At Tsame’s House

Tsame walked out from her bedroom to the sitting room after talking with Thabang on the phone she found her parents in the sitting room and walked past them to the main door.Her mother stopped her before she could open the door.

Her:(turned to face her) where are you going?
Tsame:(Paused) Uhm!! Am going out with friends?
Her: Starting from when you have friendswhich friends?
Tsame: Mom does it matter? Am not a child anymore and i don’t have to tell you everytime I wanna go out.

Her: As long as you live int his house you will follow the rules you have to take permission from us if you want to gou out aint you worried about your safety? We are living in an evil world and we always hear on the news about tragedic things happening to people especially girls.So do you want to be a victim?
Tsame:(closed the door)No I just wanted to go out and have fun with friendsnothing else.

Her father added as he put on his sleepers and stood up.

Him:Tsame you are not going anywhere if its that boy of yours tell him that I said you are not going anywhere…(sighed) now go back to your room or if you are bored go to the kitchen and wash the dishes you should learn to help your mother in the house not just going out anyhow.

Tsame walked back to her angrily she slammed the door of her room and dialed Thabang’s number she lied down the bed as Thabang picked up.

Thabang: should I be waiting or what?

Tsame:(low voice) Ba ganne< I think you should just go maybe the other time.

Thabang: Come on!! Can you make another plan kana I miss you.

Tsame:(paused) Which plan?
Thabang:(sighed) sneak out of the roommaybe using the window or back door.

Tsame: That’s a bad idea they will kill me if they find out plus our house has bagglars unless I use the back door at the kitchen.

Thabang:(smiled) That’s my girl make sure they don’t catch you please.

Tsame:I will even though am little bit scared to do that.

Thabang:(took a deep breath) Give it a try.

Tsame: Okaybut you will have to wait a little bit longer.

Thabang: I don’t mind waiting as long as I see you am fine.

Tsame: okay



Batsile sat on the rock as he held Naledi’s hands and pulled her closer to himself they both smiled as Batsile rubbed  Naledi’s belly and kissed her.

Naledi:(smiled) This reminds me back when we first met some years ago before that little girl drove you crazy.

Batsile:(gasped) Yeah i now realize that I was wrong for choosing Tsame she is not the girl I thought she was.

Naledi: I don’t know what you liked about her I just hate her.I knew you never deserved her.

Batsile: You are right…(sighed) so there is something I want to tell you since now we are expecting a baby soon.

Naledi:You can tell me everything…

Batsile:(cleared his throat) I want to leave Bobonong my father has a house in Gaborone and there is no one living there so I thought maybe we can go together and start our new life there. And of course a friend of mine found a job for me there.

Naledi: for real?

Batsile: Am serious about it this time around I don’t want to make mistakes again I want to be with you and our new baby.

Naledi: That’s great but do you think your parents will like the idea of you going with me there I mean we are not married

I mean we are not married and honestly your parents are very strict.

Batsile:Every married couple they started small they stayed together before they married each other so we wont be the first to do that.

Naledi: Okay if you say so…(thoughtfully) so what about church?

Batsile: (Paused) That one I will think about it they will have to choose a new person who can be a youth leader.

Naledi: yeah maybe Letso I think he can be a very good leader.

Batsile: (smiled) yeah ebile I will have to talk to him…but for now I just want to spend time with you and I promise to be a better person this time.

Naledi: I hope so and please forget about Tsame.

Batsile:(sighed) I think she has also moved on with her life I don’t want to talk about her again.

Batsile stood up as he kept on holding Naledi and leaned against the car as they started kissing each other they stared at each other smilling.


At Thabang House

It was late at nightTsame was sleeping with Thabang on the bed she woke up and checked the time on her phoneit was 22;00 pm. She sat up and put on her top on and started drsssing up as she shook Thabang to wake up.

Tsame:(shaking her) Thabang!Thabang!!

Thabang:(sleepy) hmm!!

Tsame:(impatiently) Do you know what time is it?

Thabang:(low voice) whats the time?
Tsame:(putting on her shoes) Tsoga!! My parents are going to kill me akere we aggred gore ka 8 you are going to drop me at home.

Thabang:(covering himself with a sheet) Don’t worry!
Tsame:(sighed) Are you hearing what am saying mme?
Thabang:(sat up) Don’t worry I will drop you early in the morning. They wont find out akere you said you locked your room? So they wont find out.

Tsame:(Holding her head) am in serious trouble…(Looked on the floor) whats this?

As she picked a pack of condoms on the floor and showed Thabang?
Thabang:(sighed) what?
Tsame: Did you use a condom?because I don’t remember what exactly happened?
Thabang:(putting on his vest) what do you mean you don’t remember?
Tsame: I saw this pack on your shelf but they seemed unopened. And we had sex which means you didn’t use one.

Thabang: I heard another one in my pocket I used it.

Tsame:(crying) you are lying you didn’t use it…(picked a small packet of tablets on the bed) and this?
Thabang:(sighed deeply) Tsame kante whats your problem those are my tablets for headache.

Tsame:(walked to the headboard and sat on the bed) You drugged me?
Thabang:(paused) what? Tsame are you okay?
Tsame:(tearfully) yes you drugged me look at the wine on that glass you have put something on it.Thats why you never wanted me to go home and I remember telling you that am not ready for sex.

Thabang:(took a deep breath) little girl don’t start to annoy me I don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

Tsame:(crying) I was stupid to think that you are a good person.

Thabang:(angry) you know what get out of my house.

Tsame: (crying) No!!

Immediately someone was knocking at the the door Tsame was very scared she wiped of her tears and immediately turned quiet. Thabang freaked out as walked through the passage to the main door…Tsame walked behind him scarily.

Tsame: are you expecting someone?


Thabang opened the doortwo giant men wearing masks pointed the gun on Thabang’s head Tsame shouted at the top of her voice as the other man slapped her to the floor and blood started flowing from her nose.

Man:(sighing heavily) Shut up!!or I will kill you.




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