I walked to the painted drawing of Eleanor .

She loved it when I got it for her she couldn't stop taking pics of it the day she was dying she was so active I left her and went to see what was going on at the office when I came back she was coughing blood I don't how.

"She is evil but I will send you a woman who will love you don't cry " those were her last words .

Till today I didn't understand who was evil anyway I wiped my tears as I heard the car drive in I guess they were back .I was adopted to a couple who lived here in Zambia but they both died .

I had to work hard to be where I am today indeed there is no sweet without sweat .

Eleanor was a police officer she almost arrested me for being accused of stealing which I didn't by the way From that day I fell in love with her though I knew the crazy twin sister before I met Eleanor I met Victoria  at a night club we have never slept togather we became good friends from there but I didn't know baby girl had a thing for me when she confused her feelings I was already madly in love with her twin sister .

I walked downstairs she put Riley down .

Riley was so active she was running around the house I haven't seen her like that before .

"What did you give her " I asked 

"She ate nshima " she said 

"Nshima why ?" 


she was running around the house I haven't seen her like that before .

"What did you give her " I asked 

"She ate nshima " she said 

"Nshima why ?" 

"Sir look how she is even acting " she said 

They packed everything in the kitchen .

"What do you want to eat let me not ask you I will just prepare " she said walking to the kitchen 

I found myself smiling .

"Boss can I leave now " Joey said giving me my credit card 

"Ain't you eating with me " I asked 

"No boss I ate with Sammy before leaving make sure you are so hungry because her food is delicious if I wasn't married I would have married her " he winked 

"Joey leave " I said laughing 

Riley ran to me .

"You are happy mama let's go you watch cartoons in your room " I said 

I switched on the TV I put her in her crib as she watched her favourite cartoon.

I walked back to the living room and watched BBC News .I don't even know how I dozed off .

"Sir your food is ready " she shook me gently .

I got up she poured water for me to wash my hands .

"Should I dish out for you ?" She asked 

"No its okay " I said 

"I will be in the kitchen preparing Riley's porridge " she said 

She went to the kitchen and Joey was right her food was just delicious I had 4 lamps of nshima and I only eat two .

"This is delicious the meat was well prepared " I told her as she removed the plates from the table .

"Am glad you loved it " she said with a smile .

I starred at her .

"Do I have something on my face ?" 

"No how old are you?" 

"I just turned 26 two weeks ago " she said .

"Happy belated birthday " I said 

"Thank you sir ".

She cleared the table .

"Your daughter she is in which grade ?" 

"Grade 5 sir "

"I will go register her there is a school near by and how old is your son ?" 

"He is 3years old " 

"Will register them tomorrow " I said 

"Sir thank you so much " she said 

"Its nothing plus Riley is hard work atlest when your kids are at school you will just focus on Riley than when they are back it will be easier " I said 

"You are indeed God sent " she came to hug me .

We stayed in that position for a while 

"Sorry sir " she said pulling out slowing .

We looked at each other 

"The baby " she said as she heard Riley cry .

She ran upstairs and came back down with her .

"Let me fed her bath her as well " 

She fed her cleaned the kitchen and bathed Riley .

"Thank you " I said getting Riley at night I can take care of her its not like she wakes up at the middle of the night now she sleeps till morning .

She went to her quarter .

"No-no I can't feel this way " I said 

Riley giggled 

"Its funny naah " I asked 

She giggled 

I gave her the bottle while I worked .

"I miss you " Victoria

"Thank you and goodnight" I flipped my phone and continued working while Riley watched cartoons .


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