Author: Emmanuel Ramoroba

Come Back My Love


Tumi walked to the door and opened it he stepped back and gasped staring at the man.

Tumi:(sighed) Morning 

Man:(stared at him) who are you and what do you want here.

Tumi kept quiet.

Man:(glared) am talking to you are you deaf?

Lebo walked in from the bedroom covering herself with a towel.

Lebo:(sighed) is there any problem here?
Tumi:(stared at lebo) who is this?
Man:Am calvin...(looked at Lebo) baby who is this man?

Tumi:(stared at Lebo) so you have a boyfriend?

Lebo: yes

Tumi: but you never told me.

Calvin: Go and take your things and leave you rascal.

Tumi:Am not going its not your house...Its Lebo's house.

Calvin:(sighed) i will slap you i said leave.

Tumi refused Calvin walked in and picked Tumi's trouser and threw it at him.

Calvin:(angrily) i said leave!!

Lebo:(stared at Calvin) No he is not going anywhere this is my house.

Calvin:(shocked)baby you are betraying me?

Lebo: i no longer love you Calvin

this is my house.

Calvin:(shocked)baby you are betraying me?

Lebo: i no longer love you Calvin i have no feelings for you...

Calvin: so you have been cheating me with this guy?...i will slap you...(he angrily raised his hand towards her) i will kill you.

Tumi: You cant she said she no longer loves you are not welcomed here.

Calvin:(staring at Tumi) you are a married man and you are chasing after bitches..get a life.

Lebo:(sighed) you are jealous...he has a job and everything that you dont even have.

Calvin:(tearfully) please Lebo dont do that i love you...i dont have mansions nor money or cars...but i love you for who you are you cant date a married man he has a wife that he loves so much. He is just using you.

Lebo:(clicked her tongue) leave i dont care about what you say.

Tumi:(Hugged Lebo) lets get inside the house baby.

Lebo and Tumi closed the door and left calvin outside. He cried staring at them through a window.



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