Broken friendships are very hard to fix but sometimes we just have to believe that everything will be okay in the end.  was the only thing I ever did when we were friends. The minute you turned your back is the minute I realized I deserved better.

Have you ever cried for someone like that person is dead while  they are alive and kicking though they hate you so bad ? I felt like my all world just crushed right before my eyes .

You need to get up" Sammy said 

Did you talk to her " I asked with a hoarse voice 

She hates you dude like hate hate " she said 

Seriously " I said 

You need to get out of those PJs scar mum won't be happy that you skipped school because of your so called best friend " she said 

You don't understand " tears started threatening my eyes 

What don't I understand scar you are in love with her nowonder it's hurting like this mwansa was embarrassed all over socia media so I doubt if she will ever forgive you " she said 

Sammy don't say that " I said covering my face with a pillow 

Look am being honest the hate in her eyes you would wish you never met her " she said 

Those words went straight to my heart .

Cynthia kept on calling but I ignored her I needed to straighten her though she got issues..

I took a quick shower lotioned my body and wore my ripped short vest and black hoodie ..

Where are you going" mum asked 

Am going to buy some airtime will be back " I said 

Okay sweetie how was school though " she asked 

Sammy chuckled

Fine mum " I said opening the door 

Liar " she whispered 

I went to Cynthia's place .she stayed like 4 houses from us . Cynthia was at Evelyn hone ( don't know what course she was doing ) ..

How are you mum " I said 

Hey Scarlett " she said with a smile 

Is Cynthia in " I asked 

Yes love just go straight to get room " she said 

I nodded 

I went straight to get room and she was still in her nightie which was exposing everything inside .

I cleared my throat .

Babe " she got up 

Don't babe me " I said pushing her away 

What " she asked 

Mwansa isn't talking to me " I said 

Why " she asked all confused 

Don't look surprised it's all your fault

the pics you posted on Facebook " I yelled 

Am sorry babe I just wanted her to stay away from you " she said 

She is my best friend for Christ sake woman you found her in my life remember" I shouted 

Am sorry " she said 

Log in and delete them now " I ordered 

But people love them " she said 

Don't delete them me and you are so done " I said 

Babe you can't do that " she said 

Delete or we are done " I said 

She got her iPhone 6 and started deleting .she also deleted in her gallery. 

Good and next time don't you dare get things without my permission" I said 

Babe am sorry " she whispered 

Whatever " I said about to walk out 

She pressed me to the wall .

Your mum is around " I said 

So " she asked 

She started kissing my neck and everywhere ..the next minute we were both screaming each others name .

I love you scar " she said 

Love you too babe " I kissed her forehead. 

I texted Sammy that I wasn't coming home since tomorrow was a holiday am could Sleep over at Cynthia's place. 

I tried calling mwansa but she blocked me .

Babe why are you treating me like this " I said to myself 

Food is ready baby " she said 

It smells good " I said 

Mum cooked " she said 

I know can you cook? " I teased 

And if I have never cooked for you before " she giggled 

You have mwandi " I laughed 

You are learning Nyanja now " she asked 

Mwansa used to teach me " I said 

Her face changed .

She is just my friend babe " I said 

Sometimes you act like she is your girlfriend " she said 

My girlfriend is acting like a baby right now " I said 

Am jealous okay you always talk about mwansa " she said

She is ...she interrupted me 

She is your best friend yes I get it but I feel like i have to compete to be your first priority" she said 

Why would you say that " I asked 

It's mwansa this mwansa that am sick and tired mweh " she got up 

Okay am sorry am sorry if you think you are second from mwansa" I said 

Am always second have you ever asked me to send  you  pics mwansa sends for you " she asked 

You are my girlfriend and I always see it anytime I want to see it " I said biting my lower lip .

Don't do that " she said 

I am with you not mwansa moreover mwansa is straight " I said 

So if she was a lesbian you would have been with her " she asked 

No " I said 


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