to talk to him.

Man2:(took a deep breath) Now tell me what is this?
Thabang:(scarily) uhm!!i can explain.

The man slapped him and picked him up as Tsame cried helplessly staring at Thabang the other man picked Tsame also and they dragged them outside the house to the car just as they left the house in the dark Tsame tried to fought back trying to rescue herself. The angry pulled the knife again and stabbed Tsame on the belly.

Thabang:(tearfully) what have you done.

Man1:(throwing the knife down) I told you two to behave.

Man2:(sighing) you shouldn’t have done that what if she is dead I don’t want to go to jail.


The two man left them and ran to their car with the bag of money Thabang cried as he shook Tsame who was lying down on a pool of blood on the floor.

Thabang:(breathing heavily) Tsame!!Tsame!! are you okay.Damn!!


Thabang rushed back to the house and nearly tripped down as he went to take the car keys he returned and picked Tsame from the ground he held her straight and open the car door. He then put her in and went to the other side and climbed in he then switched on the light to check if Tsame was still breathing.Seconds later Thabang reversed the car and drove off to the hospital.


At Mmaotsile’s House

It was late in the morning and Mmaotsile was surprised to see Batsile coming from his room with some bags She then put the tray of tea on the table and clapped her hand staring at Batsile.

Her:(sighed) I don’t believe what am seeing.

Batsile:(putting on his wrist watch) Its time for me to move outI have been staying in this house for such a long time am not working and there is no living in the village.

Her:(sighed) Where are you going?
Batsile:I told you some few days ago that am going to Gaborone a friend of mine has found a job for me there so I want to go and start a new life.

Her: Goriamo ngwanaka you were serious about going to Gaborone.

Batsile: yes and i will be staying at the house that you use to rent back when I was still doing my first year at UB.

Her:Don’t you think its too early to leave?

Batsile: This is the right time…(checked on his watch)am running late

and i will be staying at the house that you use to rent back when I was still doing my first year at UB.

Her:Don’t you think its too early to leave?

Batsile: This is the right time…(checked on his watch)am running late let me go.

Her: did you even say goodbye to Otsile atleast he will be much disappointed if you leave like that.

Batsile: but he is still sleeping you know he wakes up late.

Her: Okay I will go and wake him up.

Batsile: Mma I have to pick someone am going with.

Her:Someone? Who is that?
Batsile: Its just a friend he said he will give me the money to fuel my car and I agreed to give him a ride.

Her:(calmly) Its okay bye and make sure you don’t forget to call me when you arrive.

Batsile: I will mom.

Her: and drive safely and take care of yourself.

Batsile: Mma I know…(impatienlty) can I go now?
Her: okay.


Batsile took his bags and went to the car to put them on the trunk he closed the truck and waved at his mother as he climbed on the car. Her mother waved back as she stood at the door staring at him.

Batsile:(rolled down the window) bye

Her:(sadly) Don’t forget to take care of yourself remember this is an evil world we are living in.


Batsile nodded his head as he drove off the gate joining the gravel passing infront of their home.


At Home

Later that day Tsame’s parents were discussing about her whereabouts Her mother shook her head as she made a last phone call.

Her:(sighed) Tsame’s number is unavailable what if something bad happened to her?
Him:This girl is giving us headache did you let her go last night when she said she is going out with friends.

Her: I did not I think she sneaked out of the house and its not the first time she has done that.

Him: This time when she returns we are going to pack her bags and let her go and stay with her sister she is better when she is there.

Her:(gasped) I don’t think she will agree she doesn’t like staying with her sister.

Him:(angrily) then what should we do…can you try her phone for the last time and this time we are going to the police to report the missing person.

Her:I have a bad feeling that maybe she went back to her uncle’s wife. And you know that our families don’t relate well with that one.

Him: I don’t think she will do that lets just be patient maybe she will come back.

Meanwhile the landline was ringing Tsame’s mother jumped off the couch to go and pick it up.

Her:(sighing) hello

Caller:hi is this Tsame’s mother?
Her:Yes what happened to her

Caller:We are calling from Bobonong Primary Hospital and we have admitted your daughter here after she was stabbed with the knife on her belly last night.

Her:(tearfully) is she alright?
Caller: Madam we are trying our best just that she lost a lot of blood. But we promise to do our best.


Tsame’s mother dropped down the phone as she crawled down to lean on the couchher husband rushed to the kitchen to bring a glass of water for her to drink…





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