An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body but an evil friend will wound your mind.  is too short to hold grudges and harbor bitterness. Cherish the people who have been with you and are always with you. Friends are always friends no matter what. Every friendship goes through its good and bad phases but remember that you can make a difference by taking the first step and bridging the gap.

What Scarlett and her girlfriend did to me was unforgivable .the weeks that passed me and scar were like strangers she started her exams (12th grade ) and I was in my 11th grade .

How did we met ? That's your question right ?

She didn't know her way (class) she met me on my way to the library .

The rest is history. 

You and Scarlett ain't talking " mum asked 

Am ok how are you mother" I said 

Mwansa what happened" mum asked 

I don't want to talk about it she betrayed me '' I said going to my room .

Baby friendship is like that you fight you make up whatever she did or you did you can work it out " she said 

Am going to study" I said 

Mum was right but I just didn't want to talk to Scarlett yet maybe when she is done with her exams .

I took a shower and started studying .

Mwansa " mum called 

I got up from the floor and went to the kitchen.

I couldn't believe my eyes it was her .

Hey " she said 

Hi " I said 

I wanted to give her a big hug I missed her so much but I just have to be upset lol.

Can we go to my room " I said .

She nodded .

We went to my room and she took a sit .

Mwansa am sorry I miss you so much and I talked to Cynthia she will come and apologise" she said 

I forgive you " I said

So fast " she said 

I guess we weren't fair to herwe acted as if we were dating   " I said 

We talked about that and I understand her aswell it was all about you and it wasn't fair to her " she said 

I moved closer and gave her a tight her .our eyes met and something in me moved and I kissed her ..what I kissed a girl?

I pulled out .

Am sorry " I said 

I better be going " she said 

We are cool right " I asked 

She nodded with a smirk 

I couldn't concentrate on my books now what just happened ?

I decided to sleep cause studying wasn't working for me .

The pass few days I couldn't stop thinking about the kiss but was I in love with girls naah . not even if I wanted to ..

It was the week for the dance our school dance was a way of saying goodbye to our senior pupils .

So try on the dress " Scarlett said 

In front of you " I asked 

It's a problem today " she asked 

Not really am not just comfortable " I said 

Mwansa since when " she asked 

Come on scar stop with the questions " I said .

Fine I will leave the fitting room " she said getting up 

I just smiled 

I tried on a black mermaid dress first .

Woow babe that's breathtaking" she said

Really " I asked 

Just get that one like your hour glass shape just popped " she said 

I just smiled 

Let me try on the other dresses first " I said 

Mwansa that one is perfect " she said 

Scar " I groaned 

Fine " she took a seat

I tried on a black body corn dress it was long but my ass popped out ( like Scarlett would say ).

I like the first one this one unless you are going on a date " she said 

You are stupid I like this one " I said 

You are lucky you are going with your brother to the dance if it was me I swear I would have refused " she folded her arms

I just laughed at her .

Laugh I will tell mwenya not to go with you " she said 

Fine I will get the  first one " I said .

Yes " she shouted 

People are now starring at you " I said .

What ever dude " she said 

We purchased the dress

than went to the jewelry store got my necklace and we went to the salon yes the dance was tomorrow I needed to get my hair done in advance .

I knew you and braids " she said 

There are easy daah " I laughed 

Yeah I know" she said in a mocking voice .

Her phone rung 

Yes babe " she answered .

She turned 

I can't see you " she said 

We here " Cynthia showed up 

Hey babe " she pecked her lips 

Is lesbianism illegal in Zambia???

Hey mwansa " she said 

Hey " I faked a smile 

Can we go have ice cream " Cynthia said 

Yes babe mwansa let's go " she said 

You go ahead am tired " I said 

Bye bye bestie text when you get home " she said 

I just nodded 

I don't know why I got so jealous Cynthia's relationship with Scarlett never bothered me but after the kiss I was hurt seeing them together .

You should watch were you are going " a deep voice said bringing me back to reality 

Am sorry " I said helping him pick up his things .

The guy smelled so good he was tall dark and he had sexy eyes ..

Miss" he snapped his fingers.

Am sorry " I said 

My car keys " he said 

Am sorry here you go " I said 

He walked away .

He was the first guy to talk to me " I giggled

I took a cab and went straight home I couldn't stop thinking about that guy as if he asked me to marry him weird I know .

Why are you happy did Scarlett make you happy today " mum asked .

I even forgot that I had to text Scarlett " I said 

You weren't with her " she asked 

I was now I bumped into someone mum he was heavenly sent " I said 

Her face changed From smile to frown .

Mum don't worry I didn't talk to him " I said 

Better cause I want a better life for you " she said 

Yes mum " I said with a smile .

Get some rest baby tomorrow is a big day " she said 

But I haven't eaten " I said 

I will call you when food is ready " she said 

We had supper just the two of us and later my brother called that he will come pick me up for the dance ...

I woke up early started doing the house chores since morning was in the morning shift I was home alone .

My phone rung .

Am I the only one who dances to her ringing tone??

"Call conversation"

Babe " Scarlett

Hey" me

What happened to you I got worried" her 

Am sorry I bumped into this guy scar I got confused and forget to text " me 

That's unlike you " her 

Am sorry babes" me 

I will be coming soon let me just eat" her 

Ok " me 

She hung up 

Scarlett was good at makeup I didn't want to get a makeup artist ...

After two hours Scarlett showed up looking a mess.

Did you sleep home " I asked 

Cynthia took me out with her friends " she said 

Drinking " I asked 

No bathing " she said 

I laughed 

We have 4hours to get ready " I said 

We have plenty of time " she said closing her eyes .


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