I went inside and packed everything the kids were playing outside .

"Mummy are we shifting again " Eveyln asked 

I nodded

"I hope its a place where there are no bad guys " she said

"No bad guys my love its the kind man he has given me a job I will be able to take you to school again " I said 

"Really mummy I miss being in class " 

"I will take you my princess even you my prince " I said rubbing Bupe's head .

We finished packing and got everything that belonged to us .

"No need to get those the quarter has everything " he said 

"Let me give the lady on the corner than " I said 

"Please hurry up am going to be late " he said 

I ran to the corner and gave the lady the basins and some few plates I bought .

"Thank you and where ever you are going may God continue blessing you my child " she said 

"Thank you mayo " I said getting up .

We left to the house .

If I tell you I have never seen such a big  house you will never believe me it was an upstair house.

"Joey help me take her things to the quarter " he said 

I got the baby who was now up from the car

"She likes you Riley always cries when she meets her nanny for the first time " 

"I guess we will be buddies" I said 

We walked inside and he showed me around .

"This is Riley's room and her things are in her closet " he said 

This kid has a closet .

After showing me around he took us to the quarter .

It was a one bedroom quarter a kitchen living room which had one sofa and a 22 inches plasma  the bathroom and toilet .

"Joey will bring you all the food stuff "he said walking away. 

I told the kids to sit still while I went to change the baby's diaper .

She was saying some words but not clear

I changed her diaper and went to the kitchen to see what I can feed her only to find  those food for rich people that they feed their kids .

"Looking for something " he asked 

"Don't you have decent food to give the baby" I asked 

"Decent what do you mean by decent ?" .

I noticed this man rarely smiles. 

"I mean better food than this muzungu(English) food you feed the baby " I said holding the small bottle

"That's what she has been eating " 

"Buy groundnuts or peanut butter do you have mealie meal ?" I asked looking around .

"I rarely eat at home the only things I buy is for the baby '' 

"Have you eaten Zambian food before ?" I asked him .

"My late fiance used to cook for me and I loved it I eat in restaurants" he said 

"Okay sir let me pay you back for everything you have done by cooking for you plus I need to feed this baby she looks slim this is not her body " I said .

He laughed

Why did he laugh? 

"So you will tell me this is not my body as well" he asked 

"No sir I don't know maybe " 

He chuckled 

"You can buy mealie meal for the baby if you don't want me to cook for you " I said 

"You will go with Joey when he comes back " 

"Even for you " I asked 

"Even for me madam " he said getting a bottle of water .

Ba Joey came and he had a lot of groceries for us .

"Ba Joey did you buy the all shop" I asked putting the baby on my back 

He laughed 

"This is a lot ba Joey " 

"Its the boss who gave me the list " 

"He gave you a list for two houses ?"

"Its all yours ba Sammy " he laughed 

This man was indeed  sent from heaven 

"Joey come " The man called 

"Clean the fridge first than put everything in there " he instructed 

After cleaning the fridge I cooked nshima the chicken he got for us .

When I was done I dished out for the kids and I fed the baby who was eating nshima like a baby boy .

"Ba Sammy ba boss said we should go buy food for the house " he said 

"Come eat first than we can go " I said as I continued feeding the baby

He washed his hands and joined me .

"Ummm ba Sammy you want me to leave my wife with this kind of cooking " he said 

I laughed 

"This is delicious kaleza( I swear) " he said licking his fingers .

"Look at the baby she is eating as if she has been starving "I said 

He laughed " you know these coloured kids English manners " he said 

We both laughed .


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