Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Meanwhile in the room Lebo pulled down her skirt Tumi closed the door and stared at her as she sat on the couch and switched on the television. Tumi looked at her sexy legs as she lied down on the couch he walked closer to her and touched her boobs.


Lebo:(gasped) you like them?
Tumi:(sighed)Damn! They are so nice take off your panty.

Lebo:(pulled the panty down) come closer.


Tumi pulled Lebo closer to him and put her on his chests he then kissed her gently. He took off his pants then his phone started ringing. He looked at it and ignored…meanwhile he switched it off.


Meanwhile the knot at the root of Tumi’s  cock dissolved in fire melting. He shouted when he came. Then she was snorting trying to say something. She was telling him to stop. She had come a second time and she wanted him to stop. They disengaged shaking.


Tumi:(glanced) Shit!!

Lebo:(looked at him) Are you done?


Stood up as he put on his underwear he looked at lebo for a moment.


Tumi: I have to go…(checked the clock) its 23:09 pm…I should be home by now.

Lebo:(sighed) you will leave in the morning…can I bring you something to drink wine?

Tumi: yeah…but I have to go.

Lebo: please stay with me…I just want to know more about you am starting to love you.

Tumi:(sighed) go and bring the wine you will find me here.


Lebo stood up pulling up her skirt and went to the kitchen she smiled. As she left Tumi picked her handbag on the floor and small bottle of pills fell from it…he looked it and he was shocked.


Tumi:(heart pounding) She is HIV positive damn!

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He then quickly put the bottle on the bag and quickly zipped it as Lebo returned from the kitchen with two glasses and a bottle of merlot wine. She locked at him as he was uncomfortable.


Lebo:(sighed) Are you okay?
Tumi:(nodded) yes…you said I should go in the morning.

Lebo:(sat down)yes.

Tumi:(looked at her intently) do you have children?

Lebo:(shook her head)No

Tumi: why? a fine woman like you with no children.

Lebo: I don’t want children

Tumi: am sure there must be a more logical explanation anywhere lets not talk about it…(he leaned on the couch) am tired.

Lebo: you can come and sleep with me on my room.

Tumi: no I will sleep here…you don’t mind if I sleep on the couch.

Lebo: okay suit yourself…


She stood up and went to the bedroom she switched off her lights on her way.


In the morning…


There was knock at the door Tumi panicked and jumped from the couch and sighed as he wiped his eyes he put on the t-shirt and glanced.



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