A person who is afraid to risk his heart is the true coward of this world. He is frightened of placing his loyalty in somebody else’s hands when it is the only way for him to find who’s that special one he can trust to protect it forevermore. ingredients for a steadfast friendship are a cup of love a tablespoon of honesty and a huge pack of loyalty. sad reality of the modern world is the extinction of loyalty. Corporations rarely have an employee who stayed for more than 5 years. Business ties are fragile and severed so easily. Even within the family faithfulness appears to be fleeting. is no meaning behind loyalty without self-sacrifice. 

I have been with mwansa for a few months now and I can say things are going pretty well .this girl was just sent from above the girl doesn't ask for anything .

Can I see you since you are on two weeks break " I asked 

I thought you said you wanted to spend time with your friends" she said 

Look at your face you don't want to come spend time with me " I asked 

I have to go am the one cooking " she said 

I guess that's the way of running away from me right " I asked 

No babe I promise I will see you than on Saturday " she said 

You promise " I asked 

I thought I said I promise " she said 

Oh ok honey " I said 

She went home I drove to see a new girl I met two weeks ago .

Let me tell you a secret about me " you can cheat but there is one girl that you love with all your heart and I think I have found that girl and that's mwansa" with her am a different person but with these other girls it's just about sex .

She opened her door looking all sexy you can tell she was waiting for me .

I thought you won't show up " she said 

Why wouldn't I when I love the presentation " I said 

Really " she touched one of her boobs

Don't make me fuck you from outside " I said 

That wouldn't be a big deal " she said  

I got inside and grab her like life depended on her lady part .

I left her place around 23 though she wanted me to sleep over ...

I got into my car and drove off..I found missed calls from Naomi but  no text of call from mwansa .

She was that kind of girl who never cared alot okay she cares but not that much .

I wanted to call her but I knew by that time she was sleeping .

When I got home I went straight to bed .

I was woken up by my phone.

*Call conversation*

Hey " me

No hey beautiful" her 

Sorry babe didn't even see who was calling" me 

Am kidding what time are you coming to pick me up " her 

14" me

It's 13 now" her 

Wait what I over slept " me 

She laughed

What's funny " me 

Where did you go last night for you to over sleep " her 

I went out " me 

Okay will be waiting for you " her 

I hung up 

I got out of bed and started cleaning the house the maid doesn't work on the weekend.. cleaned my room than went to take a shower ...when I was done preparing myself I went to pizza hut and got two large pizza .

I went to pick her up .

Two large pizza for who " she teased 

One is for you and the other is mine" I said 

I can't finish a medium size " she laughed .

Her phone rung .

She picked it up ..

We reached at my place and she followed me behind .

Why didn't you tell me that James is your brother" she said 

How do you know my brother" I asked 

We were at the same school " she said 

Oh ok you are welcome " I said opening the door 

Thank you you are welcome " I said opening the door 

Thank you this house is beautiful" she said taking a seat .

Let me get you something to drink " I said. 

No beer " she said

I know babe " I laughed 

I got us juice since its just weird the other one is drinking and the other not drinking . 

We ate out food and started watching a movie .

Can we watch it in my room " I asked 

It's fine here " she said 

Come on we will be comfortable there " I said 

She faked a smile and got up .

I locked the doors and we went to my room we started watching the movie ..

I would steal glances at her ..she had the most beautiful eyes and her lips were appetising  .

What's wrong " she asked 

I want to kiss you " I said 

Ok " she whispered 

I moved and kissed her the kiss was slow and passionate .

I started touching her she let out soft moans .

I became hard and I just wanted her so badly I kissed her so hungry

I wanted to remove her dress than she stopped me .one thing a man hurts is being stopped when he is already in the mood .

We can't" she whispered 

Why " I asked 

I have never done it before and I want my first to be my husband" she said 

This girl is for real right ?

I can't " she said 

I promise it won't hurt look babe please let me just try I promise I won't even let it move " I said 

I swear when a man is high he can even promise you heaven ..

Ben I can't " she said 

I see you don't love me " I said 

I do love you " she said 

You don't " I said 

She held my hand if that's what will make you happy than go ahead " she said 

I smiled 

I removed her dress than pants I removed my clothes than started having my way .she covered her face with a pillow as I did my thing .. having sex with mwansa was so hard .

When she removed the pillow her eyes were red.

Seeing her like that really hurt me real bad I didn't realize I was hurting her all I wanted was to satisfy my manhood .

Show me the shower please " she said with a broken voice 

I removed the stained beddings and put them in the washing machine ..

She got out all dressed .

You ain't spending a night " I asked 

Take me home " she said 

You can tell she was crying .

Babe listen ..she interrupted me  

Take me home " she said 

Let me just get dressed " I said 

You will find me outside" she said 

I just nodded .

What have I done " I asked myself

The drive to her place felt like I was going to hell .

Her mind was far away .

Babe we are here " I shook her 

She got out of the car and entered her gate .

I took a deep breath and went straight home .

I tried calling her but her line went straight to voicemail .

Fuck " I screamed  

I switched off my phone aswell 


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