Confessions Of A Churchboy


After the Sunday service…

The pastor decided to call Batsile aside just near the entrace area Batsile immediately rushed to the pastor as he said goodbye to his friends that he invited to church that Sunday.


Batsile:(humbly) Pastor! Am here.

Pastor:(sighed) My sonfor the past three weeks I have seen change in this ministry and I have noticed that you have been working tiredlessly to make sure that everything is in order.

Batsile: Thanks sir its God that has been using me.

Pastor: I like that…(paused) you remember my words I gave to you some years ago when you received Christ in your life? Now what I said have came to pass now I want you to be faithful to Goddon’t do what other youth are doing I trust you and I have so many expectations in you.

Batsile: I will never dissapoint you sir ever since I came to this church my life have changed and am grateful to God for that.

Pastor: You know very well(checked his watch) look don’t forget to come to mid-week services you know how important they are right?

Batsile: I know sir…

Pastor: Okay I will see you my son.


The pastor walked to his car and found his wife waiting for him in there.



Pastor:(took a deep breath) am sorry for keeping you waiting for too long.

Wife:Its okay…(looked through the car window) you were with him again?

Pastor:(Glanced) you mean Batsile?

Wife: of course.

Pastor: yes I wish I can become his mentor he is a good and hard working youngman.His been faithful to this church and to God of course?
Wife:I think you will be wasting your time soon he will leave the church just Thuto did you said the same thing about him but today he is no where to be found. He is not even calling you.

Pastor:(paused) I know but lets just have a little faith on him our goal is to win souls to the kingdom of God even though Thuto left he knows something about God.

Wife:but we…

Pastor:Can we talk about that later at home?



The pastor turned on the engine as he reversed the car and drove off.



Batsile stopped near Tsame’s house he rolled down the window and checked if the lights are on at the house. He then reached to his pocket and took out the phone to call Tsame. The phone rang…


Tsame:(picked) hey

Batsile:(paused) hey?? Is that how you are supposed to answer my call?
Tsame: Am sorry how are you?

Batsile:(calmly) Am at your gate are you coming with me tonight?

Tsame: I don’t think my parents will allow me to go out with you.

Batsile: you are starting again with your excuses akere? So you didn’t tell them that we are having a short prayer session tonight at church?

Tsame: I forgot actually I didn’t plan to go out tonight. I have a lot of things that need to be completed tonight.

Batsile:Wena mma!! You always have something to do when we have to go to church please come up with a plan or I will come there to ask for a permission from them.

Tsame: Please don’t just give me atleast 10 minutes to prepare myself.

Batsile; and be quick I will be waiting outside.

Tsame: sharp


Batsile dropped the call and turned on the radio as he listened to his favorites songs while waiting for Tsame.



Tsame knocked at the car window Batsile rolled down the window and unlocked the door. Tsame stepped in and sat on the passenger seat.


Tsame: I thought I will find you with those friends of yours again.

Batsile: (giggled) I learnt a hard lesson I know you are shy and you don’t like it when I come with some people.

"sans-serif"">Tsame:(smiled) yeah but sometimes…that’s why I never want to go out because I know we are going to interact with lot of people.

Batsile:(stared at her) but you will have to learn and get used to meeting people because the day that I will finally put a ring on your fingerlot of people will be there to witness.

Tsame:(smiled) how I wish…and our names will be Mr and Mrs Tshiamo…(sighed) I cant wait to inherit your surname.

Batsile:(smiled and held her hand) don’t worry love lets just trust in God. And my daily prayer is that nothing shall never separate us.

Tsame:Nothing will…(putting on a seat belt) can we go now.

Batsile:lets go.


Batsile turned on the engine and the left immediately it was a cool evening and the music they were playing could be heard by someone a mile away.


At MmaOtsile House

Mma Otsile came out of her bedroom and it was late at night she went to the sitting room only to find Otsile playing video games with his friends. She walked over and leaned by the Tv set as she stared at Otsile.


Otsile:(sighed and paused the game) I thought I reduced the Tv volume is it making noise again?
Her:No its not about that am just worried about your elder brother. (checked the clock) it is late and he has never came back?

Otsile: Mma I think you worry too much about Batsile (sighed) he is not a child anymore I mean he is now 24 years old. He can do whatever he likes and can come back home anytime he wants he can take care of himself now.

Her: I don’t think he is mature enough I have to keep an eye on him the next thing I will be hearing stories in the village about him I don’t like it when he goes out at night.

Otsile: atleast he went to do something beneficial as compared to those drunkards who spent sleepless nights and days off away from home…Please mom just let him be.

Her:(took a deep breath) I think you are right ngwanakalet me go and sleep…and don’t lock the main door maybe he will come a bit later when you are already sleeping.

Otsile: he will find me right here I think am going to play till morning.

Her:But don’t forget to turn off the lights and keep the volume at minimum your father was complaining about you playing this games of yours all night long.

Otsile: I will try to reduce the volume you can go now.

Afterwards Otsile switched back to the video game they were playing.One of the friends laughed as he made fun of Batsile.

Him: o ile go jola Bats…(laughed)
Otsile: You guys no nothing Bats is a churchboy.

Him: Owaii!!

Otsile: Le ta sala…(as he resumed the game) Lets play.. re tswe mo go tse dintsi.


Meanwhile near Tsame’s house…

In the Car.

Tsame:Thanks for the ride(as she opened the door)
Batsile: Wait…(paused) Maybe we should go again tomorrow what do you think?
Tsame: ahh rra everyday? No you will have to go alone.This church of yours is taking forever look at the time now?? 11 pm am sure your parents are worried about you and mine of course it took long than I expected.

Batsile: I know…(Looked around) umh!

Tsame: seems like you have something to say.Are you hiding something from me?
Batsile:(smiled) Not at all just that I love you. And I wish to be with you forever.

Tsame: you know I love you too.

Batsile: I know but am worried about something and I wish to tell you now.

Tsame:(turned uncomfortably) whats it? Are you breaking up with me already?

Batsile: No..dont be silly. Just that I made a mistake and I wish God could forgive me.

Tsame: Please just go straight to the point you are making me nervous.

Batsile:(turned the radio off) You know that lady Naledi at church?
Tsame:(paused) I know plus I know your history with her so don’t bring it up.

Batsile: its not what you are thinking she is pregnant and its been 4 months now.

Tsame: so??

Batsile:(took a deep breath)






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Nice story young man kip it up with your work and i wish u all the best. Thank you.