After taking the medication I waited to hear about my daughter if I ask someone no one was telling me anything Bupe was now awake and I made him sit on the bench while we waited for the news .

The doctor walked out of the room..

"How is she " I asked looking at him 

"She will be fine though her lady part was teared but we managed to stitch her " she explained 

"Thank you " 

"Madam how did it happen?" The doctor asked 

"We leave in an finished building some men came and raped us " 

"When social workers come they will take your child away because they will think you can't protect your child from such danger and where is the father ?" 

"Madam its a long story" 

"I hope it won't be long when the social workers come " she said walking away 

The next morning I went to check on our things and everything was there .

I gave Bupe food and bathed him .

The other left over I kept it for Eveyln .

"I needed to find a better place to stay because this house is dangerous they might come again " I said to myself

I went to the hospital and my baby girl was now awake .

"Mummy my nunu is paining " she cried.

"You will be fine baby eat this " I gave her food .

She ate her food and took her pain killers she slept .

"Bana Evelyn " the old lady who sells clothes at the corner called .


"I noticed you and your kids stay in that unfinished building its not safe there is a house over there the owner wants a care taker the house is almost done only floors are not done " she said 

"Serious mayo awe thank you " I said 

"Go now while the guy is there at the house " she said 

I ran to the house and the man was about to leave .

"Sir excuse me " I said trying to catch my breath .

"Yes how may I help you " he said with a straight face 

"I was told you are looking for a care taker for your house " 

"Yes " 

"I can stay in it " I said 

"Am sorry we are looking for a man " he answered

I knelt down.

"Sir lookmy children and I are homeless you see that building over there that's  our house two nights ago my daughter and I were raped as we speak now my daughter is in the hospital please am begging you " I said 

"Okay let me call my boss to ask him " he said getting his phone .

He walked away after a few minutes he came back 

"You are lucky my boss has agreed but in two weeks time he is coming to check everything

after a few minutes he came back 

"You are lucky my boss has agreed but in two weeks time he is coming to check everything he will start putting the tiles so I don't know how its going to be " he said

"What do you mean ?" 

"The boss will come explain" he said 

He gave me the keys and showed me around .

I was so greatful atlest we have a house where we can lock the door .

I went back to the hospital where I met the social worker who was waiting for me .

"Hello " she greeted 

"Hi" I said rubbing my hands 

"I guess you are her mother " the lady asked as she starred at Evelyn 

I nodded 

"Don't be scared my names are Cynthia Chalwe am a social worker and I got a report about a little girl who was raped " she said 

"Yes mama she got raped let me say we got raped " 

"How did it happen ?" 

I narrated everything and she asked me to walk with her .

"You know if you didn't have anywhere to go you should have gone to those motherless shelters I know its a lot of work but being a parent is the hardest job especially you who is a single mother mama life is hard but the hardest part is you saw your child being raped since you have assumed me that you have found a  better place for you and the kids give me the address so that I can come check up on you " she said 

 I gave her the address and she left .

I was thankful that she said my case didn't reach the court or my children would have been taken away from me .

Two days later Evelyn was discharged her stitches were finally healed and she was walking  better though she was having a had Time sleeping and in due time she became better .

"Mummy I miss school " she said 

"You will start" 

"Mummy will the bad guys come again and hurt me?" She asked as she was about to cry 

"No baby the bad guys are gone " 

"Mummy I get scared sometimes as if they will come back" 

I took a deep breath to avoid crying .

"They won't come back we have a better house  " I said 

She hugged me.

If I was alone I would probably have killed myself I was strong because of my kids .

I question myself that "what if I give up who will take care of my kids ?


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