#AUSTIN ( the kind man) 

As we drove to the house I wanted to see who was taking care of my house .

" sir I think she has gone somewhere " he said as we reached the house and it was locked

"Didn't you tell her that we were coming?" I asked Joey 

"Sir I think she went to get something " 

"No wonder I told you to look for a male care taker you decided to go look for a woman " I said looking around .

" sir I felt sorry for this woman she was raped together with the daughter because she was staying in that unfinished building " he said pointing at the house .

She showed up with a plastic bag and she was holding her son on the other hand .

"Ba Joey am sorry I didn't know you were coming " she said 

I got out of my car.

"Ba Sammy  how are you ?" 

"Am fine how are you ba Joey sir how are you ?" She greeted me with a smile 

Her smile was pure 

"Hello " 

"You are the kind man who helped my family with food sir you don't know what you did that day and the money we bought new clothes " she said 

"Its nothing " 

"Ba Sammy can we see the house " Joey asked 

"No need to ask its your house " she said 

We got inside and it was kept clean one thing I noticed they were sleeping on a cardboard .

Woow life is hard .

"Thank you for keeping it clean " I said 

"I should be thanking you sir " she said 

I smiled 

We left the place and the guys who are suppose to come do the tiles were scheduled to do them in the next 3days. 

"She was pregnant (nanny) " I asked Victoria (my late fiancée twin sister)

"Yes so she left and said she can't take care of the baby and her being pregnant " 

"Victoria help me out here I can't take  care of my baby and work " 

"I told you the only way I can be here taking care of the baby is you marrying me " she said getting closer .

"I would never disrespect your sister like that I loved her more than anything in this world "  I said 

''You know I knew you first and you fell in love with Eleanor its not fair she isn't alive we can still be together " she said

"Look right now am trying to figure it out who will take care of my child " I said 

She clicked her tongue and left .

I went to check on Riley and she was sleeping .

Her mother only spent 6months with her daughter and she died we didn't know what killed her till today we don't know she just started vomiting blood and she died .

Riley is now 1year 7months .

I tried to call her grandma if she could help me out while I looked for a new nanny.

"I can't I have church " she answered

My late fiance's mother was a church woman

she was always at Church and her seeing her grandchild ends up a funeral she would cry and cry .

I didn't know what to do the next day I had an important meeting .

"Joey where can I find a nanny asap " I asked him 

"Sir this time its 8:40pm " he said checking the time .

"What am I going to do ?" 

"What's about that woman I mean Samantha she can do a good job plus she needs money I don't think she can do anything to the baby she has kids of her own " he said 

"It seems you know that woman very well" I said

"No sir its not like that I just think she knows kids she can stay in the quarter behind so that you monitor her " he said 

"If anything happen to my daughter I will murder you first " I said 

He laughed

The next day I left Riley with Joey's wife I bathed her than left for my meeting .

The meeting took 4 hours it was 13pm we drove to the mall and had our lunch there .

After lunch I went to see that lady Joey was talking about .

We found her washing .

"Sir afternoon ba Joey how are you ?" She asked 

"We are fine we are here for something " I said 

"Did you receive any complaints sir did I do anything to the house ?" she asked as she was about to tear up .

"No ba Sammy my boss here needs a  nannyhe has a 1year old that he needs someone to take care of her " he said 

"That's not a problem I love kids " she said with a smile .

"I will be paying you a k1000 plus bonus will be given to you every three months "I said 

"Nanny or I will also be your maid " she asked 

"Nanny I don't need maids" I said 

"Nanny all that no sir its too much just bathing the baby feeding her" she said 

"Taking care of a child is hard work " 

"I will take the job " 

"We are going now " I said 

"Let me go get our clothes " she said a smiles 


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