Confessions Of A Churchboy



At Batsile’s House…

Naledi sat up from bed and put on her gown as she opened the drawer and pulled a small packet which contained the pills she has been using the packet was well packaged in such away that even Batsile wouldn’t have any  idea of whats inside she then handed it to Batsile who was sitting on the bed while putting on his sleepers.


Batsile:(turned to face her) what is it again?
Naledi:(throwed the package on the bed) take a look maybe you will stop acussing me of killing your baby.

Batsile:(ignored her) Look you have already caused a lot of damages and you messed up  everything.

Naledi:Please just take a look this are just headache pills I thought you already know that I had a chronic headache.

Batsile:(sighed) so you are saying that the headache pills are the one which affected the health of the baby?

Naledi:(shook her shoulders) Maybe but they are the only pills I have been using nothing else.

Batsile:Naledi for the last time now if I ever find out that you were lying to me all along and creating fake news just to fool me then it will be over between us. I cant be in a relationship with someone who is dishonest.

Naledi:(took a deep breath) I know you are afraid to tell me that you still love Tsame I can see the way you behave this days you just wanted to be with for the sake of the baby that’s all.

Batsile: Of course yes! I thought you have changed but you are not. You expect me to be with you but secretly you are plotting evil things against me how can you do such a thing…how?

Naledi:(fixing her gown) Am going to the bathroom you will tell me when you are done talking right?

Naledi opened her bag and removed a soap and some lotions then walked out of the bedroom heading to the bathroom singing along with music on the headsets Batsile clicked her tongue and shook his head as he lied down in the bed. Meanwhile his phone started ringing he looked at it and picked up.


Batsile:hey big sister!

Larona: Smallboy how are you?

Batsile: you know I don’t like that name am big guy now.

Larona:(giggled) You can never run away from your name when you were so small you liked it very much even when Mma left me with you while she went to the shops I used to call you smallie and you will smile while dancing for me.

Batsile:(laughed) Maybe I was so so small I don’t remember.

Larona: how can you remember tota you were so littlenow that you are a big guy you can wherever you like without even communicating with me its been a month the last time I heard your voice.

Batsile: (took a deep breath) Eish sister…sorry hle. Kana mme I was planning to call you  eish.I just landed GC yesterday..

Larona: everytime I call you say the same thing but you never call me back.

Batsile: Am sorry I will fix that. I Promise.

Larona:(low voice) did my mother tell you?
Batsile:Tell me what?
Larona:(sadly) Leruo passed on.

Batsile: really? Ao what happened ele gore.

Larona:(sighed) Car accident…

Batsile: (shocked) the world is really coming to an end just few months ago you got married and now this..ahh! how are you coping with it.

Larona: Am trying to be strong but I never stop thinking of him. Plus his sister called me saying bad things about me.

Batsile: You mean Gloria what did she say?
Larona; they say am the one who is responsible for his death there are lot of stories am hearing and am even afraid to visit Leruo;s family now.

Batsile: Gloria never liked you even the day you got married she said it infront of everyone I don’t know whats the matter with her.That’s why she will die single.But leave everything to God.

Larona: (sighed) But their hatred will never stop me from attending my husband funeral I just imagine my life without him.

Batsile: I can relate but I hope you will get better and accept the fact that he is gone. Its life after all.


While Batsile was still on the phone Naledi walked in from the bathroom wrapping herself with a towel she stared at Batsile who was in the phone and listened for a moment.


Naledi:(paused) who are you talking to?
Batsile:(put the phone on hold) would you please mind your own business cant you see am still on the phone.

Naledi: I know its Tsame.


Batsile stood up and walked out of the bedroom heading to the sitting room and put the phone again on the ear.He sat down as he switched on the TV and reduced the volume.


Batsile:(cleared his throat) Am sorry I was interrupted.

Larona:(Sighed) I heard the person on the background

I was interrupted.

Larona:(Sighed) I heard the person on the background are you staying with someone?
Batsile:(Embarassed) uhm! No she is just a friend  I knew back in high school so she was just passing by.

Larona:(sighed) I smell something fishy look am your sister and you don’t have to be afraid to tell me that you have a girlfriend.

Batsile:Okay she is my girlfriend but please don’t tell anyone not even Otsile or Mom.

Larona: Trust me I wont but please becareful with girls. You don’t want to find yourself in a complicated relationship one day just because you didn’t choose wisely.

Batsile:Yeah thanks for the advice I think she is the right one for me…(gasped) Look we will talk I have to go somewhere.

Larona: Okay bye


She hung the Phone…


At the cattlepost…


Otsile closed the kraal and leaned against the poles that he used to close the kraal he looked at his overall which was torn starting from the legs upto the pelvishis father walked past him and throwed a saddle they used to ride horse while searching for the cows. He picked it and followed his father to the horse’s kraal.


Otsile:(took a deep breath) I wish Batsile was here…

Him:(stopped walking) am glad he is not here you are fine alone.

Otsile:Why? Maybe he will be helping us here we have been working since early morning and its now getting late.

Him:(opened the kraal) One day you will understand what am trying to say only if you knew you are better than him maybe you were going to stop complaining. Let him enjoy life but one day he will regret life will teach him a lesson.

Otsile:But you gave him everything even the car you were supposed to give me it was then given to himnow he is gone. Am sure mom also signed the house by his name just saying.

Him:(standing at the gate) come and help me we will talk about that later… we have a lot to do.


Otsile walked slowly dragging his feet on the ground he seemed angry and his facial expressions could tell.


Otsile:(cleared his throat)Since am the first born am going to inherit all this or its all for Batsile again?
Him:(putting on the saddle on the back of the horse) Hard work pays whoever wants to eat has to work hard. Now help me climb the horse we should find those missing cows before sunset.


At Thabang’s House

Thabang was sleeping on the couch he woke up after hearing a knock at the door he panicked a bit and stood up and walked to the door putting on his T-shirt.


Thabang:(standing at the door) who are you?
Officer: Could you please open the door am officer Tuelo.

Thabang: (Opened the door slowly)you can come in sir

Officer: Thank you for your cooperation may I have a seat?
Thabang:(nervously) Of course and how can I help you?

Officer Tuelo:(took out a small note book) I want to ask you few questions  concerning  Tsame’s attack the other night I hope you have enough information to give me right?
Thabang:  So officer you are here to interrogate me?
Officer  Tuelo: What were you thinking infact you have to go with me down to the police station.

Thabang: I cant officer I have a lot of work to do.

Officer Tuelo: So you are refusing to come with the officer of the law do you want me to call back backup?
Thabang:(sighed) Am not the one who stabbed Tsame and I cant even do that because she is my girlfriend it was some guys that came into our house.

Officer Tuelo: Am not saying it was you who did that I want you to give us information that will help us catch the culprits that’s all.

Thabang:Can we do that the other day maybe I have to go and visit my grandfather now.

Officer Tuelo:(took our his phone) Am calling back up.





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