Chapter 1


Tumi sipped from a bottle of whisky and then removed a wallet from his back pocket he went over to the counter and handed the bartender some cash.


Tumi:(sighed) you can count it am sure its enough

Bartender:(nodded) Yeah…and thanks for the tip.

Tumi: My pleasure…(checked his watch) oh its late I don’t want to arrive late at home am sure my wife is waiting for me.

Bartender: No problem…have a good night.


Tumi as he was about to approach the door someone tapped him from behind he turned and looked a beautiful tall and sexy girl was standing behind him…Tumi paused for a moment as his heart skipped a bit. Her hair was midnight black and it flowed over her shoulders.She had some sweet lips they were lilac soft and a bubbly outlook and one thing about her a shapely figure.


Her:(softly) you forgot your keys on the table.

Tumi: Oh thanks

you are so kind…(low voice) whats your name?

Lebo: Am Lebogang…but you can call me Lebo.

Tumi:(smiled) Thanks…are you leaving now?

Lebo: Yeah.

Tumi: I can give you a ride if you don’t mind…is that cool?

Lebo:(smiled) I would like to have a ride with you.

Tumi: okay..i parked behind the bar…lets go.


They both walked out of the bar and walked to the parking lot as they approached the car…Tumi’s phone started ringing. He looked at the screen and picked up it was his wife…Maipelo.


Maipelo:(glanced) where are you?

Tumi:(paused) am on my way honey

Maipelo: hurry up its getting late…I don’t want what happened to you the other day to happen again…there are dangerous people out there.

Tumi: Its okay just give me 10 minutes and I will be home…the children are sleeping?

Maipelo: yes…they have been asking me if you are coming home or not.

Tumi:(giggled) they will find me home when they wake up…(sighed) am driving now…I will talk to you.


Tumi hung up and walked back to the Car where Lebo was standing and pressing her phone.


Tumi:(cleared his throat) sorry it was my boss at work.

Lebo:its okay…can we go now?


Tumi and Lebo entered the car and drove off…


Meanwhile he stopped at a certain house.


Lebo:(stared at him) this is my house

Tumi:(looked at it) you have a nice house. Are you staying alone?
Lebo: Am staying alone we can go inside…just for a cup of coffee…so that I can thank you for giving me a lift.

Tumi: I would like to but am in a hurry…I will get your number if that’s fine.

Lebo:(softly) please just a cup of coffee…you wont take long…


Tumi stepped out of the car but his heart was back home…he closed the door of the car and followed Lebo inside the house…


>>>check chapter 2

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