In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one. good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have. friend is one that knows you as you are understands where you have been accepts what you have become and still gently allows you to grow.

Mwansa looked beautiful I thought I got over what I felt for her but she looked amazing ..her mother couldn't stop shedding tears ...

Her brother couldn't make it he had a business trip but he asked his friend to be mwansa's date .

The night was so busy the stars were out we took alot of pics mwansa's date looked handsome .if I wasn't a lesbian I swear he would have been my next target after scrolling mwansa's elder brother of course we entered the hall and all eyes were on us especially mwansa Cynthia was my date .

You know that feeling you wake up and you feel like you ain't beautiful or handsome on this particular day but next morning you are beautiful it was different with mwansa there wasn't any single day she would feel beautiful she just felt ugly ..mwansa had good taste of clothes her mother spoiled her like crazy ..she had an amazing body but still she felt ugly .

You have been quite " Cynthia said 

Hangover babe " I said 

I can see from your eyes " she said 

I didn't even get enough sleep " I said 

Let me get you something " she said 

I smiled 

Mwansa was having a time of her life she couldn't stop laughing .

That's what I wanted to see her being happy .

Here " she said handing me I don't know what was in there .

I took a sip .

Let's dance" she said 

I followed her I started feeling really weird.

Babe what was in that cup " I asked 

Nothing babe let's dance ''she said 

I felt really high ( like sex high ) .

I answered her phone ..

I went to the ladies I started moving my legs like someone who wants to pee so badly .

I got in one of the toilets and locked it I started fingering myself it wasn't working ..

I got out and so a guy who liked me when I just came to this school .

Hey scar " he asked all shy 

I need a favour" I said 

What " he asked 

Follow me " I said 

The crazy part was I have never slept with a boy before and this will be my first time. 

Scar where are you taking me " he asked 

You will see " I said 

We went to an finished building but around the school premises .

I helped him remove his belt. 

Scarlett what's happening " he asked shocked 

I want you to make love to me please " I begged 

I can't you are a lesbian" he said 

So you can't fuck me " I asked 

I can but I have a girlfriend " he said 

James I have a girlfriend it will be our little secret " I said handing him a condom .

So when there are functions the school provides condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies .

I moved closer and kissed him I started touching him and went down and sucked him till he was hard  he grabbed me from my hair I let out a moan I don't know if I enjoyed it or not .

He made me wrap my legs around his waist he inserted his beloved friend .

Harder " I whispered 

He increased his speed I  was doing my own magic he was moaning like he wasn't a boy lol .

After we did dog style it felt so good he was playing with my clit and riding me hard .I wondered why it didn't hurt like others sayit felt normal maybe it's because we always fingering each other with Cynthia.

He was done but I still wanted more .

I started fingering myself Infront of him .

Oh fuccccck " I shouted 

He got hard and fucked me. This time he didn't cum fast ..till the all horny pill worn out .

That was amazing" he said 

I know right " I said cleaning him 

I would do anything to have you again " he said biting his lower lip .

I love pussy babe I don't know what happened to me to beg for a dick " I said 

I got dress sprayed my perfume and we were good to go

Where have you been " mwansa asked 

I grabbed her hand 

Ouchiii " she groaned 

I don't know what Cynthia put in my drink " I said 

Why is your neck red as if someone was kissing you " she said 

Someone was kissing me and fucking me so hard " I said 

Cynthia" she asked 

No a guy " I said 

But you are a lesbian" she whispered 

I was so horny I needed a man inside me " I said 

So you are no longer a lesbian" she asked 

I am a lesbian I just wanted help " I said 

How was it and with who " she asked 

If was nice and it was with James " I said

Which James " she asked 

I pointed at him 

Oh my gosh " she giggled 

Shout up Its our secret " I said 

Fine " she laughed 

When the party was over James pulled me aside .

What " I whispered

A goodbye one since I will never see you again " he said 

It's late " I said 

Please " he begged pointing at his friend .

I wrote a address that he should come since we were going for dinner .

James isn't riding with us " mwansa asked 

No space " I said 

She just laughed 

We went home and changed than we went for dinner(school) but we weren't alot it was only those who wrote they exams .. mwansa went home. 

Can I sit with you " James asked 

Sure " I said 

I was wearing a short red dress with  black heels 

You look beautiful " James whispered in my ear 

Thank you" I said touching his friend. 

You are making me high" he said touching my thigh .

I don't know what was happening but I was having butterflies each time James touched me.

After dinner James decided to get a cab. 

Where are you taking me " I asked 

You will see " he said 

He took me to his house surprising it looked like no one was home .

Where is everyone" I asked 

I stay with my elder brother" he said 

Where are your parents" I asked 

London with my other siblings I will join them next week " he said 

Okay " I said .

He came closer and kissed me I put my purse down he made me sit on the table he removed my pant and he came between my legs he started sucking my lady so good this guy knew what he was doing .

Oh yeahhh " I moaned 

He continued doing his magic he got up from my lady part and came back and kissed me 

I helped him remove his shirt and pants we started having sex or making love ..

I don't even know how many rounds we did but it felt good.

I guess you ain't a lesbian right " he asked 

I am a lesbian " I giggled 

Let's say bisexual" he said 

Kind of " I said 

James had a tattoo on his hand it was " broken heart ".

Why a broken heart" I asked with a smile 

Been hurt a thousand times" he said 

But you only 19 " I teased 

Yeah I know but I also look for love being with different people sucks " he said 

And the girl you are with " I asked putting on his shirt

She is all that but that's not true love " he said 

Oh okay" I said 

I spent the remaining days with James I started developing feelings for him .

The day he was going I cried like a baby .

He hugged his girlfriend while I just watched from afar .

I wanted to kiss him but hey his elder brother and girlfriend were there .

After everyone left the plane  delayed abit. .I just wanted to see that he was gone .

Everyone is gone " he said 

I smiled 

I will miss you " he said .

Your girlfriend will miss you more " I said 

Scar don't pretend as if what we had wasn't special " he said 

I guess it was " I said 

He just laughed 

I will video call you " he said

I smiled 

I could see tears in his eyes.  I went home and slept .


 Pregnant Scarlett " mum yelled 

I don't know what happened " I said 

James hasn't been communicating with me that much I just found out I was going to be a mum . shocking right .

This can't be happening " mum said getting her Bible 

Here we go " I whispered .

Mum you should be happy that the demons you said she had her out " Sammy said

Shout up you " she yelled at Sammy 

Am not keeping this child " I said 

Yes you are. Abortion is a sin that's killing read Exodus 20:13 " she said 

Mother the father of the child isn't in Zambia " I said 

Oh this child has killed my neighbours come hear this " she shouted 

I told you to stop watching Nigerian movies see now " Sammy said 

I told you to shout up this your sister was having phone sex now she is pregnant " mum said .

I just shook my head and went to my room .


Hey" me 


Than stopped and goes offline 

James what's going onam pregnant "me .

No reply 

I go offline. ..

When I woke up from my nap I checked my phone .

 He blocked me .

What the hell " I said to myself .


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