Chapter 4

The following day.


At Tumi’s House


Tumi opened the door and walked in the house and found his wife Mary cleaning he sat on the couch.


Tumi: (sighed) Am sorry about last night I went out with my friends and we were so drunk that I couldn’t drive so I decided to sleep at my friend’s house.

Mary: really?

Tumi:Am honest love trust me.

Mary: Everytime when you come back home late you start giving excuses…have you forgotten that you are a married man right now we don’t have food in the house but you waste all your money out there drinking alcohol with your friends.

Tumi:(glared) its my money that am wasting you cant tell me what to do with my money…if there is no food in the house why don’t you buy them.

Mary:(tearfully) Tumi you know how we struggled to be where we are. You know how much I helped you before I lost my job you were not working but I never left you or insulted you for staying home doing nothing.

Tumi:I don’t care I don’t even give a f*ck about what you have done to help us be where we are now.

Mary: Really? Maybe it will be better if we go on our separate ways I don’t see the reason why we should be together because there is no love in our marriage every time when am talking to you you start getting angry.

Tumi:(loudly) Yeah you start getting angry.

Tumi:(loudly) Yeah you can leave…I wont even miss you…I have been waiting for this day because honestly I don’t love you anymore.

Mary:(crying) for 5 years we have been together we have been living peacefully now you have changed…I don’t think you still love your kids.

Tumi: I love them except you…because you think that you can control me…but let me tell you something…you can pack your bags and leave my house you can take the kids with you.

Mary cried staring at Tumi as he headed to the bedroom he slammed the door…Meanwhile one of the kids came out of the room after hearing them quarreling.


Sadi:(walked to her mother) Why are you crying? Is dad beating you again?

Mary:(hugged) don’t worry it will be okay…(sighed) tomorrow we are leaving we are going to stay with my mother.

Sadi: why?

Mary: you will never understand…

Sadi: are we going with dad?

Mary: No we are leaving him.


Mary went to the children’s room with sadi she then opened the wardrobe and took out some clothes and packed them…

Meanwhile she pressed her phone and dialed her mothers number.


Her: hello

Mary: Mom Tumi has started again.

Her: started whathe is being violent again.

Mary: it seems like he no longer want me…I tried to be patient with him but now it is getting worse.

Her: so what is your plan.

Mary: Am coming to stay with you I want to give him some time to think…

Her: Its okay don’t worry…you can come and stay with me.

Mary: Thank you…I will talk to you tomorrow.bye

Her: bye


She hung up and wiped her tears.


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