Meanwhile in the car Tsame was furious because Batsile refused to lend her the phone. Batsile slid the phone back on his jacket but Tsame wasn’t happy about that.

Tsame:Should I continue trusting you?

Batsile: of course that was nothing to worry about. I said lets move on lets focus on our marriage. I promise you that I wont let you down. Am going to marry you.

Tsame: How can you while you still hide things from me you are talking to girls on secret. I don’t think our relationship will continue maybe its time to part ways.

Batsile:(sighed)That cant happen its God who united us. You know I love you how can you even say such things.

Tsame: Don’t involve God in such things you are lying to me and the next thing you start talking about God. I know very well that you still love Naledi and you never stopped loving her.

Batsile: (took a deep breath) what is it that you want me to do that will make you feel better?

Tsame: Give me your phone and allow me to call this girl of yours to tell her that she should back off I see that you are scared of her…Give me the phone.

Batsile: wait!!am not giving you my phone how many times should I tell you that there is nothing going on between me and Naledi she is just a church mate.

Tsame:I see…

Batsile:(annoyed) can we stop talking about her and please don’t ever bring that topic when you are with me.Am I clear?

Tsame:(angry) You know what…(opened the door) am done with you. Bye


Tsame stepped outside the car and walked across the road to the taxi stop nearby Batsile climbed out and followed her as he kept on calling her in a loud voice.

Tsame:(turned) Don’t follow me or else I will call the police to tell them that you are harassing me. So just don’t.

Batsile:(stopped in the middle of the road) Am sorry can we talk.

Tsame:(Shouting) No I don’t want to talk to you.

Batsile:Please and I cant leave you in this place its bushy and what if people attack you here cant you see that this Taxi stop is rarely used by people…(sighed) Come back and lets talk like adults.

Tsame just ignored him and kept on walking until she reached the taxi stop she sat on the dusty benchs and removed her phone. Batsile stared at her for a moment and immediately went to his car.He stayed on the car for some time with the hope that Tsame will change her mind. He checked his phone and found some messages from Naledi after reading them he deleted them and thereafter started the engine and joined the road.


Tsame have been waiting for the taxis but there was no any sign of a coming vehicle she patiently waited until an old 4x4 with some big headlights infront stopped near her the person inside was a young man wearing sunglasses and cowboy hat in the back of the truck was some left overs of hay. He Stopped and called Tsame.

Man:(turning off the engine) are you going?
Tsame: (Paused) Nobut thanks.

Man: (Soft voice) Look I know you don’t know me but for your own safety I will give you a ride its not safe for you to be here alone you will tell me where you are going.

Tsame:(thoughtfully)Am going to Rasetimela ward you know it?
Man: I know Bobonong very well come lets go.

Tsame:(picking her hand bag and went to the car)

Man:(Stared at her) Am Thabang..and you?
Tsame:(Sighed) Tsame

Thabang: you seem very shy arent you?
Tsame:Not really…(stared at him) is this your car?

Thabang: No its grandpa’s truck we use it at the cattlepostI don’t have a car.

Tsame:No wonder.

Thabang:(slowing down the truck) no wonder what?
Tsame: I mean you seem very young when you stopped I expected to see an old man to come out of the truck and I was surprised to see you.

Thabang:(laughed) Yah the tuck says it all

the tuck says it all normally I use it to fetch hay for the cattle. Like now I have just finished delivering cattles feed at the cattlepost but I have a hair saloon at the village I manage it sometimes because I spend much time with my Grandpa at the cattlepost.

Tsame:(paused) so where is he? Did you leave him behind?

Thabang: he is sick he has been home for sometimeI take care of him.

Tsame:(gasped) why arent your parents be the one taking care of him?
Thabang:(sadly) I don’t have parents.They both died in a car accident when I was doing standard 5.

Tsame: am sorry for asking such questions.

Thabang:(stared at her) its okay I have already accepted that they have gone forever but they will always remain in my heart…(sighed) and before I forget why am I not seeing a ring on your finger.

Tsame:(smiled) and why am I not seeing it in your finger also.

Thabang:(giggled) that makes the two of us this means something.

Tsame:(smiled) Don’t be silly I have just met you some few minutes ago but already feels like we have know each other quite some time.

Thabang:(smiled back) just that you seem like a very good person…(uncomfortably) are you..kgm!! single!

Tsame:(took a deep breath) its compicated!!

Thabang:What happened?mind sharing it.

Tsame: Maybe the other time.

Thabang: okay am sorry for asking.


Thabang swerved on a corner and as he enters the village.


At Mmaotsile’s house

Otsile:(stared at Batsile) whats up you have 10 minutes here but you never said a word to me.

Batsile:(Angry) am not in the mood.

Otsile:uhu!! Starting from when ijo!

Batsile:(changed the channel) you wont understand its complicated.

Otsile: am your big bro and you know you can trust me is it guys stuff?
Batsile: yeah you know girls. Nna I don’t understand this people waitse one moment they want to be with you and the next they change their mind.

Otsile: (paused) Ke Tsame akere?a reng?
Batsile: she thinks that am checating on her but am not. I mean how should I explain this.

Otsile:to be honest are you cheating her? I mean if yes just be honest and try to settle the matter.

Batsile: Am not just that she thinks I like the other girl in church.

Otsile:(sighed) try to clarify everything to her everything she needs to know let her know it.

Batsile: I told her the whole truth but still she thinks am lying she is starting to annoy me.

Otsile:(sighed heavily) Ke mathata.


Meanwhile Batsile’s phone started ringing he picked it as he went to his room speaking in a lound whisper to avoid Otsile overhearing to conversation.He closed the door and sat on the bed.

Batsile:(angry) Naledi how many times should I tell you to leave my life alone.

Naledi: Calm down

Batsile: don’t tell me to calm down you have already messed up my relationship with Tsame now she has left me.

Naledi:(laughed) Good I know you will leave her and come back to me.

Batsile: No you are the cause you devil.

Naledi:(paused) are you calling me the devil. Anyway I wanted to tell you that the baby is growing well.Its even kicking inside my belly.

Batsile: so what now?

Naledi: Mind telling the church and your pastor.

Batsile: (calmly) don’t please okay what do you want?
Naledi: I want you. I know you still love me.

Batsile: I thought I was clear when I told you that it is over!

Naledi: Its not over yet you cant leave me like that what about the baby.

Batsile: I will take care of the baby but not you. Am done with you.

Naledi: W e wiil see!(she hanged up)
Batsile:hello! Naledi wait!!

The phone beeped as the call ended!!




Thabang stopped by the shops he stared at Tsame for a moment and they smiled staring at each other.

Thabang:so is that where you live(pointing)

Tsame: yes

Thabang:oh I see next time I wont be having a problem finding your place.

Tsame:(smiled) really!

Thabang:yes I will be coming here often just to look at your beautiful face…So can I get your number.

Tsame:(paused for a moment) uhm!!







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