"Mummy the kind man is God sent" she smiled 

We ate the food the man also got coffee for us he got five I think he thought I had a lot of kids.

After the kids ate they decided to go play while I tried sleeping even though I knew it was impossible .

I remembered that the kind man gave me some money .. I got it and when I checked it was a k330 

"God thank you " I said 

The kids havent had no change of clothes and haven't bathed .

"Evelyncan you watch your brother am coming " I told her 

She nodded 

There was a woman at the corner of the road who sold cheap clothes clothes as Low as k1 .

I went there as usual people moved because of my smell who wouldn't?

I started picking clothes for me and the kids the clothes for k100 was a lot .

I paid her and walked to a nearby shop and got soap (washing and bathing) tooth brushes and tooth paste .

"Mummy you got clothes for us " she asked all excited 

"Yes now let me go and look for a cheap basin so that you come bath " I told her 

I was remaining with a k170 .

I went to a nearby  market and got a basin and I also got pants for me Bupe and Eveyln .

I found them outside still playing .

I didn't have time to wash the clothes cause it was about to rain .

I bathed them and made them wear the clothes I got for them 

"Mummy these are nice" Bupe said 

"I know baby " I said with a smile .

Later around 18 it started raining and I cuddled with the kids as they were scared of lighting .

They fell asleep from being scared .

I watched them.as I heard men talking in the same building .

Before I could stand up a flash light hit my face .

"Boi bush meat " one of them said (tall slim)

"Alo the way I was craving for bush meat "Another one said (huge one )

"Today I will enjoy boi see there is even ka broiler " he said pointing at my daughter . (tall one )

"Sir I beg you not my child you can have this bush meat all you want not my daughter " I said shaking .

"Awe tifuna na broiler (we even want the broiler )" the huge one said 

"Napapata (I beg )" i let tears fall .

"Awe mama am already in the mood for both of you " 

If there is one thing in this world I feared was rape .

The huge one grabbed me and hold my hands the tall one was trying to remove my pant but I wasn't going to give up so easily .

I tried so much to fight but you know men and women power not the same .

He removed my panthe  put his hands on my mouth  and raped me .

"Awe this one is sweet alo she is warm inside " he said when he was done.

The slim one held me and the huge one raped me as well .

"Manje (now l its time for the broiler " 

"Napapata (I beg) not my daughter " I said trying to get up but I was so weak .

The huge one held me while the other one raped my daughter

she screamed I tried fighting but I wasn't strong enough my baby stopped moving .

She couldn't move her body .

"Boi let's go the girl is dead " the huge one said as he got up to ran 

"For what you have done to my daughter you will never find peace in your life you will look for me but you will never find me I curse you this blood that as come out of my daughter's Virginal will forever haunt you you will be hearing her cry everywhere you go " I spit on the ground

"Let's go boi she is just crazy " they said as they ran out of the building 

I don't know where the strength came from I moved to where my baby's body was .

I carried Bupe on my back and lifted Evelyn like the way brides are lifted .

I was in so much pain but the pain can just be endured at this point I didn't know if she was dead or alive but my prayer was that she must be alive .

"Madam where are you going at this hour " a police officer asked 

"My daughter my daughter " those are the only words I could speak .

"What happened" he asked as he took her away from me .

"She was raped " I said as I cried .

"Get into the car " he said 

He drove to a hospital I don't even know what hospital was that but it was a big hospital .

The officer spoke to one of the doctor and my daughter was taken .

"Relax " 

"How can I relax I don't even know if she is alive or not " I said as I wiped my tears 

At this moment I didn't even know what I was going to do if anything happened to my child I don't know if I could take it .

Maybe my husband was right maybe I was a curse my mother died while giving birth to me none of my siblings want anything to do with me they have all disappeared my husband treated me like trush now my daughter was raped all because of me maybe I was a curse to people's lives .

"Madam were you also raped " the officer asked 

I nodded 

He told the nurse and she came with some drug and I took it .

"The medication (prep) you have taken its to prevent you from contacting any diseases from the guys who raped you " she said 



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