Friction is necessary. Ease of life leads to complacency and the atrophy of the human will and spirit. Within our struggles lives our strength within our trials lives our triumphs. Friction creates a platform for change generates heat and or fervor and creates a motivational charge that gives us an opportunity to be better. A gem cannot be polished without friction and so neither a person without hardships. Friction within and friction without sharpens our senses and revives our internal resolutions. Friction is uncomfortable hardships are distressing but both are necessary. We cannot light a match without friction nor can we hone steal. Uncomfortable as it may be our adversity ultimately lights a fire and sharpens our very will to flourish. Today let us not be discouraged let us not be bitter in our suffering rather let us be encouraged as we look to our trials as a medium that will eventually make us better.

It has been crazy these past two years alot has happened .where do I start from let me see .

After we found out Scarlett was pregnant she left Lusaka she changed her lines and everything .nobody knows where she disappeared to unless her family .I wrote my grade 12 and I got 6 points yeah imagine ...

I applied at university of zambia at first I wanted to apply for a scholarship to study in Russia.

I have changed alot in terms of everything I Started working out and I can say my body looked amazing though no guy till now has approached me. 

My elder brother just got married like 4 months ago. .it was an amazing wedding .

Scarlett hasn't gotten back " Jack  asked 

Was my new friend and we were in the same class he knew about me scarlet that we were inseparable .

I just can't wait to see her " I said eating my sandwich. 

Do you think she will ever come back " he asked 

I don't know " I said 

 I missed her so much I know she was hurting but she didn't have to go .I wanted to be there for her .

After my outing with Jack I went back  home I found mum holding an envelope .

Mum are you okay " I asked putting my handbag down 

You have been accepted at university of zambia" she screamed 

I just couldn't say anything I was just happy my dream school lol.

I was starting school in the next two months .

Hey " he said with a deep voice 

Me " I pointed at myself 

Who wouldn't ask if you see a guy standing next to me you would point a thousand times .

Yes you " he laughed showing his perfect dental formula 

Oh" I mumbled 

So what's your name beautiful" he asked 

Okay this guy has lost his mind calling me beautiful .

 You look confused " he said .

Am mwansa " I said 

Am Ben  " he said 

I nodded 

You seem shy " he said 

I just gave him a side smile .

You are beautiful you know that " he said 

I think this guy has lost it .

Can you unlock your phone " he said 

I don't lock my phone" I said 

Woow a girl who don't have a password on her phone " he said 

He put his number and called himself .

I will call you " he said 

Mwansa let's go " mum said 

See you "he said 

I just nodded like a preschool kid who got a crush on a boy who has a new pencil .

Who was that " mum asked 

I also don't know mum " I said 

We went home

I was still confused like that hot guy talk to me .

My phone rung ..


Hey beautiful " him

Hi" me 

How are you " him

Am ok how are you" me 

Am great can't stop thinking about you" him

You just met me today " me

So can you blame a guy in love" him

In love dude you are confused " me

I know about you " him

Why are you calling me " me

We need to talk kaili "him

About" me

Can I take you out  tomorrow please" him

What time" me 

18" him 

Sure " me 

I don't know why I accepted that first maybe it's because I was so excited about a guy .

I swear that night I couldn't even sleep who would your first date ever really lol .

Babes " Anna screamed 

Anna was my cousin and she was at the university of zambia .

Honey " I screamed from my room 

She came to my room this girl had a model body okay she was a model though .

Mwansa why are your clothes scattered like this " she asked crossing her legs

I have a date " I said 

What really " she got up excited 

 Yes " I answered shyly 

Why didn't you just call me babes " she asked 

Days like this or when I have a function to go to Scarlett always had my back do I miss her yes very much I just wish she can call and tell me she is alright . Sometimes I think she is dead am I wrong to think like that? 

 I think this blue jumpsuit and those blocked heels will do " she said 

No handbag" I asked 

Naah you are good" she said 

I took a quick shower cause it was already 16.

When I was done I lotioned and Anna started doing my make up .

Should be a natural look " I said 

I know babe " she said 

When I was done I put on my jumpsuit and shoes ..

You look hot " she said 

Scarlett used to say that " I giggled 

She took some pics .

You should create a Facebook account" she suggested 

No am good " I said 

Why not why do you hide that body " she said 

Remember Cynthia showed the all world my body " I said 

That was years back move on " she said 

Ben texted that he was outside Waiting.

So soon" I asked 

It's 18:40 " she said 

You and your stories" I laughed 

You look good princess" she said 

Am I going to find you " I asked 

Yes you will " she said 

Promise" I said 

I went outside and he looked handsome he wore a black jean trouser white t-shirt .

Hey beautiful" he said 

Hi" I said 

You look beautiful" he said 

Thanks" I said shyly

He opened the door for me and he drove to protea hotel .

Like seriously " I said to myself 

We  ordered our food .

So what do you do for a living" i asked 

Am a secondary school teacher " he said 

A secondary school teacher taking me to this hotel " thought to myself .

I also do business " he said 

No wonder" I whispered 

Sorry " he asked 

Nothing " I smiled 

What about you beautiful " he asked 

I was just accepted at unza " I said 

Really beauty with brains " he said 

I just smiled shyly .

Our food was served and we started eating .

This guy couldn't stop starring at me .

After our date he took me home though mum wasn't around I wanted to be home early .

Thanks I really enjoyed my day " I said 

You are welcome " he said 

I walked to the door I wanted him to kiss me but no ( sad face) 

So tell me everything " she said all excited 

Tell you what " I giggled 

Your date silly " she said 

I just shook my head


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