The few days we have been here has been a great experience Mr Austin has been so good to us just 2days ago he Gave me money to go buy clothes for me and the kids .

I just put Riley in her room and I wanted to be done with the chores 

 I heard someone knocking .

Mr Austin came downstairs to see who was making such noise at the gate .

The gate man opened the gate and a man was carrying a kid .

I ran to see it was Bupe  bleeding

"My baby " I screamed 

I got him from the man 

"Bupe please baby stay with me " 

"Huh God why me "

I looked at the me 

"What happened " I cried 

Mr Austin came running he asked the gate man to open the gate. 

When go into the car and he took us to the hospital .

I couldn't think my baby was just bleeding  

He took us to A private hospital I didn't even check the name 

My son was taken into the ward .

"What did I do ?" I cried so much 

I sat on the floor and trying to think why was bad things happening to me ? 

Mr Austin tried to calm me down but I wasn't helping .

After some time the doctor came out .

"How is he doctor " I asked 

"He just broke his leg few ribs but he will be fine " the doctor said 

"Thank you " Mr Austin said 

"Sir Riley " 

"Don't worry Joey is with her " he said 

I didn't even see Evelyn .

#3months later 

Bupe was back to his full self and he just turned four years .

I always escort them to school I didn't want anything to happen again .

"Ba Joey I thought you have gone " I said getting into the house 

"I was eating your food is something else " he said 

"Those are leftovers" I told him 

"Its okay my wife was upset with me yesterday I didn't even eat " he said 

"What did you do? " I asked 

"I came home late I went to check on the cars coming in the country " he said 

"You should have bought her flowers or chocolate

I went to check on the cars coming in the country " he said 

"You should have bought her flowers or chocolate buy her something beautiful and you will see that she will be back to her full self " I said 

"You girls are just expensive " he said 

I laughed .

I fed Riley and I bath her put cartoons for her as I did the house chores .

I cooked for the boss it was almost lunch time .

I went to the quarter  cleaned it and cooked for myself .

Riley woke up and I fed her .

The baby was now chubby because of the food I was feeding her

"You are still around ?" She asked 

"Madam where do you want me to go ?'' I asked her 

She rolled her eyes 

"I thought Mr Austin said the only time you should come Here its to apologise" 

"What if am here to apologise " she said sarcastically 

"Than wait for the boss he will be back " 

She went inside and took a seat .

I went to the laundry room and watched Mr Austin's clothes put them in the dryer you know rich people life is easy .. I ironed them and put the clothes in his room .

"Welcome sir " I said 

"Hey am hungry " he said removing his shoes 

"Your food is already on the table " 

"I have seen it " 

He got his laptop and he was watching something .

He  closed it .

"Have you seen madam Victoria?" 

"No where is she ?" 

"Living room " 

"I didn't see her I guess she was in the rest room " he said 

He went to the dinning area .

I got Riley and started playing with her outside .

"I can't find my watch and wallet she stole my things learn to hire good people" Victoria yelled

"Every time you come here its always problems Victoria who sends you here to cause problems?" He asked 


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