Confessiosn Of A ChurchBoy


Tsame thought for a moment before she could finally give Thabang her phone number.

Tsame:(smiled) okay here is my phone number…(showing him on the phone screen)
Thabang: Great is it the same number you are using for whatsapp.

Tsame: yeah and I prefer chatting using texts than someone calling me.

Thabang:(smiled) why? Are you that shy that you are afraid to answer calls.

Tsame: its just my preference(sighed) maybe you like calling than texting.

Thabang:(smiled) As long as you like texting I will use it whenever I want to communicate with you.

Tsame: That’s fine can I go now?
Thabang: Of course…(paused) wait!! When is your free time maybe we can go out for some drinks what do you think?
Tsame: I will let you know you call me.

Thabang: Okay that’s fine…have a good day.

Tsame:(opened the door) you too and thanks for  the ride.


Thabang looked at her and waved at her as he enters through the gate Tsame’s mother walked out the house while Thabang was still at the gate he immediately drove off. Tsame greeted her mother as walked in.

Her:who was that?
Tsame:It’s a friend of mineHe came to drop me off.

Her: (sighed) I see but this boy of yours called on the land line saying he want to talk to you.

Tsame:(Paused) Boy? Mang Batsile.

Her: The one who always comes here to pick you every Sunday to church

Tsame: (low voice) Its Batsile ne a re o batlang?
Her: I don’t know he told me that when you come back you should call him back.

Tsame: okay (walked in the house and sat on the couch)


Meanwhile Batsile Called her she looked at the phone and ignored it. But after sometime she decide to answer it she picked it as she walked to her bedroom and closed the door.

Tsame:(sighed) O batla eng?
Batsile:Seems like you are still mad at me are you okay.

Tsame: Am okay I said what do you want?
Batsile:(calmly) I was just checking on you am happy if you are fine.

Tsame: is that all you have to say?
Batsile:(cleared his throat) I thought maybe we can meet tonight so that I let you know everything you want to know.

Tsame: Nope

Batsile: What does that mean?

Tsame: You heard me am not meeting with you again and stop calling me.

Batsile: Tsame hlemma stop being childish why do you get mad at small things that are easy to avoid.

Tsame:You are the one who is being childish you are driven crazy by every girl you see you always lie to me and you think I can be with you.

Batsile:(Paused) If its about Naledi I think I have already told you that am done with her so there is nothing to worry about.

Tsame: You think am stupid right i know is not only Naledi you dated and still wanting her back…(sighed) what about Lora?

Batsile: What kante where do you get all that fallacy that’s wrong information you heard about me I don’t even know Lora or Nora of yours.

Tsame:(Gasped) I see well remember her you know her very well.

Batsile:(took a deep breath) who told you about her?
Tsame: Does it matter?
Batsile:(angry) I said who told you about Lora?huh!!

Tsame: I don’t have to tell you my advice to you is to live right I know you are a youth leader at church but you fail to live by example. I thought you are someone a person can trust but you were just pretending.

Batsile:Mxm! You are wasting my time I have better things to do.bye


Batsile hanged up Tsame locked her home screen and lied down on the bed as she took a deep breath. She sat up and leaned against the headboard she opened the phonebook and dialed a number on the screen.

Kaone:(picked up) Hello friend!

Tsame: How have you been I was planning to check you this afternoon.

Kaone: Owaii! This days I think someone has replaced me you never visit me. Or is it Batsile who told you to stay away from me.

Tsame:(giggled) Gatwe Batsile don’t ever mention that name again mma!
Kaone:(sighed) why ne mma? I know you love him so much.

Tsame: Am done with him

i don’t think I deserve him. Maybe he will meet someone of his standards. Someone he can always lie to and never get questioned.

Kaone:(sighed) Are you serious? What happened I thought you two loved each other so much after three years and you already breaking up with him.

Tsame: You know very well that I have been patient with him koore banna ba dingalo hela.  A relationship should be two people but if someone adds up. Then its no longer a healthy relationship.

Kaone:(paused) you mean Batsile have been cheating on you.

Tsame: That’s what I think he even impregnated Naledi and no one knows about it. What do you call that?
Kaone: Ke mathata this guy needs serious prayers because it seems like its not the first time he played girls I heard a lot of stories about him.

Tsame: you knew about him and you decided to keep quiet ne mma!

Kaone: You remember when I told you about him and you said am jealous of your rlationship with him…(lowered her voice) gatwe he is cheaterplayer all he do is to play girls and make fake promises then cover himself with the word of God.

Tsame:Really! Kaone you know a lot of things about him ijo!

Kaone: That’s the news for you mma!...anyway re tla bua so you are still coming to my house or what?
Tsame: Now that I called you I don’t think I will come maybe tomorrow.

Kaone:Okay fine.

Tsame:(cleared her throat) Should I tell you something ?

Kaone:(sighed) Go ahead girlie!!

Tsame:(smiled) Its okay I will tell you tomorrow my airtime is very low.

Kaone:(giggle) I don’t mind calling you I really want to know seems like its good news.

Tsame: yeah but lets say tomorrow.

Kaone: Okay bye.



Tsame ended the call and smiled as she thoughtfully pictured herself with Thabang she really liked him. She opened her whatsapp and went to Thabang Profile picture looking at his pretty eyes and cherry lips but mostly she admired Thabang’s well trimmed beards. Tsame then smiled as she lied down on the bed covering her self with a sheet.


At MmaOtsile’s house

It was around 5 PM late afternoon Batsile and Otsile were busy cultivating the plots in the backyard garden and while there they were having conversation and argued about the existence of God.

Otsile:(concluded) Lets  end this discussion believe what you believe but what I know is that God never existedits just myths we are hearing and even science proved it albert einstein didn’t believe plus Charles Darwin wrote about human evolution and where we originated which means God never made human beings.

Batsile: you are just being ignorant you must read your bible very well start from Genesis and you will realize that we are all created by God he formed everything on earth stop believing things that were written by mere human beings who lived just 100 years ago and never knew anything about creation.

Otsile:Okay you know well lets finish our work before you start preaching to me.

Batsile:(took a deep breath) am tired can we stop and we will finish making plots tomorrow.

Otsile:(paused) but we are already done can we just complete it now.

Batsile:(throwed down the digging fork) am going to drink some water I will be back.

Otsile:(stared at him) I know you will never written anyway I will finish up.



At Tsame’s house

Tsame was having a deep nap she was awakened by a ringing phone it was late at 6 pm she reached to it and answered it it was Thabang.

Tsame:(sleepy) hey.

Thabang:(smiled) you are already sleeping?
Tsame:No I was just taking a nap.

Thabang: Okay am at your gate.hope you saw my message.

Tsame:(surprised) which message?
Thabang: I sent you a message check it.

Tsame:(checked the notification bar) Ke gone ke o bonang am not even ready to go out.

Thabang: Make a plan please.

Tsame: okay wait and let me go and check if my parents are in the sitting room.

Thabang: okay I will be waiting for you.






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