Batsile was bit embarrased to say what he intented to spit out he stared at Tsame for a moment and regretted what he said.

Batsile:(took a deep breath) baby never mind what I said…(sighed) look I have to go see you!

Tsame:What did we say about hidden agandas? I know you have something to say I don’t like it when you are hiding things from me.

Batsile: Am not hiding anything.

Tsame: Then what is it that you wanted to tell me about Naledi?You love her?

Batsile: No I said its nothing…(getting angry)

Tsame:(opened the door) okay bye…

Tsame got out of the car angry she slammed the door and walked out as she opened the gate and went to the house.She stopped and looked back but Batsile was still at the gate staring at her.

Tsame:(loud whisper) Go!what are you waiting for?
Batsile: (stepped out of the car) Okay come back I have changed my mind.

Tsame:(paused as she walked back)What do you mean..


Tsame went back and leaned against the car Batsile held her hand as he breathed deeply.

Batsile: You know I love you..(took out the phone and showed Tsame some messages) take a look.

Tsame: (Scrolled down) So Naledi still want you?

Batsile: it seems so she keep on sending me some texts.

Tsame:(angrily) that’s why she kept looking at you during the prayer session..huh

Batsile: I never noticed…

Tsame:(Paused) I will have to confront her.

Batsile: Baby no just leave it to me.

Tsame: What are you going to do then?

Batsile: I will talk to her I will try to…

Tsame:(Gave him the phone) Call her now!!

Batsile: Baby come on! At this time it’s the middle of the night and am sure she is sleeping. Lets not bother her.

Tsame:(looked straight into his eyes) you still love her don’t you?

Batsile:how many times should I tell you that I don’t love her anyone can we stop talking about her…(Paused)


Tsame’s mother stood at the gate and stared at them carefully.

Her:(Paused) Are you Tsame?

Tsame:(embarassed) Yes.

Her: What are you doing this time…(walked closer) and who is this?

Batsile:(low voice) Bats..Batsile!!

Her:  E le gore what are you doing with my daughter at this time?Its now  00:33 and you are out here…(stared at Tsame) Wena go back to the house.

Tsame:(walked fast) Okay.

Her: young man what are you waiting for? Go!!

Batsile immediately got in the car as he turned on the radio annoyingly and drove off. Tsame’s Mother stared at him driving off until he now hidden by  a big house near the road she clapped her hand as she was talking alone.

Her:(sighed) Today’s generation is really messed up I will have to have a word with Tsame later as she wakes up…(she closed the gate heading to the house)

The Following Day

At Borakanelo Hair Salon

Naledi stood up as she attended a customer who just came she slid her phone on her hand bag. Her friend Maitumelo was sitting on a long bench near the entrace as she chitchatted with Naledi.

Maitumelo:(walked to Naledi) I forgot to show you something earlier on.

Naledi: What is it?

Maitumelo:(scrolling over whatsapp statuses) See him I told you that Batsile still Loves Tsame. He keeps on uploading pictures with Her on whatsapp he even made her his profile picture.

Naledi:(sighed) Whatsapp status and pictures don’t scare me anymore I tell you what! Batsile still want me back and soon he will be crying over my foot wanting back love and it will be too late.

Maitumelo:(shook her head) Tsala why don’t you leave him alone you see he don’t want you if he did he wouldn’t be ignoring you this way. Just forget about him and move on.

Naledi:(hair dressing the customer) Kante you want him? Everytime you keep telling me to leave him.

Maitumelo: Sorry mma!! I was just giving you a friendly advice.

Naledi: I don’t think I need an advice right now you don’t know how much I love that guy

and it broke my heart after leaving him for a useless guy who I thought was the one for me.  I regret the decision I took now.

Maitumelo: (took a deep breath) we will see if he will accept you back…(checking on whatsapp) you are delaying the customer finish with her we will talk.

Naledi:Am almost done!...(turned to the customer) is it your first time coming hear?


Naledi: and how is the service? We just opened this salon some few weeks ago.

Customer: Not bad I think.

Naledi: you think? On a scale of 10.

Customer: Maybe 7.

Naledi; that’s great.


Naledi  took a hair spay and applied on the customer’s hair.

Naledi: Am done you are ready to go.

Customer: Thanksshould I pay here or at the counter.

Naledi: At the counter we want the best for our customers.

Customer:(smiled) That’s great and thanks again.


At MmaOtsile’s House

Mmaotsile sipped her cup of tea as she leaned back on the couch.

Her:(Staring at Batsile) Like I said my son you are a man now you and Otsile have to leave the house  and go and establish your own homes and marry. Like the bible said “A man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh”

Father: That’s true what your mother is trying to say is that you are now old enough to take care of yourself we are not trying to chase you out of the family we want you to learn how to be independent.

Batsile: I hear you but I don’t think this is the right time to leave who will take care of you when we are not here.

Her: we can look after ourselves but for you and your brother is a different story because it seems like you havent done anything for yourselves. Now its time.

Batsile: will see but I wonder why Otsile is left out in this meeting…(staring at them) why? Because he should be the one to hear this because he need this the most.

Mmaotsile sighed as he put back the cup on the tray and paused for a second.

Her:My son this is not a meeting actually we called you because we are worried by the way you spend your time. Its not even a year since you finished your school at the University Of Botswanabut you havent done anything yet to find a job.

Batsile:But mma you know how hard am trying and I will keep searching. For now am expecting two companies to call me for an interview soon.

Father:(added) and about church?

Batsile: Meaning?

Father: the way you spend your time at your church its too much and we are starting to suspect that you are not doing something right.

Batsile:(Angrily) I knew it everytime you two calls me you start by beating the bush before getting straight to the pointanyway whats the problem with me going to church have you started judging me now.

Father: Batsile learn to behave. Is that the way you are supposed to talk to us? Pointing fingers and getting angry while we talk to you.


Batsile stood up and picked his phone from the table as he headed to the main door and sat outside in the dark. Her parents shook their heads after he left.

Father:(Sighed) you have to talk to your son he is getting out of hands this days.

Her: It was a wrong idea to give him your car at this time.

Father: but you were behind all this you insisted that I should give it to him. Now see the results.

Her:(softly) I thought it will help him as he roam around  searching for jobs and helping us at the cattlepost.


The father shook his head in disbelief.


Later that day…

Batsile was in the car with Tsame his phone rang. He looked at it and ignored the call.

Tsame:Answer it I already know the caller.

Batsile: No!...(sighed) I don’t know what Naledi really want from me.

Tsame: I know…(stretched her hand at Batsile) give me the phone let me talk to her.

Batsile: What? Are you crazy?






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