"What did she do to you that you have to pour water on her and my child " he yelled 

"Austin am sorry I was just jealous " I said 

"Leave my house and never come back here " he said 

"I said am sorry " 

"I said leave " he said dragging me to the gate .

"The only time you should come here its to apologise" he said 

"Apologise for what I didn't do anything " I said 

He told the gate man to lock the gate man .

"My handbag " I  yelled

The gateman gave me my handbag .

"How will I get this man I just need to get pregnant than boom he is mine " I said 

I went home and mum was sobbing about her precious daughter 

Let me tell you a little secretThe secret is I poisoned her daughter while she took what was mine and I had to kill her 

And am not sorry the stupid girl knew that Austin was mine but she decided to still get him .

Now my problem is that stupid nanny do you want to know another secret? Another secret is I always threaten every nanny that comes to work for Austin I don't trust those whores .

Some Zambian women can trap a white man kah .

"When are you going to stop crying let her rest in peace " I said 

"She isn't resting because the one who murdered her is still alive " she said 

"Why don't you want to get the same person who murdered her " I asked 

"Iam still looking for evidence "she said getting up .

I rolled my eyes and walked in my room .

I called Dora to come over so that she helps .

"Why did you have you call me like there is something that happened " she asked 

"There is something that happened Austin has hired another nanny " I said

"And so?" She asked 

"Boi this nanny is getting on my nerves and she is pretty" I said 

"Boi I don't even know why you are still with this Austin thing

I don't even know why you are still with this Austin thing the guy doesn't even look at you " she said 

"He will "I said 

"When will that be? first it was your sister now its every nanny that comes " she said .

"You are just a bad vibe " I said

"Am being honest you don't need to force yourself on him is it the colour that confuses you? we have yellow bones here in Zambia if you want any or go to Asian men they love black women " she said 

"You are stupid you know that " I said 

"The stupid one is you a man that doesnt even get horny when he sees you sometimes I think you are the one that killed your sister " she said 

I slapped her 

"The guilt ones are always afraid " she said .

"Get out " I yelled 

"Thank you and delete my number you desperate black woman " she said 

I got my heel and hit her head.

She screamed and fell on the floor .

Mum rushed to the room .

"What did you do ?"mum asked 

"Nothing she fell " I said panicking .

"Call a taxi we take her to the hospital she is bleeding " mum said 

I called the taxi and he came we took her to the hospital .

She was admitted .

"You need to control your anger " mum said 

"She fell "

"You are a liar " mum said 

"Stay you honest people " I said leaving 

I needed to get rid of that stupid nanny but what will I do?

The next morning I stood by the gate and watched the house I saw her two kids going to school.

And I had a perfect plan .

I went to a company where they hire cars that don't have number plates  .

I was give one .

"Victoria you are a genius " I said to myself .

I needed to get rid of that maid she thinks Austin is her man .

I get rid of every woman around him if he had a mother she would have been dead by now .

The previous nanny I cut of one of her fingers she was getting too comfortable with Austin .

I woke up very early and  waited for the kids to come out of the gate .

They were crossing the road the big girl was in front while the boy was behind 

I speed the car and bushed into the little boy .

I turned the car and drove it as fast as I could .

"Am proud of you Vicky" 


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